What the Heart Wants

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Our heart is the symbol of our creative spirit and the flow of our creative life energy. What we feel in our heart is the source of our creative power. What we perceive in mind  gives rise to the source of our creative ability.

As a human being, our creative spirit has its desires which arise from the transcendental mind and are found in the intention for our life. However, as a creative spirit outside of mind, what our creative spirit really seeks is freedom, true freedom.

Our creative spirit outside of mind desires to feel full of life and an expansion within itself into the infinity of its own being.  It does not necessarily want to create anything specific. It wants to feel freedom in whatever it does. It seeks the freedom to experience. It seek the freedom to be in spontaneous and innocent childlike play in the discovery and exploration of itself and Creation. It seeks the freedom to create what it desires and to freely unfold and flow in the experience of that creation. When we are free to flow, we experience an inner satisfaction that never runs dry no matter what is happening externally. Externally we can be in pleasure or pain, yet we will fill an inner satisfaction and calmness at what is occurring.

This inner satisfaction cannot be found in what mind thinks, wants and/or believes. It is found in feeling. The ongoing struggle in most of us is that mind thinks it knows what it wants that will give it this deep inner satisfaction and calmness. However, we can only feel it and it changes with how we perceive the environment and circumstances at hand.

It is here lies the root of our problem. Creation is ever changing. Mind only knows the past and what it has experiences. As the terrain of Creation changes, the flow of energy which gives rise to our inner satisfaction will change directions to follow the path of least resistence. Mind however becomes fixed on the past and what it thinks should occur. The result is an ongoing dance between the mind and the heart.

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