Interdisciplinary aspects of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology

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Interdisciplinary aspects of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology

Interdisciplinary mix of two puzzling phenomena about our creative power

The interdisciplinary concepts of awareness and energy

An invariant awareness

An invariant energy

Bridging science and mysticism

Is the relationship between consciousness and energy real or metaphoric

The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material draws upon a wide variety of sources and disciplines. This approach integrates many discoveries of modern science and technology, the ancient and esoteric concepts found in many of the world’s spiritual and shamanic traditions, and the stories and legends that have been handed down to each successive generation. How this variety of disciplines integrates into the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material can be seen in the both the applications of this material and in the types and kinds of programs and services that are typically offered.

Rather than discussing the depth and breadth of the of the applied subject areas and techniques that are uses, an encapsulated understanding of this interdisciplinary mix can be expressed in two ways. The first way is that the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity technology capitalizes on the understanding which gives rise to two puzzling phenomena about our creative power. These phenomena set the stage for the second way to express this interdisciplinary mix. The second way is about understanding the concept of energy and what that concept really means relative to our creative ability.

Interdisciplinary mix of two puzzling phenomena about our creative power (Top)

The first of these two phenomena is that in many, if not all, spiritual and religious traditions there are individuals who are called mystics. A traditional definition of a mystic is one who has a direct, intuitive or subjective perception and/or experience beyond the ordinary range of human experience and comprehension of human reason into the nature of reality. Often these mystics have or had either: 1) a spontaneous experiences of what can described as either as Oneness or a intimate experience of the Divine, or 2) spent an enormous number of years creating a state of being within themselves for what they believe is an experience of the Divine through some type of practice such as meditation, yoga, prayer, contemplation, rituals and the like. In this perception and/or experience, many of these mystics have claimed and demonstrated they have achieved a deep inner satisfaction that allows them to transcend the normal frustrations and issues of life. Some have the ability to see through time and space. In fact, there is a range of powers, including the reported ability to heal, that are often obtained in these mystical states.

When you hear these mystics talk, or read what they write, to communicate to others who have not had such experiences they say things like: God is within you; you are the Creator; the world is an illusion; you are not real; everything is interconnected; drop your illusion; and other seemingly cryptic statements. To the people who were trying to understand the mystic and/or have similar experiences these statement often appear too much to be believed. Many people are puzzled to hear mystics say “I am God” or some equivalent statement. Many times in the past when the mystic would make such a statement, they were often killed outright for heresy and/or blaspheming. Yet, for those mystics who are not killed, other than their followers (believers), they are disregard by “unbelievers” (non followers). The “unbelievers” do not see the mystic who claims to be God changing the world in the way many think God should be able to do - or want to do. The mystic is seen to make little impact on recreating the world as you would expect God to do. Some mystics may have a tremendous number of followers who create an alternative society. Yet the alternative society still functions very much like other societies. The mystic, although seen or claimed to be God incarnate, does not seem to act in the world with the powers that many would attribute to God.

Of course, when a mystic is questioned about the validity of the statements they make, the answer they would provide about their cryptic statements is something to the effect that, “if you have not had the experience you cannot understand for it cannot be communicated.” The question the seeker usually asks is, “Show me how to have such an experience so I too can understand.” The mystic then lays out a path or way that the mystic thinks either (1) allowed them to have their experience or (2) will take the individual to such an experience. Of course there is a truth in the statement you cannot understand something unless you have had the experience, but there is also a fallacy in such a statement.

In part, what it means to understand something also means that you are able to communicate the understanding or figure out how to communicate it. Many teachers say they learned their subject only after they tried to teach it. They will admit they really didn’t learn the subject when they studied it. They thought they understood it until they had to teach it. Then, in trying to teach it, they were surprised about their own lack of understanding. They are surprised that they really didn’t know or understand what they thought they did. Whenever you truly understand something, you can find a way to communicate to another. The proof of this statement is to just look at the world you experience and how the world has been transformed from communicating what one has learned about how nature works. The world we know has been transformed by the understanding of something called energy. It too is unseen yet much can be understood about it, communicated and taught to another as to how to use it and manipulate it. That question is, “What does the mystic know such that they could make such a statement such as ‘I am God’ yet is so hard to communicate to another?”

The other puzzling phenomenon is that of the scientist. The scientist on the other hand have a different experience. For a scientist to do their work, it really doesn’t matter whether or not they believe in God and whether or not God exists or if there are other unseen realms of sprits. The scientist simply applies what they have learned from observation of the universe. But when a scientist simply goes about doing what scientist do they get accused of playing God and upsetting nature. When the scientist decides to splice genes, release nuclear energy, created designer drugs or clone a human embryo they are accused of playing God such that the public demands that the scientist stop playing God and trying to change the world.

Yet when one looks at the essence of many of the scientific concepts such as the wave function of quantum mechanics, string theory, dark matter, and the like, they are just as mystical as anything else you will come across. Yet these mystical concepts of science can be readily taught and their application can be used to change the world you experience. The question is, “What does the scientist know that they get accused of playing God in simply applying the knowledge that they have learned?” The answer is each have a way of accessing the ability or capacity to produce an effect. The difference is what effect they create.

The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity technology bridges these two worlds and these two phenomena. In this way it is used and understood , the bridge is energy and your ability to manipulate it. Whether you simultaneously experience what the mystic knows and what the scientist knows to change the world depends entirely on what you desire to create and how you choose to go about doing it. Nevertheless, you can become that scientific mystic or that mystical scientist and simultaneously live in the world that each knows and merge them into one understanding. The bridge which does this is your own creativity and creative power and ability to manipulate the energy of Creation. What must be understood and recognized, anything that humanity has done that has impacted the world started as an idea in a single human being. Several humans may have had similar ideas simultaneously. Nevertheless, the change that resulted started from a single idea in the mind a single human. What results from any idea held by any individual is the result of the desire and passion of that human to act on that idea and in the way they acted.

You have the creative power and ability within you to change the world, let alone to change your life. The question is, “How do you consciously access that creative power and ability and then act on it in a way that will change the world?” The answer lies in becoming intimate with your creative spirit and managing the flow of creative life energy within your being. To do this one needs to understand the interdisciplinary aspects of the concept of energy and how energy and consciousness are related.

One needs to understand the external energy as found in your environment and your internal energy that is sustaining your life. Understanding energy involves understanding the flow of energy and its relation to passion and the ability to create and how we need to transform that energy as if flows within our being into what we desire. Related to understanding energy and the manipulation of energy is the need to understand consciousness, define here as the ability to be aware of existence of oneself, and the nature of mind and their relationship to energy and how they influence the flow of energy within your own being and the world you experience.

The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity technology is based on the fact that all we experience results from what we call energy. It is understanding the flow of energy and its relation to consciousness and how we perceive ourselves that allows us to access our creative ability and power. For whatever you desire to create , the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach is to direct you toward the source of your creative powers. That is, to access the source and flow of energy within your being that sustains you to access your ability to create an ability.

The interdisciplinary concepts of awareness and energy (Top)

When you work with the creativity perspective and hold your creativity sacred, what you will find is that there is really only one concept associated with God and/or mysticism and only one concept associated with Science that seems to remain unchangeable or invariant in any creative endeavor. It is these two concepts and their relationship that allows one to bridge the unseen world and the physical creation to manifest what you desire.

An invariant awareness
(Top): The concept associated with God and/or mysticism that seems to remain invariant is that there is a conscious awareness or consciousness behind what you experience in Creation. This awareness can be experienced both inwardly and outwardly. However, other than saying this consciousness exists and the conscious awareness you experience within yourself is made of the same “stuff” as the conscious awareness that stands behind Creation externally, you can’t say much more about it than that.

The reason for this is that we are a part of the Creation which is unfolding and a part of the awareness of that unfoldment. Being within the process of Creation and viewing from within the process, it is hard to step outside the process to see exactly what is happening. You can’t really say much more about the awareness within creation, unless of course, you project on it all the understanding and experiences we have about the human consciousness and limit the Consciousness behind Creation to the human experience. But what we can do is infer. We can infer an understanding about this awareness and about Creation and the Creation process by observing the processes within this process and understand all arises out of the same “stuff” of Creation - wherever that “stuff” my be. But were are the “stuff” of Creation. The question is, “How big a part of this awareness within Creation are you?” The ultimate answer is it is your choice and your choice makes all the difference as to what you experience.

An invariant energy
(Top): The concept associated with Science that seems to remain invariant or unchangeable is that energy exist and can neither be created or destroyed, only transformed. As for what you can say about energy, we only need to look at the volumes of human experience as to what energy and our understanding of energy has made possible. Yet, what is energy? In physics, energy is defined as the ability to do work (a force - a push or a pull - acting through a distance) or the capacity or ability to produce an effect - any effect. In studying the creative process it is the latter description of energy, “the capacity or ability to produce an effect,” is what is key to understanding the creative process. It is energy that lies at the base of all we think, remember, say and do. Without a flow of energy there is nothing to perceive for there will be no movement. For any creative effort, there needs to be some energy flow.

What is interesting about energy is that you can store it, manipulate it, sense it and change the world with it, but we don’t really know what it is. It just exists. However, it exists more of a concept in our mind than something concrete in the physical for it exist in the seen and unseen. It existence is only know in relation between objects, in particular a movement of object relative to each other. We cannot sense energy unless there is some type of detector to sense it. We only know of the existence of energy beyond what our body can sense because of the detectors we have created to detect the energy. There of course is the question as to what energy lies outside the range of the detectors we have created. Yet all is composed of this energy.

One can convert energy to mass and mass to energy. However, the energy you convert to mass becomes essentially “frozen.” You can nothing with the energy converted to mass until you convert it into some form of energy and movement. It terms of what energy really is, it all seems to boil down to the fact that it some time acts as a wave and sometimes it acts as a particle depending on the conditions under which we choose to observe it. Yet we all are an embodiment of energy. All the mass in our bodies is energy and a flow of energy is what animates our life. When that flow of energy stops, we die and, interestingly, our bodies dissociate back into the component parts of the physical world - atoms and molecules whose arrange is determined by the conditions under which the body dissociates.

Bridging science and mysticism (Top)

The reason why these to concepts remain invariant or unchangeable appears to be the result of their relationship. That is, if you look carefully, you will see energy and consciousness are actually one and the same. They are only perceived differently. The easiest way to understand this relationship is to look at the concept of energy as the capacity or ability to produce an effect. Understanding energy within this definition is the key to bridging the seen and unseen realms of creation and ultimately unites mysticism and science.

Consciousness is defined as the ability to be aware of oneself. To be conscious is to be aware of one’s own existence, feelings, and thoughts. To be conscious is to be aware of external objects and conditions, mentally awake, deliberate and intentional. Consciousness, of course, is the state of being conscious such that one has an awareness of oneself and an awareness of surroundings. It is because of this awareness that gives rise to the ability of consciousness to be aware of the choices it makes and its actions. That awareness of choice and action is what allows a consciousness to make things happen. This ability to choose one’s actions and make things happen is the capacity to produce an effect and in turn, is simply the definition of energy. Hence conscious awareness or consciousness is our ability to produce an effect. From this perspective, consciousness is energy and it can be said consciousness is only a flow of energy that is aware of itself for it is in action, in flow, that causes things to happen.

The flow of energy which allows us to create is often experienced as passion for what we desire to create and that passion fuels the creative process. The experience of passion occurs when you align with the flow of energy that is manifesting what you desire to create. Some would argue consciousness is only the ability to manipulate energy and not the energy. However, only a conscious awareness has the ability to cause an effect. Subconscious awareness and a dormant awareness only respond to event. They do not cause things to happen. Only a conscious awareness can choose to make something happen. Without conscious awareness we can only react to what occurs and respond to an effect. Conscious awareness is needed to create an effect or to become the cause.

As for the other part of the definition of energy, the ability to do work, you only need to realize a flow of one’s attention and awareness held for some duration is the equivalent of work. Physics has shown that the observer changes what it observers. If you wish, you can look at the observation shifting the energy, not necessarily changing it but shifting what it look like, as a result of the observation and the way one chooses to observe. To understand how one observes changes the observation one can look of a very crude example in changing the position of a box across a table.

To move a block across a table against friction, work is done. There needs to be an applied force through the distance the block moves. The forces adds energy to the block and it moves across that table only to have the energy absorbed by the friction between the block and the table. After work is done, the box still sits on the table but just in a different position. However, because it is in a different position on the table it will look different against the same background when observed from the outside. Similarly, the surrounding environment around the box as viewed from the box will look different. The difference many not be great but it nevertheless different. In essence, changing a perspective is doing work but no energy is seems to be added because there is no perceived movement other than the movement of our perception. Alternative said, the energy that is added or the work that is done is the movement of our perception. By changing the way you observe you are doing the equivalent of work. Yet, the power in our observation is much greater than this simple example for we also can change the energy of the situation. As you study the creative process, you can come to see your creative life energy, the ability to make things happen or to produce an effect, goes where you focus your attention and awareness and how you perceive differently because of that focus.

In looking at energy and consciousness as different forms of the same basic substance of Creation, the door is open between the seen and unseen realms of Creation. In working with this material, what you will come to see is that your creative ability is the result of tapping into a flow of energy that lies within the deep current within your being. As such, your creative power is a result of that flow much the way you need a flow of electrical energy to make an electrical appliance work. You need to “plug” into the flow of energy. When you do, if you align with the flow of that energy, what you get is the direction of the current and how you need to act to align with that flow of energy to access the power of that flow to manifest what you desire. You first need to tap into the flow of energy to get your creativity engine running. Then, once it is running, it can manifest what you desire by aligning with and sustaining the flow. You will know how to align with this energy through feeling. So to do so, there will be the need to reawaken a deep level of feeling that most have shut down early in life when they lost their ability to be the state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of itself and their world. So, in the end, the journey takes one from the disciplines of mysticism and science into the realm of play. The play of consciousness to transform the energy of creation into whatever the observing consciousness desires.

Is the relationship between consciousness and energy real or metaphoric  (Top)

One question you may ask is, “Is the relationship between consciousness and energy suggested here real or metaphoric?” From a creativity perspective, the answer is “Yes.” It is both real and it is metaphoric.

From a creativity perspective and how they influence your creative power and creative ability they are both the same. They are just different expressions of the same “stuff” of Creation. It is just that one is experienced from within a flow of energy and the other is experiences from outside a flow of energy. The material provided on this and related web sites is intentionally provided such that you may come to understand how this is true and maybe accept it as true.

Whether you believe it or not is not as important as at least learning how to use it metaphorically. Seeing them as equivalent but perceived differently will allow you to see options and relationship that would otherwise not be available to you. The only experience that I have found that truly comes close to explaining what is possible and what is available in our creative imagination in accepting this relationship between consciousness and energy is something I first experiences in high school called complex integration. Since it deals with mathematics (and subsequently it application in engineering), it will be probably will not be of interest to most. But a brief discussion is provided through this hyperlink if you are interested. However, it was the awareness of complex integration that allowed me to see how a metatheatrics could be created to address many issues of mind and creativity and the importance of play in the creation process.

In any case, if you look carefully, you will find that science does not really explain energy. Although there have been tremendous technological advances made based on the concept of energy, no one really can explain energy. It just is. Physics accepts the fact that there is something that exists which can be described and utilized by the definition and concept of energy. That is, the ability to do work and/or the capacity to produce an effect. The magic of physics is that it has been able to capture the concept of work through it relationship of a force (a push or a pull) acting through a distance. That, in turn allows a mathematical expression of energy and the capacity to produce an effect. Energy is itself mystical. If you really contemplate what you can do with energy if you understand how to use it, it is magical. It is as magical and mystical as the concept of spirit that is seen to animate and give life to our bodies and which has baffled people for centuries. Yet they are the same. The are each a way of describing the capacity to produce an effect. It is about the ability to become the cause within a cause-effect relation to create an experience. 

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