Intention and the creation of an energy flow
How energy consciousness molds itself  
Also entitled Flow within an intention

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Creation is about energy. In particular it is about a flow of energy. Creation is the result of the movement and flow of energy. Without a flow of energy there is no creation. There is nothing to observe. The topic How does creation get started, introduces how this process starts.

Remember, energy is the capacity to produce an effect. Our intention is what causes us to act. It is what open the door to allow a flow of energy within our being to supply the energy to act. Our intention is the way we exercise our ability or capacity to produce an effect. The ability of any intention to creates a flow of energy is the as a result of the properties of energy and consciousness and the way consciousness becomes the cause of what it experiences. It will always be this way for the flow of energy is what gives rise to the experience of any creation.

Within the energy consciousness understanding, our creative life energy flows into an experience of that on which we focus our attention and awareness. Any intention is a focus of our attention and awareness to cause something to happen or to create some type and kind of experience. As such, our creative life energy flows along the path of least resistance for the environment in which we find ourselves to manifest an experience of that intention. It is the flow of energy which arise that determines the pace and unfoldment of the creation for the environment in which we find ourselves.

Yet, for energy to flow there must be a ground point. There must be something within our environment which pulls on energy. Or, there must be something within our environment to which we can focus our energy and create a flow path. The ground point is the experience of the intention for it is in the experience of the intention the flow of energy dissipates. In this regard, that which we intend, that external manifestation, is the ground point.

Here the environment refers to the internal environment, our beliefs structure, which is giving rise to the creation we experience externally. The environment in which it will flow is determined by our conscious, subconscious and unconscious beliefs and intentions. They form a mental landscape across which the flow of our creative life energy as determined by the intention we hold must flow to manifest what we desire. This is why fear, past memories of hurts, and the like arise as obstacles to what we desire to create. They lie along the path on which the energy if flowing to manifest our desired intention. These fears and past memories are part of what gives rise to our internal landscape as it exists. It is only natural that they arise as our creative live energy flows through that landscape.

The internal landscape is much like the terrain of a continent determines the rate and pattern of flow of a river traveling across that terrain. We need to surrender to the movement. As we change our conscious, subconscious and unconscious beliefs and intentions, we change the terrain or landscape across which the flow of energy created by our intention must flow. Hence, we can change the rate at which what we desire can manifest if we do the correct mental work.

Form a creativity perspective each intention we hold is our creative life energy being directed toward creating an effect - the outcome of the intention. For all practical purposes an intention acts as a switch that is directing or channeling our creative life energy into or out of a particular type and kind of experience. If our intentions conflict with each other, we squander our creative energy and essentially degrade, if not castrate, our creative power and creative ability rendering it impotent. How impotent we render ourselves depends entirely on the composite of what we think and believe.

On this note, it needs to be noted one can have conscious, subconscious and unconscious intentions. To optimize our creative power and creative ability, it is necessary to make our subconscious and unconscious intentions conscious to find out if they support what we wish to create. In many ways our creative power and ability works in autopilot. We will create according to the preset programming unless we access the programming and change it.

This flow of energy is discernable through feeling. We can use the feeling as an internal compass and a single point focus to guide us to what we desire. We will not be able to access it with our mind. It is something which must be felt and access through our intuitive guidance. We must be open to feeling to discern the energy which arises from the intention we hold. This is why in the topic Holding Focus - Keeping the End in Mind, the recommendation is made to determine the feeling we desire to have with the intention we hold. Either we need to feel the energy of the intention or realize our mind does not know what it desires but it knows the feel of what it desires. In either case the feelings can be use to guide us along the path of least resistance to what we desire to manifest. However, we need to stay on the path and not become distracted by the mundane of the world or fears and other obstacles which may arise from our own path.

However, if we are distracted, we only need to consult our intuitive guidance and ask it what we need to do to align with the flow of energy manifesting what we desire. We then need to honor what we get, iterating the process as necessary.

When we are aligned with the energy there will be a calmness within our being about what we are creating and about whatever is happening in the world around us. In alignment with the energy, we know we are being carried towards that which we intend. As we move to manifest our intention we will also feel a fulness of being and expansion in our being as the energy freely dissipates in the experience.

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