Health and the creative spirit

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Our creative spirit/creative life energy is what gives us life and brought us into this world and sustains our life. In aligning what it desired to experience for incarnating it provides the energy and passion to create the experiences we desire to have. It will give us the health we need to fulfill that intention for the duration of our life. As such, there is a wisdom within this creative spirit that will create the health we need. We only need to follow this wisdom. We align with the wisdom through feeling and being open to feeling and to focus our attention and awareness so as to access the awareness which lies in what we feel. However two notes need to be made here. Both are difficult for most to accept.

One is that Physical Creation is a shared creation that we experience with others. We incarnated to have a human experience for this time and place. The human collective has an idea of what it means to be a human being for this time and place. As part of that collective, there are experiences that we will have if only to experience being human. For example, we may not need the experience of a particular illness in an epidemic which occurs to meet the experiences we incarnated to have other than being a human being. However, human epidemics are part of what the human collective expects to experience as part of be a human being. So, it is very possible we experience the illness of the epidemic only because we are play the role of being a human being.

Similarly, wars, disasters, drought, flood and the like are all part of what it means to be a human being. We should not be surprise when we experiences these types and kinds of things. The only question is, "Are we experiencing them because they are one of the life experiences we desired to have or are we experiencing them only because we desired to have a human experience?" If they are only part of our desire to have a human experience, we can avoid them if we do the correct things. However, if they are part of what we desired to experience, we can mitigate the pain and suffering but it is not something we cannot avoid unless we change the intention for our life. This brings us to the other note that needs to be made.

There are experiences that we incarnated to have. Some of them maybe to experience particular types and kinds of accident, illness or disease for whatever reason for the experience they provided. For example, to have the experience of what it means to be a human being who cannot walk can only be experienced if we somehow lose the use of our legs, temporarily or permanently. Here the reason for the illness maybe just to have the experience. Or, we may have elected to play a role for another.

Creation is not done alone and we need another to give us the experiences we desire to have. For example, a healer to have the experience of being a healer, they will need sick people to heal. We may have elected to be one of the individual the particular individual needs to heal so he can have their desired experience. We may have chosen to lost the use of our legs to give an individual who wants to be an orthopedic surgeon the opportunity of fixing someone. For any accident, illness or disease we face, we have to go inside and look to see why we would possibly want to have the experience that we do. Often what we consider an undesirable experience only leads us to the experiences we desire to have.

The key here is to understand our creative spirit/creative life energy will give us all the understanding and energy we need to create the experiences we incarnated to have, including health or an unhealthy condition. It all depends on what we incarnated to experience. As said above, there are things we can avoided, like what the human collective believes, if we are aware of what we came to do and set about doing it.

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