The blossoming of the human creative spirit


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On of the most interesting and profound observations about our creative spirit is the blossoming of the human creative spirit. That is, the blossoming of our creative spirit within the human experience we incarnated to have.

As first experienced and discussed in the topic, "The unfolding flower - a perception on health and healing," there is a blossoming of the creative spirit. In many ways it is like we are each carrying a seed within our heart. Planted in fertile soil and properly nourished, that see will grow, bear fruit and multiple a thousand fold. However, as with any tree, thousands of seeds may be produced but only a few actually grow to maturity and bear fruit. So too the seed the lies in our heart. We all come with a seed but only few bear fruit and the human creative spirit blossoms.

What is important about blossoming is that we can feel it within our being. We can feel the death of the seed so that it can germinate and we can feel the expansion in its grown and its blossoming. We only need to look what we feel to know if what we are experiencing serves us and the growth and unfoldment of our being.

Having experienced the blossoming of a human being, there is no denying the experience in another. We can know where an individual is on their path of unfoldment much the way once seen, we know where a flower is relative to its full blossoming by just looking at it. Witnessing the blossoming of a human creative spirit is probably one of the more exquisite experiences we can have as a human.

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