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The essential masculine creative aspect of the creative/creation process was described in the topic, “The masculine and feminine aspect of creation” and is provided here. Additional comments and thoughts on the masculine follow.

The masculine aspect of the creative process is any thrusting by consciousness to create, to mold reality into a new form. The masculine act is to cause energy to localized into a given form. As perceived from the human perspective, the masculine thrust into separation occurs is experienced in an orgasmic fashion, explosive or, at least rather quickly.

The thrusting by the masculine to create what it desires creates a separation from what is. The desire that is held creates a tension. The separation creates a tension between the masculine and feminine that fuels or energizes the creation. It is a tension for that energy which has been thrust out to return to the wholeness. That separation is then followed by a feminine flow of energy back into wholeness.

What gives rise to the masculine thrusting out actually occurs behind the seen in the unseen is a process unto itself. All we see is the birth and separation. We see the creation in form. The energy flowing back into wholeness is what animates the creation we experience. As such we only consciously experience one half of the creation process.

It is the joining with the feminine that the energy which fueled the separation releases and flows back into wholeness. The essential masculine act is to establish the connection with the feminine for the energy of creation to dissipate or dissolve the form to flow out of separation and back into wholeness. The energy flows back into wholeness according to the path of least resistance in the environment in which it finds itself. The masculine must hold that connection with the feminine to keep the energy flowing until the creation is finished otherwise the energy will be directed into a separation. The creation/Creation we experience is the flow back into wholeness.

The raw material for creation/Creation is desire and desire for creation must come from somewhere. Consciousness is what desires and desire arises from the depth of creation as discussed in “The Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective.”

The masculine aspect of the creative process is any thrusting by consciousness to create, to mold reality into a new form. The masculine is characterized by action. To act, to do, to make happen is masculine. From a consciousness perspective masculinity has nothing to do with a male or female body other than the reproductive organs themselves for the way they physically function when they perform. The masculine and masculinity is about a way of being and making something happen.

It is the masculine that gives rise to desire, sets the blueprint for the creation which it desires to experience and thrusts outward to create it. It is for this reason mind is seen as masculine. The masculine is what gives rise to desire. We see our desires coming from the mind. Hence, the masculine is represented by mind and what the mind thinks. The masculine tends to be mental and seeks to control and make happen the way it wants creation to happen. However, there are desires embedded in the feelings we have whether or not a mind is present to be aware of desire. For example there is desire embedded in hunger. We can feel hunger and the desire it creates as a very young child before we are consciously aware we are hungry. In this regard, the masculine creative aspect is not always found in the mind. Similar there is desire in sexuality often beyond what mind can comprehend.

Energy consciousness is neither masculine or feminine. We cause it to assume a masculine characteristic when we choose to act. The masculine is the choice to hold a thought, and allow it to be the focus of one conscious or subconscious attention and awareness, or the choice to act on a thought. The masculine is responsible for Creation.

The role of the masculine is to thrust the creation into the manifestation. It is to become excited and to find the space to make it safe for the feminine nurture the desired creation. Making it safe for the feminine to nurture the creation is part of creating the blueprint for the creation. The feminine is what excites the masculine and calls forth the masculine. The masculine is to impregnate the feminine or cause a creation to form or come into existence. It does so by getting the energy to flow into the seed condition created by the blueprint. Without the masculine to defend and protect the manifesting creation, the creation may be destroyed by the environment and what lies within the environment. The masculine must protect the connection the feminine creates to nourish her offspring. In doing so, it is seen and experienced as protecting the space of creation.

From a purely energetic view, the masculine is the action or thrust which causes the energy to flow in that it is what creates the separation and creates the tension which generates the energy of creation. The masculine act is to create and connect the two poles of the battery terminal. How the battery and connection are made determines what flows. In this regard this returns us to how the masculine establishes the blueprint for the creation. It is by how the energy connection is made. Any creation depends on the energy which nurtures the growth and unfoldment of the creation. Without that connection and an adequate flow of energy, the creation will not survive.

One aspect of the masculine creative aspect that is often missed in the human experience is the fact the masculine is what creates the blueprint for the creation. Humanity is aware of the male domination of the female and how many social structure have a male dominance. But what is not understand is that it is the masculine aspect, whether exercised in a male or female, is what creates the blueprint. The blueprint lies in what is desired, how it is desired and how one seeks to get it and actually goes about getting it.

The masculine initiates the creation and trusts out to get it. In human sexuality, although it may appear a male is initiating a sexual union, often it is the female who is functioning in the masculine role and sets the blueprint for the creation. As discussed below, the feminine excites the masculine into action. However, more often than not, the male and female both have their desires for sexual union which compete with each other and get rolled into the flow of energy which is created from the union.

The idea of the female acting in the masculine capacity to create a sexual union goes much father and deeper than human sexuality. It needs to be realized each aspect of creation can be a consciousness unto itself. As such, it can separate itself into a masculine and feminine aspect. This means that the feminine aspect or masculine aspect in any creative process can also become an inner masculine and inner feminine. The exchange between the inner masculine and inner feminine can cause the outer masculine to assume a feminine role and the outer feminine to assume a masculine role.

The masculine chooses what we believe and don’t believe. If we use the pool analogy of creation it is that choice of consciousness to thrust into the void of creation, that calm pool of water, to cause a disturbance to ripple out into a new form and a new manifestation. Any belief we choose to hold causes a ripple or disturbance in the fabric of creation. Any act by consciousness whether it be to become desire less and calm the waters of creation to find a calm centeredness like in the Eastern meditation techniques or to disturb that calm pool to create a new creation, a new set of ripples to be experienced, is the masculine act. Only in surrender to the energy within one’s being does one step out of mind without causing additional ripples to occur in Creation.

Experienced as a human being consciousness and the masculine creative aspect is expressed through the mind. Any action that is dominated by the “I” and what “I” wants and/or “I” thinks is important and thinks success to be is a masculine thrust. It is about the ego thrusting out into the world and making a mark in the world. It was about making a mark in the way mind thinks a mark needs to be made.

Mind functions to switch and channel the flow of our creative life energy into the creation we desire to experience. It is to identify with the identity that mind has created for itself as to who and what it thinks it is. Being in mind and the consciousness aspect of Creation is the masculine way of being for mind thrusts what it thinks into the flow of energy to change the flow of energy causing the Creation to change. It is here, when we are in mind, we become a co-creator of Creation. That is we take the existing flow and channel it the way we wish it to be.

The masculine is energized or catalyzed into action when it is loved, accepted and embraced for who and what it is, as it is, without the need to change, by the feminine aspect of being. The feminine is what calls forth the masculine to act. In this regard, the nurturing feminine creative energy can excite and pull out of the masculine things that it does not know lies inside itself.

When contemplating the masculine aspect of being, it must be remember that there is a balance in Creation. Creation is an ebb and flow but it can be experienced as an oscillation around a centeredness that can be experienced as a calmness. To access one’s creative potential one must return to the source/Source of their being, back to that place where all form is annihilated and only unbounded free energy exists. It is the center point in any creative oscillation. When view from the center point, creation/Creation is a dance. It is a dance between the masculine and the feminine. For the masculine, this requires that it must transforms itself into the feminine. It must learn to relinquish control and surrender and hold the space and provide the nourishment for the feminine aspect of its being, or the energy aspect of one’s being, to manifest the freedom to flow into the form it desires.

As experienced from the perception of a human being, to be totally at one with the formless source/Source, the surrender of the masculine must occur at every level of one’s being. Yet, we are multidimensional being. There will always be a part of us going into out of the formless source/Source. But we are the source/Source only expressed differently than formlessness.

The required surrender of the masculine gives rise to the dance between the masculine and the feminine aspects of being. This dance is independent of the sex of the individual. It depends on what aspect of the individuals’s being that needs to be transformed and not whether that masculine aspect is in a male physical body or a female physical body. Yet this dance does not end. It will continue to occur and be required for as long as Creation exists.

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