The creative spirit and the spirit of spirituality and religion

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From Our Creative Spirit Home page: Although the source of our creative power and ability is described as a spirit, in particular, a creative spirit, this material has no association, affiliation, or anything to do with any spiritual and/or religious tradition. This material is exclusively about your unseen and intangible creative power and creative ability. (More on .... the creative spirit and the spirit of spirituality/religious)

Although our creative power and creative ability is described on this web site as a creative spirit, it is not quite the same as the concept of spirit as used in spiritual and religious traditions. There are a large number of similarities and you can often use them interchangeable. However, there is one distinct difference. The creative spirit is not separate from the physical, nor does it seek or need to transcend the physical. Rather, it is intimately tied to the physical conditions we create and manifest every day in our life. It can alternatively be described as a flow of energy and, as such, animates all that we do. As an energy it lives in a wave-particle duality as any other form of energy. It is the physical while simultaneously existing and permeating all of both the seen and unseen realms of Creation. It is called a spirit for it does have an identity and personality unto itself separate from the ego identity that our awareness creates as a result of the experiences we have in our life.

The best description of this creative spirit is that is a quantum or packet of energy that has become aware of itself and has localized itself into physical mass in the form of the physical body we posses. As such, although localized in the mass we call our body, its wave properties extend and permeate all of Creation. By properly focusing our attention and awareness, we can access any part or aspect of Creation. It is this ability to focus our attention and awareness into any part or aspect of Creation that gives rise the such phenomenon as healing abilities, psychic abilities, remote viewing, knowing things about the past or future that we have no logical way of knowing and similar abilities such as the siddhis described in the Eastern mystical traditions. Yet, all of these abilities are inherent within our being and only a result of how we focus our attention and awareness.

In exploring the nature of creativity, The author was faced with many pieces of a seemingly larger puzzle. The author was aware of the need for passion and energy to create. He knew of the existence of the creative spirit shortly after he started a conscious exploration of creativity. He was aware of many facets of mind body medicine, hypnosis and other things that seemed to demonstrate the power of our mind to create what we experience. He was aware of how simple guided meditations could access untold information. Yet the pieces were not fitting together.

In time, after he began to put the pieces of the puzzle together that he was facing. He found this playful creative spirit is the child, the offspring, or product of a creative/creation process much larger than mind, as we normally knows and perceives our mind, can understand or even comprehend. Many individuals of the past have called the larger creative process God or attribute it to God. But it is nothing like most concepts of God as to what it really means for our life. We can begin to see this larger creative/creation process, experience it and come to understand it by stepping out of mind and beyond mind. That is, to step outside of our beliefs structure or how and what we think and believe about ourselves and the world in which we inhabit and why we think and believe what we do. Yet, mind, as we know it, can never fully understand what it experiences.. This fact is discussed under the topic of “The problem of mind and the experience of the source/Source - the trap of mind

After a profound life experience which is frequently referred to as the Ultimate Accident, the author realized he had stepped out of mind, abet accidently and unexpectedly. He had experienced this larger Creative/Creation process. Nevertheless, it was this experience of stepping out of mind to experience the larger creative/creation process and experience the Source of the process that he shatter all that his mind understood about Creation. how we create and our role in Creation. He also came to realize that stepping out of mind is not an issue if we have a perspective that supports such a movement -  such as a creativity perspective.

This larger creative/creation process which is referenced here is not God as understood in any religious or spiritual tradition. It should not be confused with any existing concept of God. Rather, that to which is referred is a process which we ourselves have either created and/or in which we agreed to participate. This understanding about creativity and how we create our experiences is entirely secular. We will find spiritual overtones and spiritual aspect in the discussions for creativity and spirituality are not separate from each other. Rather they are connected in a way few seem to understand. In fact we will be directed to the heart of what gives rise to all the spiritual and religious traditions - the Source of Creation - when we access the depth and breadth of our creative power

As we can come to see if we work with this material, it is not spiritual or religious. It is simply about a creative power and ability that we can access to any degree that we choose to access. As was said elsewhere, aligning with this creative spirit within our being and what it desires to create can give a  deep inner satisfaction and/or calmness within one’s being or fulness within one’s being that many perceive as only obtainable in the deepest mystical traditions. If fact, it was the author’s personal mystical experiences that allowed him to see and understand this creative spirit and exactly what it is and how creativity has often become entangled with spirituality in a way that robs the individual of their creative power. Yet creativity and spirituality are related. The relationship cannot be denied. The creative principles and concepts discussed here can lead to very similar result as that achievable in any spiritual tradition for all arises from the same Source. However, there is one very important different. The creative principles provided here lead directly to becoming creative self empower and direct one toward becoming a light unto ourselves that shines, unfiltered, from the uniqueness of our own being.

There is no one to follow, no one to lead us but our own creative spirit and the flow of energy that created and sustains us being. This is done through feeling not the mind and what it thinks. . Calibrating and aligning with our internal compass will help us to go back to the source/Source of your being achieve becoming a light unto ourselves. We have all that we need within our own being. We only need to learn and understand how to access it and use it. The intent of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology is to assist you to do this.

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