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Each instant in time is a spontaneous rearrangement of the energy of the universe. The spectrum of recreation extends from no change to a complete and total change. We normally live somewhere near the end of the spectrum where there is relatively slow change. The traditional "Big Bang Theory of Creation" would be the extreme where there was a moment where there was a total rearrangement of the energy. The energy of our being is infinite and spreads across all of infinity so we are in contact with whatever changes are occurring. We are perceiving and characterizing that change every instant in time and we can access what we perceive if we choose to do so.

The key to accessing and releasing our unlimited creativity to create the reality and create the experiences we choose is to be able to be in that moment. It is in the moment where our nonconscious mind presents the energy the body is experiencing and before conscious mind jumps in controlling and manipulating the information. Everything revolves around that instantaneous moment. Being in the moment or seeing in the moment is to get between the cause effect chain  and/or the stimulus and the response.

There is a cause that produces an effect. The effect becomes the stimulus we have to cause a response. As we respond to the stimulus we become the cause to the next effect. To break either chain, the cause effect chain  or the stimulus response chain, we must step between the cause and the effect to change the response to the stimulus.

When, and if, we can be in that moment, we have full control and power to create the world of our choice. This is what it means to be "in the moment" as described in many esoteric traditions. This is where we need to be happy with what is as it is, fully accepting what is as it is. This is the only moment that really matters. It is the moment that determines how the rest of our life, and the rest of reality unfolds. Yes, we are only a fragment of an infinite number of fragments but we are connected to everything that is. How and what we choose affects all that is. We can, and do influence the total. We can never be certain just how much influence we really have and how big an effect we cause. It is much bigger than we are capable of realizing with our enculturated mind.

To effectively act on what we receive and step into our creative power there are some things we need. We will need a highly developed sense of trust to trust what we receive. We need the self confidence to believe in ourselves and know that we know what we know. We need the strength of will to follow what we receive and do whatever is necessary no matter what the external world says or does. Finally we need the determination to follow though to the end on any information that we receive.

To learn to be "in the moment" is to be in our creative potential. To access and release our unlimited creativity, that is to claim our full creative potential, we will need to be "in the moment" with no past and no future. That is, to be free like the wind, coming with nothing and leaving with nothing. That does not mean we have no past or no future. It is just that we don’t hold on to anything and we are fee to move with the currents as they are. To be "in the moment" with no past and no future, we will need to explore two things in depth. One is to explore our nonconscious mind and the other is to explore our conscious mind. It is to explore what we believe and how we think, and why we believe and why we think the way we do.

An illusion about being in the moment

There is an illusion about being in the moment that is not understood and give rise to the most powerful reason many individuals choose not to live in the moment. Not living in the moment, in turn, causes us to remain within what we have experienced in the past to be bound to the past with an anticipation and hope for the future based on that past.

There is a belief that to be in the present moment there is no past or no future. At one level that is true. Everything can be recreated in a moment. But that is only true if a level of awareness is present that encompasses the totality of the past that is creating the present moment as it is being experienced and future that is flowing from the present moment as it is experienced. We need to remember there is an energy flow that is creating our experiences. Unless our awareness spans both the origin of the flow and the events that finally dissipation of the flow, we cannot change the flow.

It is much like standing on the bank of a river trying to change the flow of the river. Without the awareness from where the water is from and where it is flowing to, we are really not able to change the flow. We may divert it temporarily but the flow will continue. It is only when we know the source and why the water flows in the direction that it does that we can change the flow instantaneously for we need to be able to change the source and where it flows.

When we are able to step out of mind and be in the moment without holding to any past or hoping for any future, we will find they can see the past and the future as they really are in the best way that our mind can present what it sees. Because individuals don’t like what they see, they choose not to see . That choice keeps them out of living in the present moment. They see something they dislike about the future or something uncomfortable about the past so they choose not to see and not to live in the moment but live in an illusion. They think they know. Yet to be in the moment, we must totally accept what the moment allows us to see and that includes the past the created the present and future that is determined by the flow. What we will see in the past and the future will totally depend on the intention that is governing our life and our actions reflected in the current intentions and/or desires we hold. Whether what we see in the future is needed to unfold the intentions we are tying to manifest as he creator of our experiences depends on our composite intention. In any case we can . how the past is the source of the experience and the future is determined by the current flow pattern from the present. In that awareness we know what we need to do to create something totally different.

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