Creation is not done alone

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The experience of creation/Creation is not done alone. There will always be another or other, animate or inanimate, even when we, and/or they, do not recognize the role they play in our creative efforts. If we study the creative process that occurs in Creation, we can come to see that another is always needed. We will always have the need for the assistance of another to give us the type and kind of experience we desire.

There are two ways to understand this. The first is that we need some standard or object of comparison. The second is how we create something from "no-thing-ness."

Standard of comparison The issue with a standard of comparison is that we only know ourselves and who and what we are relative to something or someone else. Without some other, there is nothing from which to reflect who or what we are. The other draws out of us what we think and believe about the situation we face and about ourselves. This gives rise to what can be called "Creative Relativity" and the issue of what is absolute truth. That is, a truth that is not relative to something else.

Creative Relativity is to realize we can know ourselves only relative to what we experience with another. Without that other to which we can compare ourselves we will not know what we think and believe and how we are actually traveling in life. For example, we think we are not prejudiced. But when we are put in a particular situation we find we have deep prejudices. Or we think we have prejudices but come to find we have no such feelings when we face were we think our prejudice lies.

We cannot become aware of how we have defined ourselves, what we think and believe, who we are, or the direction in which we are traveling in life motion unless we have a point of reference or some standard of comparison outside ourselves. It is similar to the way we only become aware of our physical motion in comparison to another object by how fast or how slow the other object is moving toward or apart from us.

If we are traveling together in the same direction at the same speed we will see no motion. We only become aware of our motion in relation to another object. This is why creation is not done alone. We need another if for no other reason that to gauge our own motion and to see how we have defined ourselves. This is true for any aspect and the direction of our life. We only become aware of the motion in our life relative to the motion of another.

We simply need to look at how quickly we are moving apart from or toward another to understanding what direction and at what speed we are traveling relative to their motion. As an infinite creative being, we will need many such individuals and interactions to explore the depth and breadth of our own being. In particular, we will need many such interactions to find out who and what we truly are. This is true unless we are willing to step out of mind and become a detached witness.

We need to see what is really happening in life and how we are responding through the illusion of our mind to what we experience. The detached witness allows us to step into our awareness as an individual point of consciousness and outside of the filters of our mind. Here we can see the truth of what is and the truth that does not change.

One reason why most do not see the truth described here is a most interesting phenomenon. What is most interesting is there is an erroneous and illusionary assumption that when an individual learns to speak and act in their own truth they will see the truth of what is. One would think that when an individual accesses their own truth and sees it for what it is, they would see how they needed the other to give them the experiences they desire to have. In seeing this, one would expect that they would understand others are no different than themselves.

Puzzling as it may be, it is foolish to think someone who accesses and frees their creative spirit will be willing to help others gain what they themselves sought. It seems logical that an individual would realized that what they gained could not be obtained without the help of another and that others will need assistance in finding what they have found. It also appears logical that they would see another’s struggle in the same way they struggled. But this is not the case. The illusion of mind, illusion of Creation and the nature of Physical Creation, keeps us from readily seeing such things for that is part of the design of the human physical experience and what it means to be human. By design we are kept in the illusion of mind and the illusion of Creation for the purposes of having an experience of creation/Creation.

So, it is foolish to think that when an individual accesses their own truth  they would have the compassion to create the space and help others to do the same. Individuals will help others but only if that other meets certain criteria that the individual’s mind finds acceptable and meets their expectation. Quite simply, seeing and experiencing the truth of our being will not necessarily cause us to escaped the illusion of mind and see the truth of Creation. This is because of what it current means within the human collective to be an independent point of consciousness. It is to see and experience ourselves as a world unto one’s self. That is, we experience Creation a separate journey or a journey of, or in, separation. To see how creation is not done alone we must be willing to be out of mind and become a detached witness in all our experiences.

Before we can face the pain of separation which caused Creation, what needs to be realized is the key item that does not allow us to see through eyes of another to see the true oneness and interconnectedness of creation is pain - both our pain and the pain of the other. In particular, we need to see, experience and step beyond the pain of separation into the ultimate pain we face, before we will step past the illusion of mind and the illusion of Creation to see why we need another.

To see the truth of what is, we need to be willing to face and step past our pain and accept and step past the pain of another to see through their eyes. But this includes the pain of this life and any other existence which causes us to perceive Creation in a separation. But the human physical experience is designed to avoid pain, numb pain and/or suppress pain even at the expense of developing an addiction that can destroy the body. The challenge then become learning the gift of pain and how to use it, In doing so, we open the door to understand how creation is not done alone and we need that other.

When we learn the gift of pain, we no longer run away from pain and/or seek pleasure. We are willing to be with it, as it is. In that awareness we can see the truth of who and what we are. We can see we are consciousness at play and the creator experiencing its creation through the illusion of mind and how we have focused our attention and awareness. In this awareness we can see how we each need the other and they are only in our life giving us the experience we desired to have at some level of our being.

Creating something from "no-thing-ness" If we look at the concept of creating something from "no-thing-ness" there are two ways to look at it. Each reveals the issue imbedded in creating something from nothing. That is, the fact there must be some type and of discontinuity, something different from which a comparison can be made as to what is the creation and what is not the creation. In many ways it is to say we just need a standard for comparison as discussed above. However it is much more that a standard of comparison. Rather it is only a discontinuity, something different, that allows us to experience creation and who and what we are.

One way to experience something from nothing is the cutout and a hole as discussed in the topic, "Implication of the pair production in our creative endeavors." The other is to create a discontinuity or separation of some type to create a reference point or marker. It is that which is reflected in the ‘I" and "not I" duality. In many ways it is like an iceberg. The ice is the same as the water in which it floats. However, the temperature difference of the ice provided a discontinuity for the to be experienced as separate from, and different from, the water. It is the discontinuity which allows for a creation to be experienced.

Without the discontinuity analogous to the discontinuity between the ice and the water, we could never experience Creation. It is here we really find the beauty and magic in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective. It is said the consciousness within, or behind, Creation shatter itself through the illusion of mind into an infinite number of points of consciousness each an unique aspect of itself. It is the fact that each of these points of consciousness are unique that provides the discontinuity for creation/Creation to unfold. The uniqueness of each of us is the discontinuity. If we can look past our uniqueness we can find we are all the same infinite creative being and interconnected, each just expressing a different aspect..

What this means is that any point of consciousness will see each and every other point of consciousness or energy within creation as separate from itself. The reason for this is every point of consciousness outside of itself is uniquely different in some way no matter how small it is. That difference is all that is needed for the experience of "I am this" and "I am not that."

In the topic "Origins of Creation," we can come to see there will always be an observer and a creation/Creation observed experienced within some environment or context of observation. This phenomenon gives rise to the fact that Physical Creation is often experienced within the context of a duality and tension of opposites. Understanding how creation is not done alone is also about understanding the influences on, or in, our life of which most of us are consciously unaware as to how to begin to address these influences.

A summary statement

It is the realization that our lives and the lives of others are interlinked that we truly embrace becoming a conscious creator. We can use this fact in our creative endeavors and understand all we really need to know and recognize is that, no matter what experience they are providing us, the person who appears before us is only there to give us the experience we desire to have at some level of our being. The other may be animate or inanimate. More often than not, if it is a person, they are only manifesting what we think and believe it means to be human.

The consequence is we do not see what is before as something we called into existence. But there will always be an other to create an experience to which we will respond and reveal ourselves to ourselves, the other and those around us. Rather than looking within and understanding why we called forth what we did, we focus outward we blame others. Hence we never get to the root issue that causes what we experience. We each need to learn to "read’ our external world to learn how to explore our inner nonconscious world giving rise to the external. In dong so, we make our nonconscious mind conscious.

Since we are all interconnected, we can intuitively know what another brings to us. Whether or not we are open to that fact is another question. In actually, we only needs to focus our awareness and attention on the individual and be open to what is communicated and we can "know" what the individual brings to us. The question becomes if we can go deep enough within our own being to see exactly why we invited that other individual into our life and what we desire to experience with or because of them. To this we simply need to open ourselves to feel and move past the pain of the past and the response patterns we developed which keep our creative spirit captive in the cage of our own making.

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