Creating the space for a creation

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Creating the space for a creation
What is needed for a safe and secure space
Finding a physical safe and secure space
Finding the individuals for a safe and secure space

The rainmaker, dream midwife and dream nanny

To step into the unknown of our creative passion for whatever we desire to create, we need to have a safe and secure space to be completely free to become and act out whatever it is we need to become in any way that is appropriate. In looking at the origins of Creation and the observer - observed pair and the nature of duality, our inner world is reflected in the outer world ultimately we are the creator and become the creation. The environment and the unfoldment of a creation are integrally linked. To become the creation we desire or to experience what we desire, we need a safe and secure space where we are free to unfold. Exactly what this safe and secure space looks like depends on what we desire to create.

For any creative endeavor, we must be allow to let our intuitive guidance and body wisdom lead us to where we need to be lead. This safe and secure space is needed for both us to just be who and what we are. It also allow us to perform any experiments we need to do, ritual or ceremonies, metatheater, and other simulations used to allow the our creative passion to experience what it needs to experience to flow freely. We need such a space to allow our creative passion to experiment with what feels correct.

What is needed for a safe and secure space (Top)

To create a safe and secure space, two things need to be addressed. One is the physical space with adequate mitigation and/or compensatory measures in place to deal with any potential hazards. Physical hazards are obvious, but also included as hazards are spiritual, mental and emotional judgments and opinions others may levy on us or about us and what they need to express. We must be able to be free at every level of their being. The other item is the individual or individuals, if any, who will be present as we explore our creative passion must be there for our interests and focused on creating a space for us.

Finding a physical safe and secure space
(Top): Finding a safe and secure physical space is much easier than we may at first imagine. However, to find it, we again will need to utilize your intuitive abilities. We need to state our intention such as, “my intention is to restore my abilities to be in spontaneous childlike play and/or to live my creative passions as I explore and discover who and what I am.” We then needs to ask our intuitive guidance for its assistance by asking something to the equivalent of, “What does the safe and secure space look like to start this process?” or “where can I find a safe and secure space?” We then need to truth that a location, an image or some other information will surface from within to tell us where we need to start our process. This place will be safe and secure enough for us to start our process and deal with whatever arises at this time. As we proceed on our journey, we will find that we will be lead by circumstances to another location safe enough for the next step of our journey.

We will find that we will always be lead to a safe enough space to allow the experience that we need to have in that moment. Our mind may think otherwise but the space will be adequate. Our mind cannot begin to think of all the permutation that we could possible experience and will always look to its fears and past experiences as to what it thinks needs to be addressed. However, our nonconscious is completely aware of what energy needs to be released in the moment and the type and kind of space in which it can be safely done. If we follow our intuitive guidance, we will have the experience we need to have to dissipated the bound energy in the safest way possible.

We will find you can then work this process as much as we wish and each step we take we will be able to find that safe and secure space no matter how bizarre or strange the actions seem to be that we need to take.

In asking our intuitive guidance for information on the physical aspects of the safe and secure space, we may want to ask it if there the need for an individual or individuals to assist us in our process. Because of the nature of what we may need to experience, one or more individuals may be necessary to hold the space for us to have the experiences we need to have.

Finding the individuals for a safe and secure space
(Top): The second aspect of a safe and secure space is the individual or individuals that we will have present to assist us in manifesting our intention. Creation is not done alone. We will always need another or others in some way to give us the experience we desire to have.

What needs to be clearly understood by us and the individual is that they are there to support us in our efforts. They cannot be there to further the interest to direct our processes. They cannot be there to either direct our actions or channel our actions into their tradition or their way of thinking. They can hold us accountable to our intuitive guidance. They can hold us accountable to our intention. They can hold us accountable as to why we asked them to participate in our journey and/or we were lead to them.

They cannot be there to do their “thing” unless their thing is to support our efforts entirely. This latter statement is the difference between the follow two types of actions. One act is to go to some type of healer or teacher asking their advice and then we do what we have to do, where we have to do it, as lead by our body wisdom and intuitive guidance. The second action is to go to this same healer or teacher and then we blindly follow exactly what they say without considering what we may need to do as directed by our intuition. In each case we may pay for the time and services they provided to us but there is a great difference in what they do for us and how we choose to implement what they do or tell us to do.

To work with another individual, we will need to set a clear intention for what we intend this individual to do for us before beginning to work with them. We should also ask our intuitive guidance if there are any reservations, fears or trust issues in working with them. Otherwise, these fears, reservations, and trust issues will surface as awkward times when we are in process and can be very disruptive to he process if not capable of terminating the process. It is very important to the process that we need to experience is to be authentic in all ways to allow the energy that flows within our being to freely flow. It must be allowed to freely flow where it needs to flow not being judging nor denied by our mind or any other.

It is important that we become clear on what role we want the individual to play and what they will do for us. In particular they need to be willing to support the intention that we pursue. They in turn would be wise to write up and set an intention specifically for the work or assistance they expect to do for us. We can then read and agree to their intention such that we are satisfied with the role that they would play. They would also have to read our intention and understand what we wish to manifest such that they could focus on that intention and hold us accountable to that intention.

In many ways we should be able to see and use this individual as the physical embodiment of our intention or as our intention being made manifest since they are in our life to manifest our intention. In many ways this other individual can become our simulated muse. That is, their appearance in our life and whenever they would be physical present in our life, is only a reflection of our intention being made manifest. The time they spend working with us is only time that we are tithing to our intention and making it manifest.

This individual would need to understand that they would be whatever we needed them to be to allow us to get control over all our creative powers and bring to our awareness any attachments that may be robbing us of our power. Within our free will, we will then have the choice to sever the attachments that come to our awareness or we may leave the attachments as they are. In acting this way, the other individual can become a reflector for the part of our nonconscious that needs to be awaken for us to become aware of where we are denying our wholeness and allowing ourselves to be robbed of our creative power and creative ability to be self determined at all levels of our being. They would only be the vehicle for that awareness to arise. They would do nothing to impede what we need to do and only recommend to us as to what they may feel we should do if we wish to reclaim our creative abilities and creative powers. We should always be free and be in the driver's set as to what we do with the awareness that surfaces.

As we regain and reassemble our wholeness and access our full powers, we will find we need the individual less and less to assist us and hold us accountable to manifesting the intention that we have set. If they don't work themselves out of a job, then they are not succes sful at what they were suppose to do. That is, to get us fully empowered to determine the reality we wish to experience at every level of our being. What we wish to create and do with that power when we have it, is up to us. The role of this other individual is only to get us self determined at every level of your being and with enough strength of will to create at any of those levels.

The rainmaker, dream midwife and dream nanny (Top)

The rainmaker, a dream midwife and dream nanny are individuals ideally suited to create the space for our creative endeavors.

The concept of the rainmaker comes from a story told to Jung by Richard Wilhelm. It refers to an individual who is capable of aligning themselves with Creation as it is and in doing so, create a space around themselves which allows whatever is in that space to also align with Creation as it is. The dream midwife and nanny are rainmakers that nurture what grows after the rains come.

We cannot give what we do not have. One can only take another as deep as they themselves have gone. To create the space for the dream within the heart of another to germinate, grow and unfold, one must have accessed be living their dream.

The rainmaker, a dream midwife and nanny are individuals who have accessed and live their own truth. In being their truth, they can give to another freely and unconditionally, without obligation or duty, whatever is required with no expectations in return. Without placing expectation on the individual in any way, the individual’s creative spirit is free to unfold true to its nature at each and every level of their being. The rainmaker, dream midwife and dream nanny are shapeshifters in the they will shift their shape, their identity, their form, and what they need to become so as to create a safe and secure space for the creative spirit within another to freely come out and unfold in the world.

The rainmaker creates the fertile space for what is in the heart of another to germinate, take root and grow. They create a safe and secure space for the individual to process the pain, fear and whatever else has keep their creative spirit bound and unable to be free to express itself.

The dream midwife, assist in birthing that dream to take a form in the world. They do what is necessary to bring that dream into the world.

The dream nanny helps to ensure a safe and secure space until the dream was strong enough to “stand on its own two feet” and go into the world.

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