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Fullness of being, fullness of life and a state of wonderment and "ah"

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Fullness of being, fullness of life, a state of wonderment and “Ah”
Variety of descriptions for the experience
Fullness of being
Fullness of life
A desire to engage and share life
An inner satisfaction
A state of wonderment and “Ah”

Experiencing the fullness of being

When we align with the flow of our creative life energy and act in alignment with the truth of our being there a particular type and kind of experience which we have. This feeling can also be experience in the Ultimate Accident when one accesses the Source of Creation. Exactly what we feel and how we describe it will be unique to each individual. However, there are some common characteristics. Often most of what we feel lies more in the subconscious and only an inner satisfaction with life and calmness is what remains consciousness.

Variety of descriptions for the experience (Top)

This experience has been characterized as a fullness of being, a fullness of life, a desire to engage and to share life, an inner satisfaction that never runs dry no matter what is happening in the external world or simply in a state of wonderment and “Ah”

Fullness of being
(Top): The fullness of being is a feeling of feeling of expansion or a feeling of becoming more expansive. That is, the awareness of ourselves and/or Creation expands with little or no effort. The experiences is where we feel a passion or we are so full of enthusiasm, energy and/or awareness that we think we could explode. It gives us a feeling that everything inside of us wants to burst forth, to come out like a flower blossoming, or an orgasm about to happen. It has been described as if we are balloons being blow up getting ready to explode. Some actually become frightened by this feeling in that the could burst there are becoming so full. Many can call such an experience a peak experience in their life

This feeling is such that it feels so wonderful it is almost as though we could sit for eternity in this feeling. The emphasis here is that it is a feeling which we want to be in the experience and just be with the experience as opposed to doing anything with it. Often we desire that we never want this experience to end. It can arise in anything we do whether it be with a person, a place, a thing, a sensation, an experience of some type, or a discovery. It doesn't matter what is being done. It is part of the free unfoldment of our creative spirit in the unfoldment of creation.

It needs to be remembered that we are infinite creative being. When we act true to who and what we our and our creative life energy is free to unfold we expand into the infinite of our being. We can feel ourselves growing and expanding. This feeling in particular can tell us what serves and doesn’t serve our creative spirit. When we are being serve by what we are experiencing no matter what the experience is, we feel this fullness of being to one degree or another. We feel freedom and the freedom to flow and unfold we feel an expansion. When we are not being served, we will fill a restriction of some type, a collapse or contraction. We will feel we are being asked, forced or influenced to become less that who and what we are.

Fullness of life
(Top): The fullness of life is feeling fully alive and alive with life. We are totally enthused within our whole being with a passion and enthusiasm for life. The feeling causes us to embrace life and it pulls us into life to experience more of life. It causes us to engage life for we know that life is good and worth living. It pulls us to create a life worth living.

This feeling of enthusiasm for life and for living makes us want to engage life more to either want to create more of the same type and kind of experience and/or to change our life because of the experiences we have had did not give us this kind of experience. Here the emphasis is on wanting to engage life and move into life. Fullness of being is more about not having any desire to move into life but rather to just sit in the experience. Here we are pulled into life.

A desire to engage and share life
(Top): It was said in the fullness of being, we are enthuses with a passion and enthusiasm for life and it causes us to engage life. But there is another aspect that is also present. It is the desire to share the fullness and abundance that one feels. That is, one is so full all they can do is share and give away what they have accessed. One has a feeling of such abundance and wonderment, all they can do is want to share what they find and create life in all ways with another person. This is not about what we would like to share. Rather it is about experiencing life in such a way where we are so overwhelmed that all we can do is share Another way to view this passion and enthusiasm is feeling that if we cannot do what gives rise to this passion or we are unable to feel this passion in our life, a part of us would die or atrophy in some way.

It is this overwhelming feeling of abundance and desire to share coupled with the profound loneliness of not having someone with whom to share is what fueled the creation of Creation. In the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective it was said the Creator had a desire to share life and longed for a playmate - someone with whom It could share Itself. This desire to engage life and share life is what we experience when we are in total alignment with who and what we are. The more we are unable to share what we find, the greater the loneliness we feel.

An inner satisfaction
(Top): When we are in total alignment with who and what we are there is an inner satisfaction that never runs dry no matter what is happening in the external world. There is a calmness and acceptance with things as they are. It is not about condoning what happens and not having the desire to create something different. Rather it is about an awareness that events are unfolding as they are because of what we ourselves create and if we do not like what we experience, we only need to choose to create something different. It is an awareness there are no mistakes in creativity and we our only teaching our own mind as to what works and doesn’t work to give us the experiences we desire for this time and this place.

It needs to be understood that what is described here is not about pleasurable experiences. We may find we have a level of pain and/or fear in the experience--like climbing the face of a mountain--but it nevertheless gives us a passion and a desire to live and/or engage life and be in the experience. For a woman, these types of feelings could be the simultaneous pain/pleasure associated with childbirth. For a man, they could be the simultaneous fear/thrill in the experience of combat or a fierce competition that gives rise to these feelings. Some may call these an experience an adrenalin rush. What matters is there is this inner satisfaction no matter what is happening externally and we feel fully alive and engaged in life.

A state of wonderment and “Ah”
(Top): When we are in full alignment with who and what we are and our creative life energy free to unfold creates a state of being that can only be described as wonderment and “Ah.” It is wonderment at how Creation works and the power we have to create what we do. It is to be in a state of mind and being overwhelmed such that all one can utter is “Ah.” In essence, one is out of mind but fully in the awareness which gives rise to mind. It is to face the infinity of Creation in the conscious awareness of our individuated consciousness. As such we are simply overwhelmed at what is experience for the individuated consciousness to fully comprehend all that is experienced.

Experiencing the fullness of being (Top)

Experiencing the fullness of being is possible for any experience we have in life and for every moment in life. It needs to be remembered, there is no time when we see the entire creative process which generates the flow of our creative life energy and allows for its free unfoldment. If we are aligned with the flow we will experience the fullness of being every moment If we allow ourselves to be centered in the flow at the source of the flow, allowing creation to unfold out from that flow, we will find an internal calmness and inner satisfaction that never run dry no matter what is happening the external world.

Additionally, if we allow our creative life energy to flow freely, the energy will dissipate as it flows back into the sea of “no-thing-ness” as the experience unfolds. In this dissipation we can experience the expansion of our being as the energy expands back into the non-localized energy of the Source of Creation. When this dissipation occurs there is a calmness within our being as deep, if not deeper, than obtainable in any meditative practice and, more importantly, it doesn’t matter what you are doing to experience the calmness. The only requirement is that what you are doing flows from the truth of who and what we are. We just need to freely flow with the energy.

Here again, there is no time at the source/Source where the flow of our creative life energy is generated. It is flowing into a physical experience every moment and dissipating into the sea of nothingness every moment. So it is possible to be in the deepest state of calmness every moment of our life. Simply by being aligned with the flow of our creative life energy in the fullness of being and allow it to flow freely within our being we will experience this calmness.

The feelings described here can be use to guide us through life. They will allow us to know what we should be doing with our life in any moment and what serves us. All we need to learn to do is to use them as an internal compass for whatever we desire to create, especially to fulfill the iintention for our life.

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