The wave particle nature of energy consciousness

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Wave particle nature of energy consciousness
The essence of creation/Creation - localization and non localization of energy and consciousness
Localized and non localized consciousness
Using localized and non localized energy and consciousness

Note: An alternative discussion on the wave particle nature of energy and consciousness is found in the topic, "Creativity Perspective on enlightenment."

Probably one of the more important and profound understanding that comes from looking at the equivalence of energy and consciousness is the wave particle nature of energy consciousness. Since energy and consciousness are different aspects of the same material of creation/Creation, what needs to be understood is that in the same way energy lies within the essence of all matter, consciousness similarly lies within all matter. In the same way energy has a wave particle nature and can exist as a wave or a particle, so does consciousness. Both energy consciousness and consciousness exists in a wave - particle duality. That is, both energy consciousness and consciousness, like energy, can each exist in a non localized wave like form or a localized particle like form.

We can experience energy consciousness in a very localized, fixed and rigid form or very free, non localized and unbounded form. As with energy, what we experience consciously depends on how we choose to observe by how we focus our attention and awareness and/or the conditions in which we find ourselves. We can experience consciousness as very fixed, rigid and localized in a particular set of beliefs and identity or we can experience it very free, non localized and unbounded. Consciousness can become localized into specific forms as in the traditional concept of spirit with a transcendent ego and/or a sprit within a physical body and/or the enculturated ego. Or, it can permeate all of reality unbounded by a body or an ego.

It can be said, the fundamental creativity principle of reality is as follows: "Conscious and energy are the same material and exist in a duality. In the same way energy lies within the essence of all matter, consciousness similarly lies within all matter. Reality can mold itself to the form and/or an experience of that on which consciousness focuses it awareness and attention. In the same way energy can exist as a wave or a particle, so does consciousness. Consciousness can become localized into specific forms as in the traditional concept of spirit within a physical body and/or the ego. Or, it can permeate all of reality as in the traditional concept of the spirit free and unbounded by a body or as some like to say, a spirit that has transcended the body and/or the physical plane. However, the fact a spirit does not have a body does not mean it is not localized in an ego. Mind is a property of consciousness and ego is only a construct of the mind."

The implications of this is much more profound that many first realize. Physics and the study of Physical Creation reveals that at its most fundamental levels, Physical Creation does not work the way our mind perceives creation/Creation to work. At the energetic level Physical Creation is much different than what we experience with objects of substantial mass. Our consciousness and it associated operation in the brain tends to function at the energetic level. At the level mind normally perceives and experience Creation, we seen large massive objects obeying what are call the classical or Newtonian laws of Physical and the particle nature of energy consciousness dominates. However, at the atomic level, which gives the structure to the world we inhabit and within the realm of the brain synapsis and atomic and molecular interactions in the brain, quantum mechanics, probability and the wave nature of energy consciousness dominates.

What this means is that, as a human being, our creative spirit/creative life energy is only currently localized in Physical Creation in our physical body. Yet, as does any physical object we have both a physical form (particle form) and wave form. Similarly our consciousness has both particle form which we experience mind and ego and a wave form of which our intuitive guidance is a part. Most of our attention and awareness is directed toward, and into, our physical experience as a human being However, through the wave particle nature of  energy consciousness a part of our being both part of our energy and our consciousness continues to permeate the unseen realms of Creation.

We have been conditioned by how the physical plane is constructed to observe and experience the physical form of the wave particle duality of both energy and consciousness. This focus leads us to believe we are individual beings separate from everything else. Most of our experiences supports the belief that we are separate and unconnected.

In many ways Physical Creation is about figuring out how the impossible can become possible, the possible become probable and the probable a certainty. At one level of our experience we function at the energetic and quantum mechanical level where all is possible. At another level we live with the world fixed in the form we find ourselves experiencing or body and the external world seemingly with little freedom. Yet both exist simultaneously together. We need to understand, we are an infinitely creative being possessing an infinite consciousness which permeates all of Creation. The Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective and the topic "Origins of Creation" provides two ways, one a story, one a model, to understand how this is possible. As a being of infinite consciousness we can place our awareness anywhere in creation. We have only localized our awareness into a human body for the purpose of having a human experience.

An important understanding needs to be reiterated here about consciousness. Unbounded conscious is not a spirit without a body as presented in many schools of thought. A traditional concept of spirit of any form (spirit guide, angles, devils, disembodied spirit, or whatever is consciousness localized in a ego. It may be an ego that transcend Physical Creation or any other reality but it nevertheless still an ego. That is, the consciousness perceives itself to have an identity separate from the seen or unseen Creation. Unbounded consciousness does not perceive it self as separate from anything. If it is aware of itself it is aware of its existence in everything and is not localized in any one aspect of Creation. Unbounded consciousness does not perceive itself separate from anything or anyone. There is no other when we experience unbounded consciousness.

The essence of creation/Creation - localization and non localization of energy and consciousness  (Top)

We create an experience of creation/Creation by how we create the conditions to localize our energy into a creation by how we focus our attention and awareness. All of creation/Creation is about an ebb and flow. The most basic creative/creation process is separation followed by recombination back into a wholeness. There is a localization of energy into what is perceived by consciousness as a form - a form as small as a thought or feeling, or as expansive as a universe. Then there is the dissipation of the energy or dissolving of the form back into a non localized energy. The process is never ending and on going.

When energy acts as a particle, a majority, if not most of its energy is localized or concentrated at a given location. Although a particle can be seen a energy which has localized, it still has a component which is not localized and permeates of all of Creation. From a creativity perspective, to "localize" our creative life energy is to move it into the particular form by how we focus our attention and awareness. To have any experience is to localized our energy in a particular way to give us the desired experience. To have an experience of Physical Creation as a human being is to localize our creative life energy into the form of a human body.

The typical human experience tends to be an experience of energy consciousness as both a localized energy in a body and a consciousness localized within the current mind and its ego. As an energy, it expresses itself in the animation of the body and it creates from within the body including the conditions of the body. As a consciousness it localizes itself by believing it is who it has come to believe it is based on the experiences it has had in the body. That is, possession of an ego. Also from the energy consciousness perspective, the typical human lives in the world of separation for they fail to see how the body and ego are integrally linked and as to how both the body and the ego are linked to their environment, especially the ego. That is, they fail to see in a different environment, they would have difference experiences and create a different ego.

What does need to be noted is that any concept, word or symbol that we retain in our conscious or nonconscious memory is a characterization of energy into particulate or localized form with defined limits and boundaries and a localization of our consciousness. As such the belief holds or directs a portion of our creative life energy and our consciousness. Our beliefs create a pattern which capture and hold the energy that flows within our being much like the way we can cause a string fixed at both ends to vibrate and create an illusionary envelop. Here our beliefs act as that fixed string which vibrates in the flow of our creative life energy to create an illusionary form which we call an experience of reality or Creation.

What causes the energy to localize in a particular given form is the environment in which consciousness finds itself and the awareness or unawareness of consciousness associated with the process. Our creative life energy flows into a form determined by our consciousness and what it thinks and believes, and both remains bound in the form we create to give us the experience of what we created. For Physical Creation, our body holds our energy and consciousness bound to the human physical experience for the duration of the experience.

Fixing or holding the energy or consciousness to a fixed form in essence robs the energy and consciousness of its creative power to create something else. Only when the existing form is dissolved can the possibility of creating something new come into existence. As long as we hold onto the past and a fixed form in any way, we limit our creative power and creative ability. Hence creation/Creation is a two edge sword. There can be great joy and experience of any creation but yet the experience of creation/Creation is robbing us of our creative power.

What makes creation/Creation possible is how consciousness localizes itself. The role of consciousness is to be the cause of creation/Creation. The dance of creation/Creation is movement of energy and consciousness into and out a fixed form. As an energy the dance is into and out of localized and non localized energy. As consciousness it can identify itself with a particular localized form of energy or give itself an identity as to who or what it thinks it is through the transcendent ego or enculturated ego. The question becomes as to whether or not consciousness can let go of that identity to free itself for the next creation. Here again the role of consciousness to be the cause. We need to change our consciousness if we wish to change to creation we experience.

In experiencing creation/Creation, we consciously only experience half of the process in two ways. One way is that when we are in the experience of creation/Creation, we forget we are part of a large process. We forget the role of the unseen and how we created the experience we have. We tend to see ourselves as the creation rather than the unfoldment of something which occurred before the creation we are experiencing.

The role of the unseen portion is where we create the conditions for the physical experience that we have. That is, we create the conditions to localize our energy and our consciousness in Physical Creation. We cannot fully remember what happens in the unseen aspects of the creative/creation process for it is there we move into the non localized aspects of consciousness to reform and recreate the cause of the next experience. When in non localized consciousness there is no from to which identify. It is here one is beyond mind and well outside any ego identity we have created.

When the energy is dissipated, the experience is finished and what exists, whether it be an object or an experience, seems to die. Yet, the energy is only returned to an non localized form to be recast into the next creation. Whether the consciousness that develops as a result of the experience that is had returns to a non localized form is another question. Death of any form of energy does not end the experience of consciousness. Consciousness does not die. It only changes the experience consciousness has. The question is, "What does the consciousness perceive itself to be? for whatever consciousness perceives itself to be biases what it sees and experiences.

The source/Source of creation/Creation is the unmanifested material of creation. It is free and unbounded or non localized energy and/or free and unbounded or undefined non localized consciousness. The conscious experience of this unmanifested material of creation we be a place of "no-thing-ness" or "no-form" for there is nothing in which to identify. All Creation and creative activities can be seen as starting with this unmanifested raw materials of creation and we return to it to one degree or another in any creative endeavor.

Localized and non localized consciousness  (Top)

Consciousness, as energy, permeates all of creation/Creation. In a non localized from, consciousness does not identify with any particular aspect of creation/Creation. Localized consciousness is simply consciousness identify with, and defining itself by a particular set of experience and/or with a particular aspect of creation/Creation. As a human being, our consciousness identifies itself as residing in a human body and having been defined by the experiences it has had in that body. However, our consciousness can be placed anywhere. It is this aspect of our non localized consciousness that allows to see through time and space and have both out of body experiences and/or experiences of remote viewing.

Consciousness has the ability to locate its awareness anywhere it chooses to do so. It just needs to be aware that it has such an ability. Most of us are not aware of this. Nor have we been taught how to use the non localized aspects of consciousness. Few are taught that our consciousness permeates all of creation. When we donít know something, especially about our life, we are not taught to go within and ask our intuitive guidance to lead us to the answer. Our intuitive guidance perceives with our non localized being. That is the non-localized or wave portion of our body and the non localized wave portion of our consciousness. The only question is whether or not the mind that we use to localize our consciousness in the creation/Creation we are experiencing has the sufficient minimum set of experience to understand the answer we get.

What needs to be understood, is that awareness has a conscious and nonconscious portion. The part of awareness which gives rise to the creation/Creation we experience is normally held in the nonconscious portion. As such, our conscious awareness and perceive itself as stepping out of the existing form of creation/Creation to experience some other creation/Creation. For example, an out of body experience. Consciousness remains fixed and bound nonconsciously but the conscious portions is free to observe some other possibility of creation/Creation.

Although it can a be said we are only exploring our creative imagination  when we have non localized experiences what we experience is real. The only question is how much energy do we direct into the experience to solidify what we experience. In a similar way, our consciousness can discern energy which we perceived lies outside the span of our mind and our body. That we, we perceive the thought or feeling as arising from outside of us and outside the limits and boundaries of our body and our mind. Yet, to create is to bring into existence something not previously experience or significantly different. Consequently any truly creative endeavor will be experienced as rise from outside of us and the experiences we have had. In becoming mindful and aware of our thought and what we feel we can being to distinguish what thoughts seem to be arising from within our mind and those that seem to arise from without.

Using localized and non localized energy and consciousness  (Top)

In the same way energy has a wave aspect and a particle aspect, we each have a localize aspect and a non localized aspect to our awareness. Usually our awareness is localize such that it perceives reality as looking outward into the physical world through our five senses. However, it is possible to localize our awareness into any aspect of Creation. Our problem is more often than not, our mind does not have the minimum set of experiences to fully or accurately understand what it perceives. Typically we attribute what we see at such times to a wild or overactive imagination and dismiss what we are capable of knowing.

The non localized aspects of our awareness is the basis of our intuitive guidance, body wisdom, and second knowing. We consciously can access the non localized aspects of our awareness by focusing on what we feel and sense through our body and within our being and looking to access the awareness which lies in feeling. It is to place our attention on what we feel and direct our localized awareness to look into the feeling. Mind will then furnish the best understanding it has as to what exactly we are sensing. Although the accuracy of mindís interpretation may be questionable, the energy we sense which gives rise to the feeling is accurate. With practice, we can being to understand were our mind is inaccurate and learn how to work with the energy itself.

Unless one consciously has developed and utilize their intuitive guidance and body wisdom, where we need to be outside our thinking and controlling mind, and how to focus our awareness and attention, [what are often referred to as "psychic" abilities or sixth sense] most of us never experience the wave nature of our body and our consciousness. Also it needs to be understood and noted here there are two aspects to the sixth sense. There is the energy aspect reflected in what our body senses and the consciousness aspect reflected in our ability to focus. Developing one but not the other does not allow us to experience the wave nature of our body or consciousness. We may experience its effects but we will not fully appreciate how to use this aspect of our being. Nor will we understand how to work with it every day in our life. Many people know they have psychic abilities but donít really understand how to focus their attention and awareness to effectively use the abilities they have. Similarly many individuals learn to focus their consciousness, such as in meditation or scholastic concentration, but they never learn how to use the body to sense and feel the energy and learn to follow the flow. To use the body we need to be open to feeling and what we sense at each and every level of our being. This aspect is further discussed in the topic "The body as an antenna."

Summary (Top)

In summary, the bottom line is our creative spirit and the nature of Creation are energy consciousness. Each is energy. Each is consciousness and both of them have a wave - particle nature. What is revealed is determined by how we choose to observe by how we focus our attention and awareness.

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