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The bottom line on pain is that pain is an alarm warning us some limit or threshold had been, is being, or will be exceeded somewhere within our being. If we never pay attention to what we feel and what our subconscious mind presents to explore what we feel, the subconscious mind will most probably utilize pain, with or without an accompanying accident, illness and/or nightmares or their equivalent to get our conscious attention. The subconscious will yell at our conscious mind only as loudly as necessary to get its attention.

In learning to understand how our creative spirit communicating and how the subconscious mind brings this information to the awareness of conscious mind, it is necessary to look at pain, for the simple reason that when we experience any pain, our subconscious is trying to get our attention. In essence, the subconscious is saying, “Hey, look at me, there is something I am trying to tell you.” It is a awake up call to become aware of what we are doing. But there are easier and much more playful ways to process the energy we need to experience. However, until we have some understanding of how they are manifesting the experiences we have especially how or why we are manifesting pain, there isn’t much we can do about shifting the energy flowing into the experiences as we are experiencing it

Topics on pain

The recommendation is to start with the “Creativity Perspective on pain.” However you are free to pursue however you wish. The following topics on pain referenced or available through hyperlinks within the Creativity Perspective on Pain, may be of assist to you in your creative effort.

Creating Pain
The gift of pain
Understanding pain
Lost origins of pain
Ultimate root of pain

Wounds of the heart  
Realizations from pain
Ultimate lesson in pain
Mind body connection
Pain of stretching who we are
The precious pearl within pain
Pain to awaken consciousness
The pain of birthing a new creation
The Creativity Perspective on Pain
Pain, fear and the avoidance of pain
Pain inherent in awareness and compassion
Origins of pain - pain and the creative process
Facing the fire of pain and moving beyond pain
The misapplication of pain - pain versus discipline
Pain and the indulgence of self the basis of addiction
Using our unique experience of pain, accident, illness and disease
Pain, ego and attachment - creating the seed for the next creation
The ultimate pain we face - an ongoing issue for the Creator/creator

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