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Body wisdom
Origins of body wisdom
Importance of body wisdom
Using body wisdom

Body wisdom is about the ability of our body to sense a flow of energy and then characterize that flow of energy into a body sensation well beyond that accuracy available to the mind. Where as the mind can only characterize a sensation based on its past experiences, the body, in essence, creates a resonance pattern in a body part or in an aspect of the body in response to what it senses. There is no interpretation based on the past experience as done in the mind. There is simply a response of the body to what is, as it is. In being open to feeling we live fully present in the moment or in "the now." This is why being in what we feel can be so creative and powerful and is often referred to as "being in the flow."

Origins of body wisdom (Top)

The key to understanding the body wisdom is the consciousness of the body. Since energy and consciousness can be seen as one and the same and mass is a form of energy, our unique body represents a unique consciousness and has a unique view and perspective on Creation. This perspective is available through the body wisdom.

The energy sustaining our being, sustains us for a reason. Consciousness is very intentional in what it does. Although consciousness may act from nonconscious programming, it nevertheless is very intentional. Once the intention is set and cast into a form and not changed, consciousness (whether acting consciously or nonconsciously) will direct its energy within its span of control into that intention. Additionally, since energy and consciousness are the same, the energy directed by a conscious intention is the embodiment of that intention and it has a consciousness unto itself. The consciousness that is the consciousness of the energy embodied as the intention is capable of acting as an independent consciousness. That is, a fully independent consciousness within consciousness.

So too with the energy that sustains our being. It is both the embodiment of an intention of a consciousness other than what we know as our mind and has a unique consciousness unto itself. In our case as humans, the consciousness associated with the intention for our life and the flow of energy sustaining us is our body wisdom that grows us from a fertilized egg into an infant and into an adult. The consciousness that created the intention for our life is our creative spirit which localized itself for the purpose of having the physical experience as a human being and is embodied in the flow of energy sustaining us. Hence we seem to have a physical and non physical part. Yet both are one and the same. They are only perceived differently.

Our first reason for being here in the physical plane is that there is an intention, a purpose or a set of experiences we incarnated to have. Our bodies are the perfect vehicle to have these experiences and/or to do what we came to do and we selected our bodies because they fit so well to the experiences we intend. Our inherent body wisdom, that same wisdom that grew us in our mothers womb and grew us from an infant into an adult is perfectly capable of guiding us to fulfill the purpose of our incarnation if we only listen and follow that wisdom. We do so through what we feel. However to do so, requires us to be "out of mind" or beyond mind and we need to allow ourselves to just be with what is and just be who and what we are much like the way of a very young child before they learn to control their life to please their caretakers and what the external world expects of them.

When our creative spirit enters a creation within a creation and/or shared creation as in Physical Creation, a part of our creative life energy become split and it is under the control of the host creation and/or shared creation. This is what occurs in Physical Creation and why there are things we seem unable to create in Physical Creation and/or it seems we are unable to access the full creative power we know we have. It is analogous to what is described and reflected in the pair production phenomenon. The energy of a creation is split between the cutout and a hole, or the particle and the anti particle.

To manifest Physical Creation, there is an energy split between Physical Creation and its creator which gives rise to Physical Creation as described in the topics "Origins of Creation" and the "Observer observed pair and the nature of duality." Then there is an energy that is split between us and the Physical World we experience for us to have an experience in Physical Creation. In essence there is a marriage between our energy and the energy of physical Creation that causes us to localize our awareness in Physical Creation for the human physical experience.

Our creative life energy is split between us and Physical Creation and its creator. The energy that is in us is controlled exclusively by us. The portion controlled by Physical Creation is then split again between Physical Creation and the human collective or our social world within the collective.

The energy that split between us and the Physical World and that lies in the Physical world is controlled to some degree by us, the collective and Physical Creation. The shared energy is still in part controlled by us since we are part of Physical Creation and the human collective. It is this shared control that allows us to have an experience of Physical Creation and keeps us bound to Physical Creation when we have experiences we donít like. Otherwise, we would simply create something else.

Our body is the ground point and bridge point for where the control of all these energies comes together and it is what holds our creative spirit in the experience of Physical Creation. This is why our body and knowing what our body feels is so important for it is here we can feel the flow of energy of Physical Creation and the human collectives. This phenomenon of feeling the various energies of Creation coupled with the wave particle nature of energy consciousness is what give rise to our intuitive guidance and body wisdom.

There is an important note here. The body wisdom flows from the consciousness that created and formed our body, its environment and the experiences it has within that environment. Our body wisdom can be seen to come into existence in two ways. One ways was it came into existence when our individual point of consciousness reflected in our creative spirit and the consciousness that created the physical plane merged. Or, a second way is when our individual point of consciousness conceived of the idea of having a physical experience. However we wish to look at this process, the mind that corresponds to the consciousness of our body is the enculturated mind and only came into existence after our body had experiences within Creation. Our enculturated mind only came into existence after it experienced Physical Creation. Our enculturated mind can only know what it experienced within the body. The body wisdom knows both the body and the physical creation we experience and how and why we came into Physical Creation.

Importance of body wisdom (Top)

As a result of how our energy localized in a body as described in the previous section, as long as we are incarnate in a physical form, all truth will have its roots in the body. This is true for its is energy which gives rise to creation/Creation and our body senses the energy of creation/Creation. We can lie with the words we speak and the thoughts we have. We may be deceived by our perceptions and what our enculturated mind thinks and believes. But the body never lies. It cannot lie. It does not know how to lie. The ultimate truth of our being our human experience, and the fruits of our actions, will always be revealed in the body and what we feel. Sensations, body language, physiologic processes, all are part of the nonconscious mind and the somatic code of Creation that can lead us to awakening and understanding. It we need to decipher it. We need to become aware of what we feel, the awareness which lies in feeling   and the language of the inner world. Practices of receptivity, attention, mindfulness and awareness and silencing the mundane rambling of the mind are essential.

The key to using our body consciousness and the body wisdom is that the energy that is animating our body, and gives rise to our body is an aspect of our individualized consciousness. As a consciousness, our body stories memories. All the experiences we have had in life are felt by the body and the body forms itself in response to those experiences.

The wisdom of the body and within the body existed before the mind of our body. What our body feels is what will guides us through life to give us the experiences that we need to have to manifest the intention that brought us into the world. It will tell us through what it feels where we are, and are not, living in alignment with the flow of our creative life energy and whether or not we are meeting the intent of our incarnation. Our body is always sensing and experiencing the energy of the environment in which it finds itself. It senses the energy of its environment and then translates that energy into perceptions, the strongest of which what we call feelings (physical and emotional). It behooves us to be open to feeling and what we feel to have the receiver of our mind tuned to pick up and monitor what the body is sensing.

What needs to be realized is our body is the ground point and bridge point for where the control of all the energies and their corresponding undercurrents which create the our physical experience come together. Our body, as this bridge point, is what holds our creative spirit in the experience of Physical Creation. Our bodes effectively bridge the unseen world of our non localized creative spirit and the experience it desires in Physical Creation. At this bridge point the control by the collective, the control by the consciousness which created Physical Creation and our own control come together. This is why our body, being open to feeling and knowing what our body feels is so important. We need to learn to feel and discern the energy of creation to access those flows of energy which will help us to create physical experiences which serve us and create a life worth living.

In many ways the body acts as an antenna. As long as the body is capable of sensing the energy it will provide a sensation or feeling of some type in response to the sensation. Whether or not we have focused our attention to feel what we sense is another questions. For a variety of reasons, such as the loss of our ability to creatively play, most of us have raised the threshold as to what we feel. Or, we are too busy thinking to know what we feel. Much of what we are capable of feeling and sensing lies well below the threshold we have set as to what we feel.

The more the body is capable of creating a resonance within itself in response to the energy it senses, the greater the feeling or sensation we will feel. In this regard, the body as an antenna is tuned or designed to be aware of the flows of energy of Creation which give rise to the physical experience of a human being. This is why it is so hard to sense the flows of energy of Creation which give rise to what we call the unseen world. It is not that we do not sense those energies and that we are not capable of perceiving them. Rather, because we are so attuned to the energies giving rise to Physical Creation, we need an intense single point focus to be aware of the energy of the unseen realms. It requires an even greater focus to begin to work with these unseen energies.

This ability of our body to sense the flows of energy within creation is what gives rise to the awareness which lies in feeling . That is, we can focus our attention and awareness to look into any feeling that we have or any energy we sense and see what information it provides as to its origins and where it is flowing. It is simply a matter of practice to learn how to use the awareness which lies in feeling.

intuitive guidance, body wisdom and second knowing all arise as a result of the awareness which lies in feeling . The feelings we have that contain the awareness arise as a result of the flows of energy giving rise to the experiences we have. The flows of energy giving rise to creation are the manifestation of the feminine aspect of Creation for these flows of energy are what is sustaining Creation. In using our intuitive guidance, body wisdom and second knowing, we are accessing and using the feminine creative power.

The main different between intuitive guidance, body wisdom and second knowing is only how they are perceived. In reality, they are all really the same thing. That is, they are being aware of the awareness which lies in feeling . What is different is how we perceive both what we feel and the awareness of what lies in feeling.

intuitive guidance is mind's characterization of the awareness which lies in what we feel based on our past experiences. With our intuitive guidance, we usually have an image, picture, story or the like that characterizes that of which we become aware. The accuracy of our intuitive guidance depends on whether or not we have the proper minimum set of experience to accurately characterize what we experience. Most are unaware of their intuitive guidance and most who are aware of the intuitive guidance are not aware of its inaccuracies and why it can be inaccurate.

Second knowing tends to be something we know or understand or information about something but we know we have no direct way or direct experience which allows us to know what we know. It is as thought we access a mind that is not our current mind to know something that can be understood by our mind. For example, suppose we live in a world where we and our society have never seen or heard of a car or automobile or the internal combustion engine. Suddenly one appears in our village. We look at it and say, it called a car. It runs on burning something like the oil we burn in our lamps in what is called an internal combustion engine. The engine channels the energy into powering the car by turning the wheels. We are then asked by puzzled bystanders, "How do you know that?" Our reply is, "I donít know. I just know that I know."

Body wisdom, is our ability to sense a flow of energy and provide information about the energy without our conscious focus. Some call it our intuition and many see it as our intuitive guidance. But there is a different. Body wisdom is the feeling and a knowledge of the awareness of what lies in the feeling without the need of any interpretation of our current mind as in our intuitive guidance. It is more related to an inner knowing. That is, to know without any way of knowing. The main difference between an inner knowing and body wisdom is the body wisdom comes with a feeling and we can use that feeling to guide our life and/or guide us as to how to use the feeling we have.

Body wisdom is the awareness remaining in what we feel. It arises from that inherent wisdom that grew us from an infant into an adult without the need of mind. Body wisdom is perfectly capable of guiding us to help fulfill our creative endeavors if we able to listen and follow it. We usually experience body wisdom in body sensations with no physical discernable cause. Here we usually need to specifically ask, "What is giving rise to this feeling or pain I have in my body (or in a particular body part). We then will get some type of insight as to what is giving rise to what we feel. What we often see is that the sensations in the body may not reflect the organ of origin or the body part in which it is located. For example, it has been observed, we may have a sensation our middle finger, often called the social finger, that reflects a deep feeling in our heart about an individual or situation.

Because body wisdom comes with a feeling, it is more powerful than either a inner knowing or an intuitive guidance. Intuitive guidance is biased by the past and the experiences we have had. Body wisdom has no such bias of the past and it is real time information. An inner knowing is a piece of information that does not provide us anything other than that piece of information. However, the feeling within the body wisdom tells us how Creation or the experience we have is or will unfold.

Using body wisdom (Top)

In many ways body wisdom is like being on a high mountain being able to see the flow of a river. We see from where it comes and we see where it is going. But more importantly we can follow the feeling backward to it origins and explore its origins or we can follow it forward into its unfoldment. Or, of course, we can exit the feeling and go in an entirely different directions. This is especially true if what we feel in the body wisdom communicates to us that we are not being served, or will not be served, in the unfoldment of the energy we are sensing. However, fear and what we experienced in the past, often arises within our being to mask how we are being served by a flow of energy such that the fear causes us to think we are not being served. This is one reason why it is so important to deal with our fears and look to do a hazards review on the fear to deal with the true hazard of the fear and not a ghost from the past.

The key to the body wisdom is the awareness which lies in feelings. The deeper we can feel the greater the wisdom and awareness we will have about creation/Creation. The deepest feelings lie beyond sexuality. Of course, pain of the past keeps us from avoiding and exploring many of the feelings we have and sexuality diverts us from the feeling..

We need to realize there is a wisdom beyond the wisdom of the mind that allows us to discovery and explore the universe in which we find ourselves. The body wisdom grows the new born into an infant, a young child and eventually into an adolescent and an adult. Mind serves little to no role in the process of this growth. The brain obviously does for it learns to coordinate the functions of the body, but that thinking, judging, opinionated and analytical portion of mind plays little role in the growth.

The greatest asset of body wisdom is that it can lead us to heal. Our body wisdom knows and senses the free unfoldment of our creative spirit and what we desire to experience in life and what it needs to have those experiences. By following the feeling of expansion and fullness of being, we both access what we incarnated to do and what gives us life and brought us into life. In access what gives us life, we access the ability to heal ourselves to give us the health we need to have those experiences.

Relative to using our body wisdom, most of us have long since lost that ability to just be with what is and who and what we are. More importantly we have lost the ability to listen to our body wisdom. In fact, it has been observed, most individuals have developed mental patterns and habits that allow us to think we are listening to our body wisdom when, in fact, our mind has been always in control and retains control. It does this with these mental patterns that give the equivalent of the warm fuzzy feelings or a feeling of comfort.

To be fully present in the moment and be fully open to what the body wisdom has to offer in the moment, we have to be able to sit in the anxiety that accompanies the unknown and most people have developed mental habits that numb this anxiety long before we realizes we are in a mental habit that has removed us from the present moment. As a very young child we wanted the warm fuzzy feeling of being cuddled or its equivalent. So, rather than face the anxiety of the unknown of knowing whether or not we would be wanted or accepted. We developed the habit of going to a way of being that gave us the assurance and security that we would be cuddled and we would get our warm fuzzy feelings.

Although we grew out of childhood cuddling to some extent (at least some individuals do), we always kept two things. We kept both the desire to have a warm fuzzy feeling in one way or another, and the habit of going to a way of begin that would give us security and remove our anxiousness. Hence we developed a coupling between these two desires and developed an addiction to avoid the anxiety of the unknown and get a warm fuzzy feeling. The particular habit we go to doesnít matter. What matters is that we avoid sitting in the uncertainty of the unknown by habit and it is the habit composed of not sitting with the anxiety of the unknown. It is to run to some way of being or thinking that is satisfying by giving us whatever we consider a warm fuzzy feeling.

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