How we create the reality we experience


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How we create the reality we experience
First things first
Creating the reality we experience
The issue we all face

Probably the most difficult concept to understand is how is it that we are an independent, individualized consciousness fully capable of creating the reality we experiences with an unlimited creativity yet seem so tightly bound and constrained by living in a body in the Physical Creation. But what needs to be understood is that to talk about how we create our the reality we experience, there are two realities which need to be considered. One reality is that we ourselves create as a world unto ourselves. We create this reality by how we focus our attention and awareness by how we choose to respond to whatever we experience. The other reality is the reality we see as a place to experience.

The key is to understand that we are an independent, individualized consciousness and the physical world is the creation of an independent individualized consciousness that has manifested a creation in which we have been invited to experience its creation/Creation. As such, we are a creation within a creation and stand between two worlds. One world is our reality and our reality is unlike no other reality. The second world is the world of the Physical Creation and it too is a reality unlike any other reality. Both are real but we experience them slightly different.

First things first (Top)

To talk about how we create the reality we experience, we must first understand what we mean by reality and the reality we experience.

Reality, by definition, is the fact, state or quality of being real or genuine. It is that which is real such as an actual thing, situation, or event. It is seen as the sum or totality of real things. Reality is that which exists, as contrasted with what is fictitious or merely conceived. In philosophical type discussions it is considered the absolute or ultimate, as contrasted with transitory phenomena or the apparent.

Real by definition is having existence or actuality as a thing or state. What is real is not imaginary. Something that is real is seen to have actual existence and not merely possible, apparent or imaginary. That which is real is in accordance with appearance or claim. It is genuine and not artificial or counterfeit. What is real represents the true or actual as opposed to the apparent or ostensible. What is real is unpretentious. In law, it pertains to property regarded as immoveable or permanent as land or tenements and pertains to things as distinguished from persons.

Now if we look carefully at both the concepts of reality and real they imply Physical Creation. Technically, there is no room in the definitions of reality or real for the spiritual or the unseen aspects of Creation. Especially if that which is spiritual or unseen cannot be fully and totally agreed upon by another and experienced in the same way. It is here are the issue of how we create our reality beings.

From a normal colloquial use of the words reality and real, it can be said that reality and real refer to anything that is physical and/or can be measured by physical means and/or fully and totally agreed upon by another and experienced in the same way or at least in a similar way. Measured by physical means would be something like using a calibrated physical instrument to measure unseen radiation. Fully and totally agreed upon by another and experienced in a similar way would be something like if two individual sit out in the sun without protection and become sunburned. Two individual would experience their skin reddening if not blistering and being painful to touch. Therefore, the effects of the Sun are real even if the two individuals cannot see the radiation from the sun causing the effects on the body and the body is not calibrated to sense the sunís radiation.

From a creativity perspective, the reality we experience and what is real becomes slightly different. We each are a world unto ourselves and we each experience an given situation different than another. If does not matter if we are standing and the same place experience the exact same thing. We will experience what we experience different than another. If two individual do experience sitting together in the sun and each getting sunburned, what they each experience will be different. Their pain and sensitivity will be different as their rate of healing. How we perceive and experience any given situation is real for us. Here reality is that which exists and what we individually experience. It is real for us whether or not anyone else experiences what we experience.

Creating the reality we experience (Top)

However we look at it, we create the experiences we have and the reality of those experiences by how and what focus our attention and awareness by how and what we think and believe. It is as simply as that. However, it is difficult to understand and change our beliefs because we have a limited conscious mind and an infinite nonconscious mind. Some of the beliefs that are controlling what we experience lie deeply buried with our nonconscious mind. In ways analogous to the difficulties humans experiences going deep within the earth or within the sea, we experience difficulties in going deep within the nonconscious mind.

Creating physical reality: The way we create our physical reality is we choose, at some level of our being for whatever reason, to be here at a given time and place. We chose to be here by what we think and believe. To experience Physical Creation there are certain rules to which we must abide. By agreeing to the rules we have a physical experience. Otherwise we will not experience Physical Creation as it was meant to be experienced As such, our psyche merges two sets of operating principles. One is the set of principles that govern the physical plane and what it means to be human contained within the human collective conscious. The other set is the operating principles of our own individualized consciousness, our truth, that determines who we think we are. Our body, as the vehicle for our physical experience, is what codified the rules and holds us accountable to the rules of Physical Creation. We can experience whatever we desire while in Physical Creation but we need to experience from within our body or our consciousness localized in our body.

The question does arise is, "How come we donít experience a different time and place in human history?" The answer lies is the human condition we experience is determined by what the human collective believes at a given point in time of which we are a part. There are pockets of individuals who make us feel we are living in another time and place because their views are so antiquated. Similarly there are individual who make us feel we are living in the future. Additionally there are ceremonies and rituals in which we can participate that cause us to experience another time and another place in the human experience. However, some would argue it is only our imagination but that brings us to the other reality we experience.

Creation our reality - a world unto ourselves: The key understanding here is what I experience is not what you experience even if we share the same situation. We may think we are having the same experience but we are not. We each are uniquely different and will perceive whatever we experience in our uniqueness. However, our reality is not our response . Our reality, what is true for us, is why we respond the way we do because of how and what we think and believe. We have create an internal reality that causes us to choose how we will respond to any experience we have. That reality is simply our belief structure and is a unique composite of what we have come to think and believe for whatever reason.

In this regard, often what we think and believe in both our current mind and our transcendental mind are not our beliefs. Nor are they beliefs we would have if we were capable to taking what we have experienced at face value without the bias and judgment of our mind. Rather, more often than not, what we believe is what we have been taught and enculturated to believe.

By changing our inner reality it will become reflected in our external world. We are still bound by the rules of Physical Creation but the Physical Creation we experience will be the same but yet different. The types and kinds of experiences we have in Physical Creation will change and our life will change. How it will change depends entirely on what we choose to think and believe. Some beliefs will cause us to become more creatively powerful. Other beliefs will rob us of our creative power. The question we all really face is, "Is my inner reality serving me and allowing me to create and live a life worth living?"

The issue we all face (Top)

The issue we all face is that we experience what we have come to think and believe. The fact that we are in a physical body only holds us to a physical experience. Nevertheless, we will have an experience of what we think and believe the best way Physical Creation can provide that experience.

Although we may be unaware of it, how and what we experience in Physical Creation is determined by how and what we think and believe. We are simply unaware of how deep some of our beliefs and programming lie within our being that are giving rise to the experiences we have. Only when we look to our internal world first and allow it to change and explore options within our creative imagination  will we begin to see how our external world changes to reflect what we access in our internal world. Our inner world is reflected in the outer but few see exactly how the changes in our outer world are bought about by our inner world.

We expect to create an experience the way we turn a radio or television set on or off. We expect instantaneous results. However, Physical Creation is a place of planting seeds and unfoldment of these seeds to bear fruit. The seed condition begin in how and what we think and believe and our life unfold to bear the fruit of those seed.

Although what is said here may be too much to be believed, it is nevertheless true. However, the issue is not about accessing creative power to control our external world. Rather, it is about access creative power to create experiences which serve us and create a life worth living. It is there, in the experiences which serve us, that we access the increased creative power. The more we are served by what we experience, the greater the creative power to recreate our world we access.

It needs to be understood the Physical Creation we experience is a creation of Om, another individuated consciousness with its own unique desires. We are a creation within a creation. There are things we can create within Creation fully supported within the desires of Om. Then there are things which are not supported and cannot be manifested in Physical Creation unless we change Physical Creation and what Om desires to experience. Not impossible but not something readily done. Nevertheless, we determine what we experience in Physical Creation including changing Physical Creation by how and what we think and believe.

To create whatever we desire, we need to go within an ask, "How and what do I need to think and believe and/or what do I need to do and/or become to create what I desire?" Then, we need to follow the insight we get and honor that insight knowing that what we do is creating the seed condition for what we desire. In acting on the insight and following the additional insights we get rather than doing what mind thinks we need to do, we plant that seed allowing it to germinate and bear fruit. We only need to realize that our lives will change to manifest what we desire. But we must be willing to let go and undergo the changes that need to occur.

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