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Synthesizing our understanding it about forming a coherent and integrated perspective of ourselves, creation and others who inhabit the world we experience. It is to not have fragmented and/or compartmented understanding such that we live our life with one view for work, another view with our family, another with our private life and another with what we call our spiritual or nonphysical side.

If we enthusiastically embraces our experiences and searches for understanding, modifying and evolving our truth neither denying the truth within our being nor the truth of the external world but merge the understanding into a wholeness and integration a synthesis will occur. This synthesis is the world of prophets, mystics and shamans and what will happen to each of us if we allow it.

Many authors and individuals who start unique self help type workshops or educational programs have achieved a synthesis within their being of how they perceive we create reality. They could not create what they did if some level of synthesis was not present. That synthesis is the basis of their work. More often than not, the creative work itself is the synthesis and the creation is only the vehicle of its expression. It is the way our consciousness is communicating who and what it is. Yet few realize our view is only our view and our reality. It is not the common truth no matter how much commonality it contains. The common truth of reality is all of our creation and much, much more.

Mind at each and every level will always find a model that fits what we ask it to fit. Remember we are a being of unlimited creativity. We will created whatever we desire. Whenever we are in our unfoldment, mind will give us a synthesized understanding of what it has come to understand if asked. We can then chose to stop and believe that the synthesis is true and is the way the universe works or we can move past our synthesis expanding our understanding of who and what we are.

Most stop, few continue past our synthesized understanding because the ego is often so impressed with the way our mind has integrated all that is has experiences. And it needs to be added, ego is justified being impressed at what it see. Our synthesized understandings of reality are quite creative and impressive. But we cannot get trapped in them. We must be willing to move past whatever synthesis our mind gives us.

The same can be said about the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding. It is something to understand. But we need to transcend what is here and look beyond what is here ever expanding our awareness into the infinity of our being. What is provided in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material are building blocks or stepping stones to create such creative understandings.

In any case, the wholeness we experiences from the synthesized understanding our mind can provide to us only exist to the depth in which we are willing to explore the oneness of Creation and our own wholeness. Most eventually stop never continuing to move past the world and reality they have created. As a result, it is Creation Itself that moves us forward by the constant change It brings change upon us. From within this understanding we can see death as a great gift. Without death, we would become very fixed in our ways. Death frees us from some of our own bad habits and less that expansive creations. Of course there are some remnants that we carry over with us. We truly love our attachments.

To come to know what we understand about ourselves and Creation we will have to isolate ourselves in some way to find it. But we cannot isolate ourselves and think we will find a synthesized understanding for our mind will be in control. If we set the intention and hold the intention to synthesize what we know, the universe will accommodate our request. We will be lead to a series of experiences where we will some how be removed from our normal world to synthesize what we know. It could be an illness. It could be a journey. It could be a career set back and loss of our normal livelihood. Some thing will happen to give us the space we need when we are ready. In the mean time we have to prepare. We do so by searching however we think we have to search. We only have to be ready to surrender to the process when the universe exerts itself and calls us for it will not call us in a way our mind can anticipate.

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