Harnessing the ego


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Harnessing the ego is to realize the ego is only an identity we give to ourselves based on the experience we have had. It is to learn to become the phoenix when necessary and transform itself to meet our creative needs.

Although we may not realize it, we are a creative living process and each experience we have changes us in some way. Although our mind and ego appear fixed they are continually being changed. Either we are reinforcing the ego we have and who and what we think and believe or we are evolving our ego and what we think and believes into something new and different. In this awareness, it is to know we can change our ego by choice and/or changing our experiences. A “not doing” practice is an effective way of changing our experience and the ego it has created The challenge is to evolve our ego in to something which serves and helps us to achieve what we desire to experience in life.

Harnessing the ego is to transform the ego and recreate the ego in a way that it is ready and willing to transform itself to support our creative efforts. In particular it is to create an ego identity which holds our creativity sacred and/or shifts its shape to become what it needs to become to support our creative endeavors including creating the space to create a safe and secure space for another.

The major issue of the ego is the ego is afraid to die, yet, in realize it is always changing. When the ego realized it can change at will, it is effectively harnessed for there is usually little difficulty in transforming it at will to support what is needed.

To get past the ego’s fear of death, it is necessary to come to understand fears tend to be of the feeling and memories we have from the past. Fears centers on the belief structure where what we believe causes us to think our ego we will be hurt or harmed. Yet our ego is only a creation of the experiences we have had. Our ego will never go away but only transform by how we perceive our experiences into something expansive or something confining. The easiest and fastest ways it has been found to get the mind and ego to understand this is some type and kind of “not doing” exercises and to look to do what gives passion and enthusiasm for life and living with a resulting fullness of being.

If we find our ego still exerts a tremendous control after experiencing numerous “not doing” exercises and/or the activities which give a passion and enthusiasm for life and a fullness of being the recommendation is to seek to create something which the mind thinks is impossible to create and serves the common good. Such a creative endeavor will force one to move past the limits and barriers of their mind and routinely require the ego to become different.

In pursuing such an "impossible" task, one of three things will probably happen. One is the mind simply comes to the conclusion such a task is foolish and it will retreat to what it thinks and believes and preserves the ego as it is. The second is that mind and the ego will come to realize it is malleable and can be changed at will. All that confines the mind and ego are the limits and barriers we impose on ourselves by what we think and believe. The third thing which can occur is that we may create the seemingly impossible. Or, if we don’t create the impossible, we will find a rich fertile ground of ideas and concepts that transform the world from which we started and find a freedom of imaginable belief.

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