The Healing Perspective as compared to the creativity perspective on healing

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The healing perspective as compared
 to the creativity perspective on healing

A healing perspective

The creativity perspective on healing


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It is stated on the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Home Page: The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity technology can be used, and has been used, for health related issues. However, no claim is made about the effectiveness of this technology in managing and/or dealing with your health issues The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity is based on a different perspective than that found in the healing professions. It is based on a creativity perspective and the focus is quite different than a healing perspective.

A healing perspective (Top)

Health refers to the general condition of the mind or the body. To be healthy refers to the soundness of a living organism. It is to have vigor of the mind and body and to be free from defect or disease.

To heal, and/or healing, is to make healthy. It is about restoring health or the soundness of mind and/or body. It about repairing, mending or to bring about the remedy or cure of a wound, disease or some other “unhealthy” condition. On a non physical level, it is to cleanse of sin, grief, worry, and the like. To heal can be seen as to purify or to make right something that is considered wrong or incorrect within one’s being or body.

The concept of healing and having a healing perspective is essentially about looking to restore, fix, or otherwise repair something which is judged as broke or has fallen to less than a minimum level of performance. In this regard, healing is a judgement of mind that the condition that is being faced is somehow unacceptable and there are better, more acceptable conditions. Often a healing perspective look outward, outside of one’s own consciousness, to see what caused or is causing the undesired condition. The cause of the undesired condition is usually seen as arise from without rather than from within one’s own being. In may ways a healing perspective is looking for that magic “bullet,” pill, therapy or modality that makes everything just the way we want it.

The creativity perspective on healing (Top)

An overview of the creativity perspective on health and related issues is that whatever condition we experience is no better or no worse than any other condition. Creatively, any one experience is no different than any other. We create whatever we experience. Some are just more enjoyable and pleasurable than others.

Usually we do not understand how the condition we face in any one particular moment is only a part of a lager process we face and are creating. What we judge as health is more often than not a judgement about what we feel and think is “normal” and/or the “correct” way things should be and/or that are painful and not something desirable. It is often a judgment we feel or think one experience is more favorable than another - that other being what we call an unhealthy condition. Yet what we call unhealthy is simply another type and kind of physical experience.

From a creativity perspective, we are perfect creators. We create through the conscious and subconscious intentions we hold. Each experience we have is only part of the unfoldment of an intention we hold. Hence when we are faced with conditions in which we judge as unhealthy, there is nothing to fix, repair, mend or heal. Rather we need to create something that better serves what we desire to experience. Our problem is whether we serve the desires of our creative spirit and the intention for our life or our enculturated mind.

The fact we judge one experience as more acceptable or desirable is simply our judgment. Within the creativity perspective to heal or have the desire to heal is seen as creating a condition other than what is currently being experienced as unhealthy. That is, there is nothing to fix, mend, repair, make whole, cleanse, purify or to make right. Rather to heal is to create something different than what is currently being experienced.

In this regard, to change an existing condition and creating something new, there is the need to understand how and why we created the existing condition in the first place. We may have created it out of ignorance and in unawareness. Or, we may have created it because there is something we desire to learn or to experience something in the condition we call an unhealthy condition. Hence there is the need to look at what gives rises to the particular conditions we face and why those conditions arose as opposed to any other.

The creativity perspective is not about fixing something that is broke. Is sees each of us as perfect creators. Rather it is about creating something that better serves what we desire to experience. Healing is something that comes from within. Healing arises from our ability and desire to create an experience different than the one we are having and calling unhealthy or calling illness, disease, injury or wound. The “healing ability,” as to obtain the “healing ability” or “the ability to heal” we associate with healers, is not something you can “obtain.” Rather, healing comes from within the individual and is the manifestation of the creative power within the individual. We each are quite capable of healing ourselves. There are individuals such as doctors, therapists, shamans, and the like that are seen as having healing abilities with themselves or in the tools they employ in their work to heal others. However, rather than healing others, what they do is create external conditions that allow our inherent creative ability to unfold in a way that heals the condition.

It needs to be realized Creation is not done alone. We need the other to give us the experience we desire. The healer is simply giving us the experience we think we need to have to have the experience we desire. More often than not, the experience we desire is to be human and accident, illness, disease and the like are currently part of what it means to be human. Hence, for many of us, we will need the assistance of others to heal.

Healing within the creativity perspective ask us to become responsible for what we experience. It ask us to look to see why we are creating what we experience and what we need to do to create something different.

Summary (Top)

A healing perspective looks outward to find and address the cause or condition that is causing the experience we have. The healing perspective does not see us as perfect as we are.

Healing from a creativity perspective sees us perfect as we are. It requires one to address the external issue, such a treating a wound or removing oneself from what appears to be the cause of the pain we experience. But it also requires one to look within to investigate what conscious and/or subconscious intention we hold that is giving rise to the experience we have. It requires us to look within and ask, “Why would I create such an experience?” It requires us to take responsibility for what we have created to take responsibility to create something that better serves who and what we think we are.

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