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In understanding that we needs a certain prior minimum set of experience for our mind to understand and properly characterize any experience we have and that we do not truly understand and know something until we can eat and digest it to make it our own and create a particular experience through that understanding, we can begin to see that creativity is an experimental/experiential science/subject. It is something with which we must experiment and do our own experiments to find out what is effective in our life.

In looking at a science, it is the knowledge of the appropriate facts, phenomena, laws, and cause-effect relationships, governing the particular situation of interest hand that have been gained and verified by observation, experiment and organized thinking. In this regard, creativity, especially accessing and utilizing our unlimited creativity, is much like chemistry and or physics in that there is a “book, ” an academic portion or an intellectual understanding portion, and a laboratory and/or experimental portion. The information presented in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material addresses the creative principles. The creative principles are like learning the laws of physics or chemistry. Performing the associated exercises and engaging in creative activities is the laboratory or experiential portion of the understanding. Unfortunately, as written material, only the information about the laws and concepts of creativity and releasing the creativity in any area of our life or our unlimited creativity can be presented. You will need to do your own experiments. You will have to do the experiments yourself, although some help and guidance is provided in this area.

As with chemistry and physics and the way we apply them in our lives, so too with creativity. We can elect to make the creative principles academic--like learning chemistry or physics. We can read it in a book or learn it in a class room but never really consciously apply it to our life. It is purely an academic exercise. We can read, discuss and think about things all we want, but the proof is in the doing. We have to act on what we know to create what we desire.

In the same way we need to become a chemist, physicist, engineer or the like to fully apply the principles of physics and chemistry, we need to become a creator and apply the creativity principles to our life to truly experience the power of creation that we each possesses within our being. In the same way we can keep the laws of physics and chemistry contained within the scope of the physics and chemistry laboratory and not allow them to spill over into other aspects of our life, the same is true for the creative principles presented in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material.

As with physics and chemistry, we apply many of the principles each day nonconsciously and never really pay attention to what is actually occurring. For example, eating and digesting is a powerful chemical process about which we give little thought and most of us know very little. We just do it. Walking, seeing, feeling and touching are also examples of complex physical processes. Yet we do them every day and never “think”, or really understand, these processes that make life what it is. When we study these process found within the body and understand them, we open the door to the miraculous miracles cures and/or devices and chemicals designed to overcome body defects and disabilities.

So too with our creativity and the power that lies in our creativity ability. We create every day but do not realize we are doing so. We are in fact a creativity machine that cannot not create. Part of the journey into our unlimited creativity is to make the nonconscious process conscious like the way we learned to make the chemistry of the digestive process conscious. In making these processes conscious, this doesn’t mean we consciously control digestion every time we eat and we decide what chemicals we need to make and in what sequence. Rather we leave the process in autopilot as they always have been. But, we can then use our understanding of the digestive process when we choose to expand the depth and breadth of our physical experience through specially designed chemical. In learning to utilize the unlimited creativity that we already possess but only need awaken, we will become more self reliant and self confident to follow our intuitive guidance and body wisdom. This will allow more creativity to manifest in our life. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material presents ideas and methodologies of which we are free to choose to use or not to use. We are free to choose to keep these creative principles contained within the creativity laboratory and “school of creativity” or we can choose to apply them to other aspects of our life and begin to use them every day.

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