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In the following discussion there are several concepts and terms of which the reader many be familiar from every day colloquial use but have more technical definition when used in physics. The technical use of these terms although relatively unimportant in every day use do have significant implications when talking about the wave particle nature of energy and even a more profound implication when discussing the relationship of energy and consciousness as used in the energy consciousness model. The following hyperlinked discussion provided brief discussion on these aspects of the following: particle, wave, electromagnetic radiation, mass and rest mass,

One of the observations/discoveries of modern physics is that energy and mass are different forms of the same material. Given the correct conditions, mass can be converted to energy and energy can be converted to mass. This relationship between mass and energy seems to the direct result of the fact that energy has a wave particle nature. That is, it was discovered that energy and matter have both a wave nature and a particle nature. Each can be considered more of a wave - particle than either a wave or a particle. That is, the energy can be experienced as a wave in an undefined and unbounded non localized form extending to infinity. Or, it can be experienced as a particle localized within a defined shape.

For example, under the correct conditions electromagnetic radiation with no rest mass can act as a wave such as the light of a rainbow going through a prism. Or it can act as a particle and as it had a rest mass. This is observed in phenomenon like the photoelectric effect where photons cause a current to flow when light illuminates certain materials. Or there is the Compton Scattering phenomenon where a photon collides with an electron as in a collision between two billiard balls. Similarly, we can create experiments were an electron with a mass at rest acts as a wave with no mass producing an interference pattern. This phenomenon was observed when a beam of electrons where pass through a material which acted as a diffraction grating An example is provided in the topic “Need for our own experiments to reveal our nature and the nature of Creation.” 

Whether the energy is experienced as a wave or a particle depends on how the energy is observed and/or the situation in which it finds itself. That is, by how we choose to observe we can cause the wave to take on its particle nature or we can cause a particle to take on its wave nature. For example we can construct experience where the energy exhibits it wave nature or it particle nature. However, when the energy experience certain situations or conditions its wave nature to particle nature will be exhibit regardless of whether or not anyone is watching. For example, a rainbow is created when ever and wherever sun light strikes rain in the sky at a certain angle. Similarly, radioactive decay of nuclei which is an ongoing process can be seen as particle exhibiting its wave nature as it “tunnels” out of the nucleus.

Non localized: As seen in the figure, “Non localized wave,” A wave is seen to spread out to infinity unless bounded within some type of boundary where it can be reflected.

It can be said that when the energy acts a wave it is non localized for it has no particular location. It exists everywhere. It is free and unbounded. It has no rest mass. It is free to from into any give given form. All is possible in the non localized state. Analogously, it is much like the way molten iron exists in blast furnace just before it is poured into a mold or the molten lava within a volcano before it pours out forming a new land mass. The energy of creation returns to an non localized form to be recast into the next creation. From a creativity perspective, to “non localize” our creative life energy is to direct it or move it into the wave nature of our being. To move into the source/Source of creation/Creation is to move into the non localized aspect of our creative life energy.

Localized: As seen in the figure, “Localized wave” When the energy acts as a particle, a majority, if not most of its energy is localized or concentrated at a given location. In essence it becomes fixed and rigid as reflected in particles having a rest mast. Mobility to freely form something else is lost. Although a particle can be seen a energy which has localized, it still has a component which is not localized and permeates of all of Creation. From a creativity perspective, to “localize our creative life energy is to move it into the particular form by how we focus our attention and awareness. To have any experience is to localized our energy in a particular way to give us the desired experience. To have an experience of Physical Creation as a human being is to localize our creative life energy into the form of a human body.

As was stated in the discussion “Einstein’s Approach and Assumptions” there were four insights which he provided that eventually helped to revolutionize physics. They were:

  • There is no absolute motion and no universal or absolute reference frame. Each photon, each packet of energy, is independent of another.

  • A photon, a packet of electromagnetic energy, is a physical reality and its electromagnetic field thins out to zero at great distances away from the center of the vibration or source or center of the energy.

  • The laws of physics are the same in any reference frame such that any two of these independent packets of energy will obey the same laws of physics since each could be considered an independent frame of reference.

  • Mass is one form of energy and can be converted to the another under the proper conditions.

It is this the second insight, “A photon, a packet of electromagnetic energy, is a physical reality and its electromagnetic field thins out to zero at great distances away from the center of the vibration or source or center of the energy”is what really described the wave particle nature of energy. What this really means is that, although localized into a particular form the energy giving rise to the form in essence still permeates all of creation. Mathematically the words “thins out to zero at great distances away from the center of the vibration or source or center of the energy,” means to become zero at infinity. This means that there is a finite, although it may be infinitesimal, aspect to this localized wave energy at any point in creation. The figure entitled “Localize wave” help to demonstrate the concept that the energy of a localized energy is still non localized at any given point and extends to infinity. The localized wave only has its energy concentrated around a point giving it a particle shape. Nevertheless it has a component, although infinitesimally small, extending to infinity

Creation is about localizing and non localizing our energy

Creation, as an energy, is a dance is into and out of localized and non localized energy. It is ultimately about creating the conditions by how we observe to localize our energy into a given physical experience. Then, when the energy is dissipated in the experience and the experience is finished. When the experience is had, whatever exists, whether it be an object or an experience, seems to die. Yet, the energy is only returned to an non localized form to be recast into the next creation. Exactly how this is done cannot be understood fully from an energy perspective. It is only when we couple the energy aspects with the role of consciousness that we can better understand how we create our experience by how we localize and non localize our creative life energy. Ultimately, there is just the “stuff” of creation existing in a localized or non localized form and we readily switch from one to the other if we properly focus our attention and awareness and choose a perspective  that allows us to experience what we desire to see.

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