What Mind Wants

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Our mind is a property or aspect of our consciousness. The experiences of the awareness of consciousness is what gives rise to mind. Mind is only a collection of the past and is the past. Conscious awareness is the experience of the now. It is to be in the moment without past and with no anticipation of the future. It is to just be with the experience as it is fully savoring the experience.

What we feel in our heart is the source of our creative power. What we perceive in mind is the source of our creative ability. Mind is what ultimately allows us to become the creator of our experiences. Without mind, we can only respond and flow with what is. No matter how much we feel, we will only response without the presence of mind. Mind gives us the ability to be aware and choose. It allows us to be come the cause of the experiences we have.

However, mind also becomes attached. There are things that it likes and things that it dislikes. In general, mind wants and seeks what it has found pleasurable, pleasant and enjoyable in the past. It think it knows what will give it a pleasant experience in the future but it has no awareness the environment has change. The flows of energy are not what they were. We only feel pleasure and mind must surrender to what we feel if it is going to create what it desires.

In addition to seeking that which is pleasurable, mind also fears. Mind can become quite dramatic and defensive as it fights to protect and defend what it thinks will allow it to feel safe or unsafe and to keep it from being injured or harmed.

Here in lies and struggle and a dance. Mind want to feel pleasure and enjoy and thinks it knows how to get it but it doesn’t. What we feel will lead us to what is pleasurable and enjoyable. But for our feelings to lead, mind must surrender. The never ending struggle is between who will lead us in life, mind or heart. This in turn gives rise to the dance between mind and heart.

Now what is important to note here is we have two minds and they give rise to the subconscious and unconscious aspects of our being. One is the transcendental mind which gives rise to the intention for our life and transcends our current life. There is something it desires us to do based on its past. The desires and wants from the past that lie in the transcendent mind give rise to our unconscious desires and wants. Then there is the enculturated mind. The enculturated mind arises from the experiences of this life and gives rise to our desires based on the experiences we have had in this life. Many of the desires and wants of the enculturated mind lie in our subconscious and often reflect our encultuation and the programming we received in this life as much if not more that the experiences we have had. The experiences of the enculturated mind are chiefly what characterizes what we experience unless we become open to our transcendental mind. So, in addition to the dance between mind and what we feel, we also have a dance between our transcendental mind and our enculturated mind. Sometimes they agree but often they do not.

It needs to be realized that our creative power in accessed in the ability of our mind to choose. In any one moment, there are five primary flows of energy to which we can surrender that are influencing our lifethat give an overall composite. They are (1) the intention for our life, (2) the flow of Creation, (3) the flow of society, (4) the flow the intention of our enculturated mind, (5) the composite or resultant flow of the nonconscious and conscious desires of our mind. Of course there are other flows of energy that are variations of these five or a subpart. From a feeling perspective, the choice is easy. We choose that which serves us and allows for a feeling of freedom and expansion into the infinity of our own being..

From the perspective of mind, it becomes confusing. Here we need to have a clarity of intent for what we desire to create and then learn to become very discerning to discern the flow of energy which arises from that intention from all the other flows of energy we can perceive. This is why learning to be open to feeling to discern what we feel and hold a single point focus become so important in our creative endeavors.

To align with the flow of our the desire of our mind, we simply needs to focus our attention and awareness on what “I” wants. We then look to see what feeling it causes to arise within our being and use that as our compass point. Additionally we can ask our mind, “What do I need to do to align with the flow for what I want?” Then follow the intuitive guidance we get.

Similarly, for each of the other flows of energy, we simply need to focus our attention and awareness on that particular aspect ask our intuitive guidance what we need to do to discern and feel this particular flow of energy and look to see what arises. Then, of course, honor the intuitive guidance we get.

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