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Our heart, our internal compass, and passion for our life

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Within each of us, there is what can best be described as a passion for life and for living and it is traditionally associated with the heart. It can be called our creative passion for it is a passion for our life, a passion for life, a passion for living and for what we desire to create with our life. Our creative passion is lead by our body wisdom, our intuitive guidance and the flow of energy that sustains us. It is the play of our creative spirit. It is not something accessible through our mind but by and through what we feel.

In talking about our creative passion, it needs to be understood our creative spirit, our creative passion and are creative play are all integrally linked. In essence each is a different facet of the same crystal. Exactly what that means for each of us is different for we each are a unique creation.

When we are aligned with this passion, nothing will stop us and no matter what is happening external to our being. In alignment, we will always have an internal sense of well being, inner satisfaction, a fulness of being and bliss that never runs dry. We can descend into the depths of what some people would call hell. We will never feel lost or not at home if we are allowing this passion to be the guide for our life. It will take us only where we need to go and to what we need to experience. Whatever is happening we will know it is okay for it is what needs to be.

This passion is our access to the source/Source of life/Life itself. It and is the physical manifestation of our connection with the eternal. When we are aligned with it, we are in the flow of our creative life energy that sustains us allowing it to lead our actions. The feeling of this creative passion within our being can act as an internal compass that will allow us to both live a very fulfilling and satisfying life, a life worth living, and simultaneously fulfill the intention that brought us into incarnation.

When we are very young, we are drawn to this feeling within the heart without thinking. It is what lies at the essence of the innocence of child like play. Christ is reported to have said that we cannot enter the Kingdom of God unless we become like little children. There is no doubt that this feeling as our internal compass was that to which He referred. When we are in this feeling we are in the innocence of a child and we literally and figurative become the fool as traditionally represented in walking off a cliff because we are so enamored in the wonderment and “ah” of life. This is the state of being that we each much return if we are going to access and release our unlimited creativity. But as discussed in the topic “Loss of Creative Play,” we learn and become conditioned very early in life not to follow what is in our hearts but to please our care givers and authorities. We each, in our own way, need to rediscover that innocence of childhood and the innocence of child like play.

Although we many have lost this creative passion as a child long before we become consciously aware of ourselves and as a result have no conscious awareness of how we lost it, it is nevertheless recoverable. In looking at our life as we would in a life map and the story we tell, we will slowly become aware of what gives passion in our life and gives us a sense of fulfillment, enjoyment and an internal satisfaction that never runs dry or evaporates.

There needs to be a realization within each of us that as we move towards our passion of life, that passion that makes life worth living and that passion never dies but becomes stronger. If we pursue what is perceived as our passion and we fail to find fulfillment or there is a hollowness in what we are doing or have obtained, then most probably we have been running on a mental programming that we developed as a child in response to a care giver or authority as opposed to the passion for our life. What we may find is that we will need to have several seemingly “false” starts. as we “burn” off our mental programming of our current life as to how we think we should live. In doing so we move towards the reason for our incarnation and what give us true passion for life and for living.

By making all your choices in life in the direction of what gives an inner satisfaction as much as possible, slowly over time we will find ourselves doing more and more what gives us passion. Eventually we will come to a point that we will be running on an internal compass of bliss that never runs dry no matter what is happening in the external world. It may take us some time to get there, but all we needs to do is constantly look to make each decision in life as close a possible in the direction of what give us a deep feeling of satisfaction inside our being.

Each of us will ultimately have to decide as to how we are going to live life. We will have to establish if we are going to live playfully, whether in play of what is symbolized in the heart or the play of the mind, or if life is something for which we need to ”make” a living. If we choose to move toward living the play of what is symbolized in the heart, we will almost certainly be faced with playing spontaneously . That will cause the pain of the past to surface. Here again we have a choice. “Do we live with the pain and process it to dissipate the energy the memory holds or do we continue to live life numbing and avoiding the pain we feel risking an addiction?”

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