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Creativity the language of consciousness/Consciousness
The need for communicate
The language of creativity
Symbols and the language of creativity
An inherent desire to share
Communication to show another that we exist
The inner world is reflected in the outer
Communication between the conscious and nonconscious mind
Overall summary

The need for communicate (Top)

Consciousness at any level and at all levels, looks for a way to communicate itself —to make itself known. The Creation we see before us (i.e., the universe at a minimum) is only Consciousness itself [the total spectrum of Consciousness] trying to communicate to us who and what it is. More importantly, the Universe also represents Consciousness trying to communicate itself to Itself just who and what it is. We, the observers of Creation, a part of Consciousness. But we need to see ourselves as separate from Creation to experience Creation. Yet we are each defining ourselves and sharing ourselves in the same way Consciousness is doing. We become trapped in our own creation by believing we are who we have defined ourselves to be rather than defining ourselves as the creators that we are. We would have no need for language.

Language is about communications. Language at its most fundamental level is the expression and communicating of emotions or ideas between humans by means of speech and hearing. The sounds which are spoken or heard are then systematized and characterized by a given group of people over a period of time. At a less fundamental level, a language can be any forms of communication. For example, there is sign language where the hands are used to communicate and there is body language. As an individual, language is about communicating who and what we are and what we think and believe and what we feel. If we have nothing to say or to share, we don’t really have anything to communicate so we have no need for a way to communicate. The story of “Moses and the Dancing Light” is a way to see how consciousness communicates through its creativity and how any one communication is inadequate to address all that can be said and/or understood.

The question is how does consciousness communicate? How does a consciousness communicate who and what it is and what it feels? The answer is that no matter how consciousness chooses to communicate, it is communicating through its creativity. That is, consciousness needs to create something to communicate who and what it is. But, whatever consciousness does choose with which to communicate, in actually it is only communicating a small portion of what it can communicate.

From a creativity perspective, Creation is infinitely vast. There are an infinite number of aspects to Creation there are an infinite number of ways to view any one aspect of Creation. Given the infinite number of choices consciousness has in any one moment. Whatever consciousness presents is a communication from consciousness as to what conscious desires to express. In this regard, creativity is the language which consciousness uses to express itself and who and what it is. Hence, creativity is the language consciousness uses to communicate. Whatever consciousness creates tells us something about that consciousness. It is through what we create within our mind and in our external world, the life we live, that we can being to understand what our consciousness is revealing about itself and who and what it thinks it is both to us and to others.

Creativity can be seen as the language of consciousness in three different but ultimate related ways. The first is to show another that we exist. The second is that our inner world, the world of consciousness, is reflected in our outer world, the world of energy. The third is that the what we are drawn to experience in dreams, visions, intuitive insights and the like are representative of an inner communication between our subconscious and unconscious mind with our conscious mind. As a language, there symbols and expression of symbols which need to be learned and understood if accurate communication is to occur.

The language of creativity (Top)

There is an old saying, “Listen to what an individual says, but see what they do.” An individual’s action is a communication as much as if not more than anything they say. Additionally, an individual’s action is more in line with what an individual is really thinking and feeling. Even if someone say, “I am only acting because I have to act to please so and so,” they believe, for whatever reason, and maybe justifiably so, that they have to act the way they do as oppose to any other way of acting. They may say that they think differently, and they may respond differently if they were not constrained. Nevertheless, the fact they respond the way that do means they have other beliefs that are much stronger, for whatever reasons, than what they say they think and say. In any case, what an individual does is a communication of what they think and believe. But it is only part of what they think and believe. Our actions do got give the total picture of what is going in our mind and within our being.

What this mean is that for any consciousness all of what they create paints a picture of who and what they are. Any one thing, any one creation, will not give the complete picture of the creator. There are things that consciousness thinks and believes that are not expressed in any one creative action or endeavor. But, over time, the composite will give some idea of what the individual really thinks and believes. However, we must also overlay the environment in which the creation is unfolding for the environment and the creation are integrally linked. Any one environment may or may not be able to support the true and/or complete expression of who and what a particular consciousness thinks and believes about what they are creating. If one is able to observe what a consciousness creates in many different environments with a cross section of situations, we can being to get an accurate characterization of any areas of interest.

Symbols and the language of creativity (Top)

What is important to understand about any creative act or endeavor is that it is not, will not, and cannot be the complete expression of what consciousness desires to communicate. Whatever is created or communicated is only a symbol or representation of something larger and only the best way consciousness has to express what it desires to communicate. Any communication takes what consciousness is experiencing and puts it into a defined form which is only a part of the whole. The reason for this is the wave particle nature of energy.

What consciousness experiences is a flow of energy. Without a flow of energy, there is nothing to experience. This flow of energy is wavelike in its nature. It may have a defined expression but it still retains its non-localized aspects which permeate all of creation. As such, anything consciousness desire to express is only an experience of energy and the energy it experiences is infinite in its nature. To characterize that energy by a given form is only a symbol or representation of something much larger. Here again, the “Moses and the Dancing Light” story is a good example of this. Hence, to look at and/or ponder what gives rise to any creative expression of consciousness provides some very deep insights about what that consciousness thinks and believes and how they are interpreting the experience of Creation.

This is the whole basis of metatheater for surfacing subconscious and unconscious beliefs. We respond to the truth of what is in any experience of, or in Creation, based on what we think and believe. We believe we experience Creation when in reality we are only experiences what we think and believe about Creation and the energy we experience. Hence, the statement, mind is an illusion for how it perceives reality is not real but filtered and biased by what it believes. If we create a theatrics, an illusionary experience of creation that does not reflect the truth of what is and we don’t know it is a staged theatrics, we will response to what is created based on what we think and believe. In that response, we can see the truth of mind. By varying the theatrics, we can surface whatever aspect we wish to explore.

Probably the most interesting thing encountered on the journey into creativity is the metaphoric aspects of the events in our life. If the events on the journey were taken a face value the creative process, the power of clarity of intention, the roles of the masculine and feminine, and the dance between the inner world and outer world and how they reflect each other would never have been seen for what they are. The author had to become a detached witness. He had to continually look at what lied behind the events he or others experienced and at the process which was unfolding. He had to continually step out of mind and past the illusion his mind was creating relative to what he was experiencing.

All the information the author had found about energy, Creation, the illusion of mind and the like, whether the observations were made in the scientific world or the spiritual and mystical world, didn’t really bring this point home about the symbolic nature of any creation. It was not until he started to study psychics to see if he could understand what they were seeing and experiencing did he learn to ask the question, “Now, given the psychic’s experience, what are they perceiving that would cause them to make such interpretations or statements?” As he learned to explore this question, he began to see the filters and illusion of mind. He also began to see why people, including himself, did not use nor understand their own intuitive guidance and why is was so often dismissed. As he began to focus on the energy rather than the characterization of the energy, he began to see beyond the shallow layers of Creation we experience into the deeper undercurrents which gives rise to Creation.

The most important understanding that was gained and can be offered anyone attempting to access and release their unlimited creativity is to take the perspective of the detached witness and look to everything they experiences as only symbolic an a metaphor as something deeper the consciousness which created the experience is desiring to communicate. It is to understand that creativity is the language of consciousness. Whatever we create is a communication to both ourselves and to others. Whatever we experience as created by another is a communication to us and a communication of the creator to itself. The questions is, “What is it that we or they really trying to communicate and to whom - do they want our attention or their own attention?”

An inherent desire to share (Top)

There is no need for a language unless there is something to communicate. Consciousness has an inherent desire to share. Consciousness at any level and at all levels, if aware and awake consciously looks for a way to communicate itself to make itself known. If it not awake, it simply responds to what it feels and look for a warm fuzzy place to reside where it can be content and comfortable. As presented in “The Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective,” it was a deep and profound loneliness and a desire to share which fueled and sustains Creation. That desire to share rather than be in loneliness is inherent to all aspects of consciousness throughout Creation. Creation is only the way Consciousness seeks to communicate what it feels and perceives.

The Creation we see before us, all of it including the seen and unseen, is only Consciousness trying to communicate to us who and what it is. The question is, “Is this consciousness which created Physical Creation as we know it and experience it, the Consciousness that permeates all of Creation and All That Is or is it just one of the infinite number of individuated points of consciousness expressing itself which created a physical realm in which to communicate who and what it is?”

Some feel they have the answer to this question. However, for reasons that are discussed a variety of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity topics such as “The Problem of Mind and the Experience of the Source of Creation - the Trap of Mind,” we really don’t know for sure. We may have our ideas and beliefs, and of course our opinion and our personal experiences, but we really can’t know. As long as we use the mind which arises from our individuated consciousness and the experiences of our current life we will never know for we are in the creative process and a creation unfolding within a larger Creation. Of course, we are free to believe anything we wish on this point. We each will have to do our own experiments to see what is really true for us.

We, the observers of Creation, are an individualized consciousness and part of the Consciousness which gave rise to Creation. This is discussed in the “Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective.” We are each defining ourselves and sharing ourselves in the same way Consciousness is doing in hope of finding a playmate. But, rather than seeing Creation for what it is, we become trapped in our own creation by believing we are who we have defined ourselves to be rather than defining ourselves as a creator that is sharing ourselves through our creations in Creation.

As humans, we learn a way to communicate with the external world and with those around us as we grow into life. We copy what we see as given to us by our early care givers and teachers in life. We get into a habit of communicating a certain way and then assume our way of communicating is effective and the only way we can communicate. Some of us do learn other verbal languages and learn more than one culture and express a variety of artistic talents. But, in essence, the way we communicate in any human culture is essentially the same. As humans we get into a habit of communicating a certain way and then assume it is, or they are, the only ways we can communicate. We fail to realize there may be other ways. We fail to realize there may be other ways to communicate and we can have communication with others who are not human. Some of these other ways could be as effective if not more effective than what we currently use.

For example, suppose we have our current awareness and level of knowledge but we are a tree. How would we communicate to a human if we were a tree? What would we need to do? What would we need to create? How would we communicate it? It would seem we would first have to let the human know we can communicate. We would have to figure out a way we could get their attention. Then we would have to create a way to communicate what we desired to create once we had their attention. Often the way we get someone’s attention is not the way we can communicate with them. To find a way to get their attention and to communicate would requires us to enter the unknown to create something not previously experienced or significantly different from the past. What would be important is not so much what we create to communicate. Rather it is that we create and it is our creativity that is actually doing the communication.

Here is an import realization. What is being communicated is not as important as what lies behind the communication and what is giving rise to the communication. Until the proper vehicle for communication is created, all communications will be in error. What is actually communicated will be incorrect in some what. However if we look behind what is being communicated to see what would give rise to the communication we experience, we can being to see consciousness at work. We can being to see what is communicated is only a metaphor or analogy for something much deeper and that cannot be given justice unless new tools of communication are created. But to see the metaphor of what is communicated and see into or behind the metaphor, we need to step out of our personal wants and desires and work with the energy as it is. We have to remove our judgements, opinions and beliefs about what we are seeing. That is, we need to become very open and discerning to what we feel. We have to be open to feelings to see the energy giving rise to the creation. To stay in our ego and work to manifest whatever we desire and/or what we think and believe about what we experience we will not be in communications. We need to work to have to learn to work with what we feel and become aware of the communication that occurs in simply feeling what is present.

It needs to be realized that the information we transfer can be through writing, speaking, sign and body language and, the not so obvious methods such as by the electromagnetic radiation and energy we emit and how we emit it. The questions is, “Is what is perceived noise or a pattern of communication or wishful thinking and a creation of our creation imagination on our part?” As we become discerning in what we feel, we can know the difference.

Communication to show another that we exist (Top)

Creativity is the language we use to show another who and what we are and what we think and believe. We need to do something to create a movement which causes some type of kind of discontinuity from what is currently to be observed by another. Without any discontinuity and/or movement on our part, how does another know we exist? To create a discontinuity and/or movement that does not currently exist is to create. Hence what we create, our creativity, becomes a communication to another as to who and what we are.

Consider for example a large body of water like a lake or an ocean. Everything looks the same until there is some type and kind of discontinuity. A piece of ice, a piece of wood, a lief on the water or anything give us someone on which to focus and single out. Imagine for a moment you are a part of this ocean. If there is not some way to distinguish you from all the water that surrounds you, nobody will know you are there. Part of everything we or any other creates is to say, “Hey, look at me, I am here - see what I can do - I am identifiable, different, and separate from everything else you see?”

The inner world is reflected in the outer (Top)

To know what our consciousness currently thinks, believes and perceives, whether it be consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously, we only need to look that world we experience. To know what another consciousness currently thinks, believes and perceives, we only need to look at the world their consciousness creates or they are experiencing. Using the equivalence of energy and consciousness, there is a way through the pair production phenomenon and a corresponding paper cutout analogy to understand how our inner world is reflected in the outer and the outer is reflected in the inner.

Here again, what is created does not necessarily accurately reflect what consciousness is trying to communicate. It is only the best that mind can express based on its past experiences and current conditions of the environment. As such we need to learn to interpret the communication. For example, all healing ultimately comes from within the individual. Those external can help create the conditions to heal but it is our own creative spirit which does the healing.

In the end, any healing which occurs is ultimately done the way our creative spirit wants to do it and/or experienced. More importantly, it may not want to heal for one reason or another. The question is, “What is it that our creative spirit really wants to experience and express and what is the quickest and gentlest way to create something which serves what our creative spirit desires to experience?” This is the is the stuff of miracles. Mind finds a way that allows for it to create what it desires to experience based on what it truly believes.

For example, many have trauma early in life. Some individuals seemed unaffected by it. Others suffer all their life. Some find healing in soul retrieval to work where the individual believes in the shaman at some level of their being and choose to have the shaman be that outward representation of what is happening within. Yet for others, such techniques do not work. They find healing through a psychologist or psychoanalyst works. Still other find it through a belief in God or other spiritual teaching. We each are different. We incarnated to have certain types and kinds of physical experiences which we call human experiences. The question is, “What type and kind of experience do we really believe we need to experience for that is what is going to be reflected externally?”

Communication between the conscious and nonconscious mind (Top)

The third type of communication of consciousness is the communication that occurs between the nonconscious mind (subconscious and unconscious mind) and the conscious mind. In many way the world we experience is already the composite of our conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind present itself to the conscious mind. However, we also experience such things as dreams, visions, intuitive insights, spirit guides and the like, These are representative of a type of inner communication between our nonconscious mind with our conscious mind that can be quite different than the experiences we have externally.

If we learn the symbolism of this inner language, we find there is a wealth of information that can be accessed through our subconscious and unconscious mind. In many ways it is another form of intuitive guidance but slightly different. The main different between intuitive guidance and this inner language is the way the material is presented.

Intuitive guidance is what we feel and experience presented in the best way mind can present normally based on the past experiences of the enculturated mind. As discussed in the topics “Intuitive Guidance” there will be an inaccuracy in what is presented until we obtain the necessary minimum set of requisite experience to understand what is being sensed.

This inner language is different. It is what gives rise to dreams and visions, especially nocturnal dreams with carry information for our life. Here mind chooses a symbolism and tells a story or presents an understanding of a situation based on, and within, that symbolism. The story it tells is accurate if we understand the symbolism mind is using. An example of this is the nocturnal dream of the author discussed and presented in the topic “Dream Mediation Vision on Sexuality.” The dream, is very rich in symbolism and truth. However, unless we have the key to the symbolism which is unique to the individual, the dream does not make as much sense as it can, if it is seen to make any sense.

Each of our nonconscious minds has a symbolism that it uses to communicate. It is based on our past experience but is capable of using both the enculturate and transcendent mind. If we desire to access, explore and release our unlimited creativity it is recommended this inner language be studied and understood. How to learn and use this language is simply a matter of becoming aware of its existence and experimenting with it in our lives. It is a language unique between our conscious and nonconscious minds. Others may guide us and offer their advise but it is something each of must explore and study in our own way. Learning this inner language opens the doorway to what is seen by the outer world as shamanism and/or mysticism. However, it is only really accessing the depth of our own inherent creative power and ability to communicate with the unseen part of ourselves and Creation.

Overall summary (Top)

The language of Consciousness, the language of that Creator is creativity. Creativity is really the only tool that Consciousness has to express itself and to define who and what it is; however, it gets trapped it its own Creation--just like us--for as you will ultimately come to see, It is us. Rather that using our creativity to express who and what we are we believe we are our creation and become trapped in a cage of our own making. it is the creation.

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