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If we accept the fact that what we experience in our creative imagination has two part, a real part and an imaginary part, by using the concept of complex integration we can solve problems within our being that are otherwise unsolvable. However, more importantly, in realizing there is a real part and an imaginary part of what we experience in our creative imagination, we can come to realize there are two part to our being - real and imaginary part.

The real part of our being can be best stated as "that which is, is." It is not dependent on any interpretation, input or judgment by our mind or the mind of any other. It is what we experience as fact. The real starts with that which we can all agree upon. It is what can be called capable of proof with a "grounded" assessment that a third party can support as being true. The real part of our being is that which science and the laws of nature apply. That which is real is reflective in the energy that we can sense and feel. However, that which is real moves past what we can measure in a scientific way. All of our bodies are different and each of can sense the energies of Creation in slightly different way. Scientific instruments may not yet be able to detect all that any one individual can feel and perceive. Nevertheless, what we feel is what is real.

Our imaginary part is how our mind characterizes any energy we sense. This is the illusion of mind and is what allows us to have an experience of creation/Creation. Where mind is involved, we can create any story we want about whatever we observe and experience by how we interpret and/or judge whatever we observe and/or experience.

Both our real part and imaginary part have a reality. But the imaginary part is totally dependent on the individual and is a result of the fact that each individual is a world unto themselves and a unique and independent reality. This point needs to be emphasized. The imaginary part of our being, our imagination, is just a real as any aspect or experience in the physical plane. Our thoughts are real. All that we perceive in our mind is real. The filters we use to perceive are real. Our internal "imaginary" world is as real and just as vast and complex as the physical plane itself.

In many ways the "imaginary" part of our being has to deal with how "in phase" we are with others and capable of communicating so that we are understood and heard. The concept of "being in phase" comes form alternative current electrical generators which complex numbers which gave rise to the concept of complex integration, are applicable. Because of how the electrical generator rotates to make electricity, there is something called a phase angle to the flow of the electricity. Because alternative current is made by a spinning coil of wire in a magnet, the electrical current is sinusoidal, alternative up and down. It is like pushing the electrons in the wire to flow one way and then pulling them to flow in the opposite direction, hence an alternative current. Two generation are in phase when the up and down periods coincide. They push together and pull together. They are out of phase when the up cycle of one is the down cycle of the other. We could say one generator is pulling the current when the other is pushing it.

An analogous thing is true for us as being. Our imagination which arises from how our mind characterizes the energy we experience as a result of how and what we think and believe is either pulling or pushing the energy of the universe into created form. When we pull with a flow of energy, we are in harmony and agreement with the flow and what we desire seems to be carried along and accelerated. When we push, we are out of phase. We seem to have to work at what we desire to create. In this regard, the issue becomes does how we perceive the universe allow us to align our energy with one or more deep undercurrents of Creation or are we out of phase with them. A common language is one way we try and get in phase with others. Shared actions are another. But whether it be words or actions there is the question as to whether or not our words and actions mean the same things to the individuals hearing or speaking the words and witnessing and/or participating in our actions. .

For example, we observe a monarch butterfly land on a rose. This statement is purely imaginary and a creation of our mind. The terms "see," "monarch," "land" and "rose" are all based on how we chose to view what we have previously experienced. Using the terminology of how we create our experiences, it can just as accurately said about our observation "We witnessed physically manifested energy consciousness reuniting with itself " and be just as accurate in our description. It may not make much sense but technically it is accurate. Yet, the terms "witness," "physical," "manifested," "energy consciousness," "reuniting," and "Itself" are also only creation of our mind. The only real part was we had an experience. We had feelings and sensations during this experience and as a result of the experience, The primary receptor of the experience we had was what we all the eye. Anything else is imaginary and an interpretation of our mind.

What needs to be understood is that the only certainty we have as to what is real is the certainty of what we individually perceive, experience and feel. Reality is not how we interpret the experience. What is real is the perception and the experience we have that is real in whatever manner hat we perceive and experience what we do.

The external reality we experience is only what we think it is. It is a filtered and bias view we hold and we do not see reality for what it is. If we deny our own truth of which we are the only authority to know that truth and is the truth we should know best, how can we every know any other truth or the truth of reality? Until we know and are certain of our own truth, we cannot see clearly to see the truth of reality.

Only certainty will do. It is the certainty of who and what we are and what we feel, think, see, hear, smell, taste and experience. Others can advise us and assist us. Others can help us to broaden the experiences we have. But each of us must be certain of our own truth. Most of us have been education to live other than our truth. Most of us will need to do our own experiments to discover and explore our truth. If we doubt what we perceive and experience and the visions we have, who and what can we trust? What will be the measure of our reference? What standard of comparison can we use and trust? How can we begin to know anotherís truth if we have not experienced it in some way ourselves and compared to our truth to know what is theirs and what is ours? No truth is our truth unless we have experienced it ourselves and can create the conditions to experience it or its equivalent again if and when we so choose where we are.

It must be understood, we have a real experience and then interpret that experience. Our unsolvable problem for which we seek a creative solution is that we do not know how we have interpreted the experience for anything that we say about what we experienced is the interpretation of our own mind. However, if an can knowingly create an experience and the see how we interpret that experience we can then begin to see how our mind is interpreting the experience it has. By creating an imaginary world or an imaginary space, we can explore any and all aspects of a given topic. How we respond to and what we feel about or as a result of imaginary creation will allow us to bring those feelings back into the real world and understand what they believe about any topic and how our creative life energy will or will not flow. As we begins to see and understand the filters the have, we can begin to see the reality of what is, as it is.

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