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Homework Assignment

If you choose to pursue using the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach, whether for an individual or collective effort or to create a gentle phoenix, you will be asked to address the items below in one form or another. The approach will include discussion of your response to each of the items to explore where your creative spirit will need to become free to "undo" or recreate your existing creation.

The Approach views the creative power you need to create what you desire as currently raveled, entwined and/or otherwise entangled in the life and world you currently experience and the experiences you have had. All that you ever have been is reflected in who you are now and what you are experiencing. That is, all that you have experienced biases how you approach life and make your decisions about, and in, life. On this point, each of our worlds is very different and very unique. The approach is to release or untangle a sufficient amount of your creative power from your existing world to create the new experiences you desire.

The approach is to proverbially “pull the string” as you would a string to unknit a knitted sweater. It can be said the approach is to “undo” the creative steps you have taken to create your existing experiences to free the energy and ability to create the desired experiences. In that freedom, you are then free to create whatever you desire. Here again, the “undoing” process is unique to what you have created.

It is requested that you being to think about and consider your answer and/or response to each. If you are requesting support for an organization or as part of an organization, you will need to shift your perspective and include two views. One is to think about your responses as if you are the organization. The other perspective is to look to see how you would personally answer the question. Become aware of any differences that may exist in your answer.

Items for consideration

Spend time become aware of what you feel and don’t feel. Every environment in which we find ourselves is different. See if you can feel the differences. If so, describe what you feel in each.

Work on the ability to calm oneself. - A calming/centering exercise is provided if you have no such technique.

Think about what you wish to create with your life or accomplish in your life. Think about giving the eulogy at your own funeral. What would you say about yourself, the life that you have lived and what you have created? What you wish to create is open to iteration so you are not locking yourself into something you cannot change

Think about the experiences in life and the feelings you had. Look for the experiences that (1) made you feel life was worth living and you wanted to get more of it and (2) those that made you simply overwhelmed and enthused with the splendor life itself that you could feel yourself wanting to explore because you are so full of life. If you have no such experiences, identify those that come closest to such experiences.

Think about the key decision points or turning points in your life. Where were they, what was happening, what were you experiencing and whom were you with, if with anybody.

Be prepared to tell the story of your life. It can be a chronological listing. But it should be more about what happened and what you experienced than just a list of dates and facts.

Think about the major setbacks in your life. What were they? Why do you think they occurred? What do you think was the cause of the set backs?

Think about where there had been magical or mystical moments in your life. What were they and what were you doing? Was there a “magical” intervention of someone or something?

In whatever way you understand God in relation to the Creative Powers of Creation, be prepared to do a short ritual, prayer or in whatever way appropriate, to contact this Power and gain Its favor and support in your creative efforts. You can do this ritual, prayer or whatever, with whomever you choose. If you don’t believe in God, be prepared to take whatever actions are appropriate to access the creative powers/Creative Powers as you understand them.


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