Origins of pain - pain and the creative process

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Origins of Pain -

Pain an and the Creative Process

The pain of the sacrifice

The pain of the longing

From the topic “The Creativity Perspective on Pain” it was stated: Although pain is not inherent to the creative process, it is integrally tied to the creative process as performed by humans because of how we create our experiences. Pain and the creative process are related in several several different ways.

The essence of the creative process is that consciousness focuses its attention and awareness. That focus causes the energy of energy consciousness to flow into, or create, an experience of that focus. The process of itself has no pain. The pain arise from within consciousness itself and from the desire of consciousness.

It has been said that desire is the root of all pain. This is an extremely true statement for the ultimate pain we face arises from desire. The desire is not the cause of our pain. It is only if we attach ourselves to our desire that our desire gives rise to pain. To remove the pain we must understand the nature of attachments and let go. We must experience true freedom and creatively become like the wind.

To become like the wind is to let go of the past and, most importantly, the fears within the past. Many of our fears of the past arise around the experience of pain. To create is to experience what we have not previously experienced. The creative process takes us into the unknown. We do not need to discard what gives rise to the fear but look to the true hazard experienced in which gave rise to the fear and see if it is really applicable to the situation at hand. Then, in awareness of the past, look for the true hazards within the unknown and not allow the fear to rule our actions.

The pain of the sacrifice (Top)

The pain which has the potential to tremendously impact what we create and how we create does not only reside around fears of past pain. The nature of energy and the requirements of the creation process create conditions that can give rise to pain. Energy can neither be created or destroyed, only transformed. All the energy in your life is already in a given form or flowing into form. To create something new, some existing energy must be given up, or sacrificed, to both create space for the new creation and provide the energy out of which it forms. However, we tend to become attached to the existing form and are unwilling to let go. It is what we must tithe to the new creation. So there exist what can be called the pain of the sacrifice of creation. Additionally because creating takes us into the unknown, we do not know beforehand what must be sacrificed and given up. So, unless are aware of what we feel and are willing to let go as soon as we feel the tug of separation within our creative efforts will most probably cause us pain. If we hold on and don’t let go even if we can endure the pain, the creation cannot form as we wish. Yet, we, ourselves, stand in the way of its unfoldment.

The pain of the longing (Top)

The other problem we face in the creative process that gives rise to pain is that we must attach ourselves to the desired creation. We must desire our creation like a drowning individual desire air. So there will be a longing for our creation, there will be a pain of longing. It is very much like the pain of sacrifice and the need to let go of what is, but we must continue to long for the duration of manifesting the desired creation. In this longing we must become one with to remove the pain. If one longs and does nothing about moving toward and becoming one with their longing, there will be great pain. However, if one moves towards their longing, sacrificing whatever that needs to be sacrificed no matter what their attachment is to the existing form, there will be a joy in that longing. The pain of longing will become an inner satisfaction. If the longing arises from the heart itself to manifest a desire of the heart, there will be an internal satisfaction during the entire process and although there may be pain, there will be a great joy that continues to supply the energy to move forward. There will be a passion of the heart that sustains the entire effort, start to finish, never running dry.

When pain arises within the creative process, we need to ask our intuitive guidance from where does the pain arise. In doing so, we need to realize that often the origin of our pain is lost and we meed to pull the string to get at the root cause. However, we can be assured that if the pain arises in relation to what we desire to create it is somehow related to the price we need to pay and the sacrifice of the existing form that is required. Often, even when we do everything we need to do, we may still face pain which creating. We may find that we have to face the pain of birthing a new creation which is some we will have to face. We may be able to mitigate but we may still have to face it.

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