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There are two analogies that can be used to understand how we are independent and uniquely different such that no other consciousness has the perspective that we do. Nevertheless, each of us are essentially that same and utilize the same creative principles and concepts but we each applied them in different ways. That is, we each have a unique way to express the creative passion we have within our being.

One analogy is the piano analogy. Here reality is seen like a piano and each of us are one key on that piano. The second analogy is that of the electromagnetic spectrum. Here we each are as one frequency of an infinite spectrum of electromagnetic energy. The important point to realize, is that reality would be incomplete if our consciousness were not present. Just as the piano would not be the piano if a note was missing and the infinite electromagnetic spectrum would not be complete if we took one of its independent frequencies away.

Consider the piano making a musical note. The music is made by a key being pressed on the key board. The key pulls on a cord which raises a hammer that fall on a string. The string vibrates and the vibration is picked up by a sound board or resonance cavity to cause a disturbance or sound wave to ripple out in the air from around the piano. We here the vibration as a musical note. Each key is made the same way and each note is made the same way - a hammer striking the string

However, because of the difference in the strings or how the strings are put into tension, each string plays makes a different vibration in the air and hence, a different not is heard. Yet each key works exactly the same way. So too with each individual point of consciousness. Each works exactly the same way to create a vibration in the fabric of Creation to give rise to a creation. What is experienced by consciousness as Creation is the composite of all the creations by each individuated point of consciousness much the way a musician in the orchestrate plays a note but hears the symphony and the composite of their note and all the other notes simultaneously.

The electromagnetic spectrum works in a similar way. There are an infinite number of frequencies and each frequency is a vibration in the electromagnetic field. Each vibration is caused in a similar way. However, because of the difference in the frequency, each frequency interacts in a slightly different way. The closer the frequency the more they look the same in how they interact with the environment. The greater the separation in the frequencies, the more they frequencies look different if not entirely different. However, each is still fundamentally the same and works exactly the same way.

Although both the piano and electromagnetic spectrum are both very powerful analogies they do not begin to express the full depth and breath of what is possible. The physics of electromagnetic spectrum and superposition of waves to create things like AM and FM radio and other electromagnetic phenomena gives some fantastic insights into the deeper and broader aspects of reality. However, those analogies are beyond the scope of understanding of most in less unless they have background and training in the field radiation energy physics, communication engineering, electro optics and other similar disciplines and there is no desire to create a physicist or an engineer. The interest is only to create the space for each of us to understand how deep and broad our creative ability and creative power are. It is up to each of us and our own creative passion to figure out how we will express what we know and desire to create.

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