The collective and collective thinking


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The collective, the collective consciousness and collective thinking
Creating a collective
A gravitation analogy for the formation and pull of the collective
Awakening consciousness to from the collective

Sleep and the collective
The role of the collective in awakening an individuated consciousness
Going into orbit - escaping the collective
Critical mass of enlightenment
Impacts of collective thinking
The human collective - “the collective”
Desires of the Physical Creation and the human collective
Our individuated consciousness and the collective
Working with the collective
Illness and the collective
Implications of the collective

In the same way many individual cells create the organs of our body and there are many different organs that come together to create our body, consciousness is similarly layered. There are many layers within layers, creations within creations. Each of these layers give rise to what is normally experiences as a collective consciousness. That is, each of these layers is a collective. Although there are many  layers to Creation, the layer which is called the human collective, or just “the collective,” has the more obvious influences on the experiences we have as human in physical creation. The human collective has also been called the “overmind.”

It is the existence of the collectives which allows for our individuated consciousness to share common experiences, in particular the human experience. In this regard, most of the influences of the collectives on our creativity and what we experiences is done at the subconscious and/or unconscious level. It has been observed that we can influence and/or change the subconscious influences by any one collective to fit our creative needs. Influencing the unconscious is a little more difficult. However, escaping the influence of the collective can be like trying to escape the pull of gravity to sent a rocket to the moon and, of course, the layers of consciousness closer to our human experience are much easier to escape than those some distance away.

Creating a collective (Top)

The existence of collective is actually an expected occurrence resulting directly from the nature of Creation. The truth of reality is that all is interconnected for all arises out of the same “stuff” of Creation from the same Source of Creation. Within the concept of the wave particle nature of energy any one facet of reality extends throughout all of infinity and overlaps the energy of every other facet. In the awareness of the equivalency of energy and consciousness, the consciousness of any one faces is capable of overlapping the consciousness of any other facet. Now wether or not any one consciousness is consciously aware of this fact is another issue. But at a subconscious and unconscious level, there is an awareness of this fact.

Whether we realize it or not consciousness seek to find a warm fuzzy place. It sees to feel “good” for however it defines good for how it has focused it awareness and attention. It responds subconsciously to its environment to move toward such a place. As a result, overlapping energies that perceive themselves as having something in common and flowing into the same type and kind of experience form a collective. Energies or, rather individuated points of consciousness that have awakened and desire the same type and kind of experience form a collective. The deeper the perceived common bonding, the greater the hold of the collective. These shared common aspects in turn can be viewed as  layers to Creation. These layers can be view from an energy perspective or a consciousness perspective

From an energy perspective we experience a layered creation with seeming different properties and different applicable rules for the layers. For example, there is a Physical Creation which is composed of a Universe of galaxies. Within the galaxies are solar systems governed by a star. Within these solar systems planets travel around the star at its center. Each of the planets may or may not have some type and kind of life. Earth has a variety of life of which the animal kingdom is only one such form of life. With the animal kingdom lies a variety of life forms of which humanity is a part and each of us are part of humanity.

Given the equivalence of energy and consciousness, we can similarly views these layers as individual collectives or each layers as a consciousness unto itself. There exists a consciousness within Physical Creation, a consciousness within each galaxy, a conscious within each solar systems, a consciousness within each planet and a variety of individual and collective consciousnesses giving rise to variety of life forms found on the planet. In this regard, there is a consciousness of earth and there is a consciousness of humanity that lies within this consciousness of earth.

In this regard, there is a collective governing physical creation consciousness, there is a galaxy collective consciousness, an earth collective consciousness, an animal collective consciousness, a collective human consciousness plus others. Finally there is our consciousness as a human being. Unless, of course, we desire to consider smaller collectives reflective of our society and other social structures such as our political, religious, or national structures and the like that act as a collective and/or things like, the, masculine collective, the feminine collective, and other groupings that give rise to collective thinking which can influence our creativity.

The issue with the collectives is that when something perceives itself as arising out of another it bonds itself to that out of which it arises. We see body arising out of woman so we see ourselves as human. The human body arises out of earth and is sustained of earth so we perceives ourselves as arising from earth. If we look only at the physical aspects of being all of this makes sense. However, we do not realize the non physical works exactly the same way. We see ourselves arising of the human collective and we see ourselves as whatever the collective thinks it means to be human. We carry that understanding within our unconscious. What we see arises from our society we carry in our subconscious. Similarly, as male/female, we see and experience ourselves as arise out of the collective of what it means to be a male/female.

Although other collectives exists above and below what it means to be human, and they can and often do have a great influence on us, the one that normally influences our creativity is the human collective and what humanity collectively thinks it means to be human. As a human being, we are part of what it means to be human and all humans are a part of what it means to be in the animal kingdom on earth. Yet, as a an individualized consciousness and an infinitely creative being, being human is only a part of our consciousness. We fail to realize the body is only the vehicle for our experience. Although we are inseparable from the body for the duration of our physical experience as a human, the awareness that is us is not the body nor it is the mind and ego we associate with the body’s experiences in Physical Creation.

Now it needs to be noted that each of these layers of consciousness act as any other consciousness. These collectives works exactly the same way for the individual, the family, the society, humanity and so forth. They each can have an ego as to who it thinks it is and each has a unique perspective of Creation as viewed from the form in which it exists.

A gravitation analogy for the formation and pull of the collective
(Top): Each element of mass in the universe pulls on every other mass. Although it is very small and we don’t normally feel it, it nevertheless exists. When we get a relative large amount of mass together, it generates a gravitation field that pulls on all other mass with a greater force. If the mass is large enough we can measure it with instruments. But the gravitational pull always exists no matter how small the particle of mass. It is only the limitation of our measurements and sensitivity that does not allows us to see the existence of this attraction mass has for mass except on a macroscopic scale.

Consciousness works in a very similar way. The only difference is that consciousness is intentional and causes itself to have a preference for feeling certain types and kinds of experience by how it has focused it attention and awareness. That is it can become the cause and turn the attraction on or off. Although the chose of focus is a conscious decision, what we feel because of how we have focused our attention and awareness is subconscious. That is, we unknowingly intend to be attracted to another consciousness or we perceive itself as separate and even pushed away because of how we have focused our attention and awareness. Nevertheless, no matter how we focus our attention and awareness the connection with others is always there. Whether we feel a pull or a push is determined by our mind and how we have focused our attention and awareness.

Gravity in mass appears to always be turned on and every pieces of mass attracts every other piece and that attractive force never switches on or off at least as far as we can determine or it has been fix or set for the duration of Creation. However consciousness is different. Consciousness is free to become the cause and perceive itself as connected or separate. Consciousness is free to say, “I am” and “I am this....” and “I am not that....” In the case of physical mass, mass is energy but it is also consciousness in the equivalence of energy and consciousness. As consciousness, the consciousness within mass has simply consciously or subconsciously fixed its focus on having some particular type and kind of physical experiences . As such it is pulled into the physical experience to participate in the physical experience. The question is, “What awakens consciousness to turn on or off to be absorbed into a collective at any particular layer?

Awakening consciousness to the collective
(Top): It would appear that for us, as consciousness, to become conscious of our interconnection and the attractive/repulsive ability that we have, we have to accumulate enough consciousness to see its effects. That is, as an infinitely creative being, we have to awaken a sufficient portion of our infinite unconscious to perceive that “I exist.” It is then, and only then, that we can being to see that we have a choice. It is a choice to live in oneness and interconnection of all that is or we can perceive ourselves as separate being defining ourselves as “I am this...” and “I am not that....”. Analogously this is saying that enough mass must be pulled together into a small moon or planet for the gravitational effects to be seen. As consciousness, we need to “pull” together that analogous moon or planet.

To awaken and not define oneself as “I am this....” and “I am not that....” is very difficult. We can only awaken in the awareness of separation. It is only in separation that we have the discontinuity for consciousness to perceive a difference and the existence of “I.” Remember, if there is no change or difference from one moment to the next we will not know if we have been asleep or awake. The realization of “I exist” can only be realized in separation. To awakening to “I exist” without separation is to awaken as a Cosmic Consciousness and there is no Creation to experience. Creation only occurs where there is an observer and something to observe.

However, by the time we awaken to the awareness, “I exist” we already seemed to be part of a larger collective. That is, to awakened to “I exist” our consciousness needs to be of a certain “size.” Yet to accumulate that “size,” analogous to the gravitational analogy, we had to somehow pull together a sufficient amount of consciousness. The question is, “How, or from where, did that sufficient amount of awareness arise?”

What is suggested here is that we awaken on two levels. There is a nonconscious awakening that is more about feeling and a conscious awakening which is more about thinking as we perceive thinking to be. These two awakenings obviously give rise to our mind and what is symbolized in our heart. Most of us are familiar with conscious awakening and our thinking. Few seem to realize we also have feelings to awaken. Our ability to feel is more powerful than our ability to think for our feeling is what accesses the non localized energy of the universe. Thinking tends to be preoccupied with the localized energy. Conscious and nonconscious awakening is analogous to a solid changing phase to a liquid and then the liquid changing phase to a vapor or gas.

Consciousness only awakens in a flow of energy. Without a flow of energy, there is nothing to observe. Nonconscious awaking, where we awaken to feeling, is responding in some way to a stimulus. It is much like a solid melting and taking a new shape. It is analogous to the heat of an external source (a flow of energy) melting a frozen material and the material become free to flow and form a new shape. When the heat (flow of energy) is removed, the material again solidifies into a new shape. Nonconscious awaking is about causing our dormant consciousness to waken to move in response to some stimulus. Dormant consciousness melts or sufficiently awakens to move into a new shape which also changes the flow of the nonconsciousness. It is here as this nonconsciousness flows to take a new shape is align with the flow of energy that caused it to melt. That, in turn, beings to form the collective. The more nonconsciousness aligns with the flow, the greater that collective grows.

Conscious awakening would then be analogous to vaporization where we loses all form and shape. The vaporized fluid is no longer bound to any particular shape. It is totally free to permeate all the atmosphere in which it exists. It is like the clouds. It is only becoming more dense and in taking shape that it beings to condense back into a liquid. It could be said the vaporized fluid has a free will and is free to go where it wishes.

Now the question is “From where does the flow of energy raise that originally awakens consciousness?” Here we are simply face with the proverbial question, “What is that first cause?”

Sleep and the collective (Top)

The answer to this question is that Creation is an endless ebb and flow of energy into and out of an infinite and multidimensional form which is experienced by consciousness as going to sleep and awakening. It is a never ending dance

What is suggested here is that the cycle of sleep and being awake can act as an inherent stimulus that exists within all of consciousness and in each and every fragment of consciousness. The role of consciousness in creation/Creation is to be the cause. It is as thought when consciousness consciously awakens a flame or fire is lit. That fire or flame is focused by how consciousness focuses its attention and awareness such that the heat and warmth of the flame, a flow of energy, is capable of being a stimulus to move if not consciously awaken sleeping dormant consciousness. Depending on the “size” of the consciousness which awakens, the flow of energy it creates by the focus of its attention and awareness may be only sufficient to nudge sleeping dormant consciousness into a new form (subconscious awakening) or it can cause it to awaken to its own existence (conscious awakening).

From a consciousness perspective, a focused attention and awareness of one fragment of consciousness on a second fragment acts as an external stimulus, an external fire, that awaken the second fragment and ignites its internal fire. It is much the way the sun heats the earth to bring an external source of heat that allows life to exist on the planet. The cycle of sleep and awake acts as the internal stimulus. To be asleep is to be devoid of the internal awareness that acts as an internal fire to awaken. To be awake means that there is an internal fire that keeps the consciousness awake and is capable of awakening other consciousness.

The extreme between dormant nonconsciousness into consciousness is only a relative scale of how strongly one’s internal fire glows. At the dormant end, the consciousness is frozen stiff. At the extreme other end, the fire radiates so strongly that it can become a light unto itself and awaken others. The “problem” as to why this fact is not readily perceived by us is that as presented in the “Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective,” the Consciousness of All That Is, the undifferentiated consciousness, fragmented Itself into an infinite number of aspects to find a Playmate with whom to play. Each aspect of this undifferentiated consciousness can now be a playmate with any other aspect. Yet each aspect is infinitely vast as the original undifferentiated consciousness. As such there are an infinite number of individualized consciousness overlapping each other much as described in the “Pool of Multiple Forms” and each having their own natural cycle of sleep and being awake such that since we are all interconnected and overlap part of us are always going to sleep and awakening. That is the essence of dance of Creation.

As these different individuated points of consciousness awaken and go to sleep with different levels of awareness, they influence and stimulate other individual point of consciousness causing some to align and form into a larger awareness, namely, a collective. We can look at this process and the individual points of consciousness being pulled together in a way analogous to the individual particles are mass are pulled together to from planets. Or we can view this from a consciousness perspective where a single consciousness expands it awareness to encompass the more and more of the infinite of its own being. In the end the effect is the same, only perceived differently.

The role of the collective in awakening an individuated consciousness (Top)

For us as an individuated point of consciousness to totally awaken means that we have awaken to the fragment of everyone that lies within our being. Each individuated consciousness has the whole within its being. To awaken to the whole, we need to awaken all the aspects within our being. This does not mean everyone else awakens. Rather it just means that we awakened their aspect within us and everyone else see us as that self radiating point of light. We are seen as a radiating point of light for we are awaken to the aspects of their own being and as they awaken to their own being, they experience an “illumination” as if a light is shining into them. We, in turn, are the occasion for their awakening, not the cause. They are the cause of their own awakening. Our inner world is reflected in the outer and we pull to us the experiences we desire at some level of our being.

The more we awaken within ourselves, the more there are who perceive us as a radiating points of light in their life. However, they are not seeing an external source of light but rather only seeing that part of themselves, within themselves, that has awaken to the knowledge and awareness that we represent. If everyone awaken there would be nothing but light. If everyone were asleep there would be nothing but darkness. If you wish to know how awake the universe is to itself, you only need to look at the relative number of stars in the sky. Yet to have the physical experience you will always have a tremendous percentage of consciousness asleep. Otherwise the human experience could not exist as it does. So there is no need to try and awaken humanity. We only need to get on with what we incarnated to do, that is fulfill the intention for our life.

This phenomenon of being the occasion to awaken a facet of another is why when Christ was born into the world it was reported that three wise men came from the East because they saw a new star in the sky. That is why they were wise, they could see the awareness within their own being that Christ represented. Christ is all of us if we awaken to who and what we are as a new light which comes into the world physically visible only to those who could see. Many never did see and it was only when His physical light was put out that the contrast of light and dark become so evident within some that the awareness arose within these individuals as to who and what He was. He then became present within many individuals not as an external light as when He was physical present, but rather as an internal light representing that part of the individual that had become awake.

Those who awakened saw the resurrected Christ but in reality they only saw the awakening of a part of themselves that Christ represented. Yes they did see Him, as others are capable of seeing Him today. But many do see Him in a way that they truly understood/understand what they saw/see. To some He resurrected and was physical real as a resurrected being of light. To others he never awoke. He was dead and still is dead. But in the end, Christ always was and always will be as each of us. He lives in each of us as does everyone else live in us. We can make Him as real as we desire or as dead as we desire. It is only a question of how we choose to focus our attention and awareness.

The question is, “Is that part of ourselves awake to see Christ or is it asleep?” But the same is true of Buddha, Lao Tzu, Confucius, Plato, Aristotle, Galileo, and each and every other teacher that ever existed. They are all within us. We only have not awaken to that fact. And when we do, the light within our being will grow to be so great that we cannot exist in the physical experience for we will see nothing but light and there would not be the contrast of light and dark, dormant and awake consciousness to produce the physical experience. It needs to be realize the external world is only a reflection of our internal world. When our internal world becomes too bright, a physical experience is impossible. We can only have a physical experience when part of ourselves is asleep, and a major part at that.

The collective consciousness is a process. It forms as more and more individual points of consciousness awaken to the commonality they share with others. Since awaking lies on a spectrum and moves from dormant nonconscious to consciousness through a subconscious awareness, it is when the subconscious becomes sufficiently awake that it embraces and sees other like itself and the collective consciousness forms. As a result, the individual points of consciousness that awaken from dormant noncosnciousness into consciousness will be tied to that collective to which it was attached as it was awakening. For us it is humanity. We carry the human collective consciousness within our subconscious. We each will need to go into our subconscious and break the ties that we have with the collective if we are gong to become free and self determined at every level of our being. To do that it is like escaping the pull of gravity and going into orbit.

Going into orbit - escaping the collective (Top)

For each of us to break out of the collective consciousness, it will be like trying to put a rocket into orbit and then break free to fly past the moon. For each of us to be born a human, we assumed a role in humanity and in the collective. Since everything is interconnected and the role of others is connected to our role, unless we become aware of this interconnection, the universe itself will limit what we can do.

It is not that the universe is personal and looks to keep us bound and control what we do with our life and how we expend our creative life energy. There are no judgements on what we create. Rather it is like a rocket trying to break the pull of gravity to escape into space. The earth has nothing personal against the rocket when it pulls back trying to keep it at its surface. We have to have sufficient energy and knowledge of the principles of flight, knowledge of gravity, material science to build what we need, to break free. Otherwise we remain bound within the confines of gravity. So too with what we desire to create.

Unless we become aware of the principles we need to break free of our role in the collective, we will remain bound in that role. In the same way each piece of mass of earth pulls back to hold the rocket to the earth, each consciousness within humanity within its defined role tries to hold us in our role and where humanity collectively thinks we belong. It needs to be noted here that as said above humanity has a consciousness and a role to play within a larger Creation. It has an ego as to who and what it thinks it is. This collective ego interferes with and blocks the role of humanity just like any individual and how our ego blocks the role that we incarnated to play.

In addition to our own ego holding us back to play the our role, the ego of the collective holds us back. The reason is that if we succeed in transcending our enculturated ego and either play the role we incarnated to play or changing that role in awareness and understanding, we demonstrate to everyone else that both are possible. It is possible to transcend one’s enculturate ego to play the role we incarnated to play and if we choose to become aware and gain understanding, to transcend the role itself and change the role.

This of course means that for the world seeing us in either of these situations, the world would have to become aware that they too have a role which they are fully capable of finding and fulfilling and if they so choose, transcending. As long as we exist as that example, we will force them to change so they are left with one of two choices. They can deal with the changes that we bring to light by our example or put out the light and live in unawareness.

Unfortunately, it is easier for the collective to pull back rather than helping us to go forward. For if we were to break free, we will have to have a sufficient internal fire strong enough to provide the thrust to break free and to go into that equivalent of orbit and eventually free of the collective all together. For most of us, our creative passion to create what we came to do is more that a sufficient to fuel such a journey and allows us to break free of the collective. However, that is why the collective so dislikes truly passionate individuals and they are contained rather than normally being allow to be free to pursue their passion.. They will be an example for what is possible for all. Each would become a light unto themselves and we would no longer be able to see ourselves a human. Too many lights would spoil the darkness. So in the end, it is easier to turn out the lights. But, it is not humanity that is awakening, it is the consciousness that lies beyond humanity so there will be more bright lights than one could every imagine.

Critical mass of enlightenment (Top)

In actually, humanity, as humanity, is coming to a cross roads. The light is becoming too strong for humanity to survive as it did for thousand of years. There is too much awakening and awareness occurring as to how Creation works and we create our reality. Too many individuals are becoming enlightened about Creation to allow humanity to continue as it has in the past.

As with each of us, we will have a choice of stepping out of our mind and ego or having our ego destroy who and what we are. The way humanity will step out of its ego is through what can best be described as a critical mass of enlightenment. This is where a sufficient number of individuals stepping out of mind and out of their egos and live the life they incarnated to live. It is not necessary about becoming enlightened in any traditional sense. Rather it is about become enlightened as to the truth within our own being. When a sufficient number of individuals achieve a level of understanding about Creation (becoming “enlightened” on the topic of Creation) to reach a level of understanding that allows humanity to shift its identity of no longer be captive of the ego of the past both collectively and individually the world will radically change. However, enlightenment about Creation and stepping out of the ego is not what most think it is.

Enlightenment is usually seen as something that arises out of meditation and through the Eastern mystical traditions. It is about achieving some level of spiritual understanding and usually detachment from physical conditions. We rarely talk about enlightenment in the Western mystical traditions and there is a reason for this. Its essence lies in the realization that when we suffer, we can take one of two paths. One is to look inward to see what causes our pain and the other is to look outward. When we look inward, we ultimately come to realize it is our own mind that causes us pain. When we look outward, we come to realize how we focus our attention and awareness determines what we see and experience.

The problem both the inward journey and outward journey never really address is “Why?” Why this form of Creation as opposed to any other?

Although looking inward to see our own mind causes us pain, and that our pair and all our suffering arises because of the desires we have, to attempt to become desire-less does not address why there is pain. The question that is avoided is and needs to asked is “Why pain?” What is the purpose of pain? Nor was there the attempt to understand why does desire exist? What seems to be avoided is the question, “Is desire, suffering, and pain a mistake by the Creator, something to be denied, or do they represent something else that we do not yet understand?” We are more than happy to embrace joy and happiness. We are quite ready to avoid pain and suffering. But we never realize we are only embracing half of Creation when we do that.

Similarly, looking outward we can learn how Creation works - except that it does not tell us why pain exists. We know it exist as a result of the circumstance we experience, but why pain? Why do we need pain? It too avoids the question.

It is the premise of this understanding that enlightenment is no more than understanding the true nature of reality and we can be enlightened on any topic about reality. It totally depends on what we choose to look and how we choose to look. Our choice of how we look biases what we see and experience To be enlightened about Creation and how we create our reality and the reality of those experiences does not necessary mean to be understanding “all if it.” To be enlighten about Creation only means understanding how a human creates their reality and their experience. Understanding the total depth and breath of all of it, both as “all of it” and “All Of It” is not something easily done. To do that, from a human perspective, will be impossible for being human is a creation inside of a creation and is a result of the process.

To think we can become enlightened to understand “all of it/All Of It” by our human mind or with our human mind is impossible. We can only return the Source of all being and explore the Source in all of its aspects. That can be done but what we will find will not be able to be communicated with human understanding as discussed in the topic “The Problem of Mind and the Experience of the Source of Creation.” It can only be experienced. But that is not the level of understanding needed to change humanities perception of itself. We only need to learn to understand exactly who and what the human is and that won’t happen until a sufficient number of individuals understand who and what they are and live that truth. Then they will create the space for humanity to see and experience itself differently.

There are many different organs that come together to create a body and there are many different facets to the physical plane. The human experienced demonstrates we create by how we focus our attention and awareness. From this understand it can be seen there is a plan for earth within the play of some consciousness and how it has focused its attention and awareness. Humanity has a role in that plan and each of us play a role and part within that play for either earth, humanity and/or both.

If we don’t play the roles we incarnated to play we become like a cancer cell in an organ that can interfere with the organ performing its function. If a sufficient number of cells do not perform their function and become cancerous, the organ will cease to function to maintain the health of the body. It is only in choosing to follow our intuitive guidance and body wisdom that we will align with the role we incarnated to play. No one can tells us what it is and now to do it. We need to explore and learn it ourselves.

To explore the role we incarnated to play, we have to learn to step out of mind and ego and how we think the world works and surrender to the wisdom of what is symbolized in our heart. If we allow the light that is coming into the world as we learn to understand how Creation works to help us to understand our individual and collective roles, we will allow humanity to live and experience Creation in a way that it never had done before. If however, we do not learn from the light we will continue to hold to the past causing an illness to earth itself. As with all illness there will have to be a withdrawal from how we are living our life to allow the healing process to occur. There will have to be a disruption in the way we live if it is only for the earth to heal itself.

Impacts of collective thinking (Top)

Our intention should be to determine what affiliations we create by how and what we think and believe. Especially what we “buy into” and accepting without proof or doing a few of our own experiments. It needs to be realized that any tool or technique that is created and provided to us by anyone carries the intention or reason for its creation and why it was given to us. Those intentions, in turn, influence, if not control, the outcome of our life and what we create with what was given to us. It is the way the collective process works.

There is nothing necessarily sinister about this although some intentionally use this concept knowingly or unknowingly to control others. It is just the way the creation process works and how we are all interconnected. We “buy into” the overall collective thinking when we endorse the approach and/or view of another. The greater the number of individuals that subscribe to a particular view the stronger that collective view becomes. So there is an ongoing subconscious struggle of competing collective views for its endorsement by individuals. This struggle is raised to consciousness through advertising, influence pedaling, proselytizing and the like.

Anyone can create a tool that makes a job easier to do. They can give that tool to us so that we can do that type and kind of job easier. Their intentions seem very honorable. They are making our life easier. Although that may be the case, they are also determining how our life unfolds. By us using that tool that they made we are channeling our life to a way of living determined by that tool as opposed to another way. That way of living then determines a whole way of life. We never see issue in this with things we feel are beneficial such as things like hammers, saws, forks and other instruments that seem to make our life easier.

For example, look at chops sticks and a fork. Both are tools with which to eat such that one does not need to use their fingers. Using chops sticks or a fork make eating more hygienic since one does not need to touch the food with dirty fingers. However, the way a fork or chops sticks are used determines how the food is prepared for ease of use with the eating tool. They also determine what eating customs developed around the use of the tools. Which is better is often a matter of opinion but frequently there are profound differences.. But, nevertheless, there are difference that arise in how we eat and end up living our life because of something as simple as a fork or chop sticks.

The human collective - “the collective” (Top)

There is an understanding of what it means to be human. The understanding of what it means to be human is held by the human collective. As a consciousness, the human collective has both a conscious and nonconscious portion. What lies in the human collective conscious tends to be what it means to be a human being as a social entity and as an life form on earth. What lies in the human collective subconscious are those things that humanity has learned about being human based on the collective experiences humanity has had. What lies in the human collective unconscious is what it means to physically be a human being as opposed to some other animal form.

As a human we each are part of the collective and are influenced by the collective. If we try and create experiences that lie outside the collective we may be attempting to change what it means to be human. In this case what we do is like trying to escape the pull of gravity and go to the moon. The collective exerts a tremendous force on us to keep us within the bounds of what it means to be human.

To escape the force, we need a tremendous amount of passion and a clear intention the becomes a single point focus. Without the energy, we will not escape the pull. Without the clarity of intention, our energy will not be sufficient focused to exactly hit the mark we desire. Without a single point focus we will become distracted.

Also it needs to be understood, in addition to the human collective of what it means to be human, there are smaller collectives reflective of our society and other social structures. Their pull is less and it is much easier to escape them. But they too, can exert a very strong influence especially if there is a tremendously long tradition that go deep into the past. It is like a plant that is not as difficult to remove as a tree. However, it roots nevertheless go deep. Unless we get the root at its depth, it can grow back to haunt us.

One set of beliefs we hold collectively or which are shared beliefs is what it means to be physical and what it means to be human. In this regard, we can have a physical experience in one of two ways. One is for our consciousness to create such a world unto ourselves. The other way is to have a physical experience in an existing physical world and play by the rules of that world This is what we have done. The pair production phenomenon is a way to understand conceptually how energy transforms into a creation within a creation. The “Implications of Pair Production on Our Creative Endeavors” is a way to understand how our energy gets manifested in Physical Creation.

What is interesting is that all humanity is on a collective journey. We know there is a collective journey of which we are all are a part. We only need to look at human history to know this is true. There are many stories that are told about the nature of the individual journey and what the collective journey is all about. All the religions of the world, mystical traditions, spiritual traditions, esoteric traditions and science try and tell this story in one way or another. There is a questions that has not yet been effectively answered about our collective experience. The question is “What story can we tell about the collective journey that both is true for each of the parts, that is, each individual, and yet fully integrated into a total picture?” Alternatively said, the question is, “Which model, which view, which story fully integrates all the pieces and the total picture?” Does such a model, view or story even exist? The recommendation made here is to seek to find such a story. It does exist. Don’t settle for partial answers or partial truth. Look for that story, that model, the paradigm that fully integrates all the piece for that is the true story of humanity and you will find it. You will be quite surprised in what you find.

Desires of the Physical Creation and the human collective (Top)

The collective of Physical Creation as does the human collective influences us and we influence it. Our individual lives are not separate from it and one or the other or both in fact are what caused us to become incarnate. There is “something” the consciousness of Physical Creation desired to make manifest on earth and it is reflected in humanity. That is “something” is carried by the human collective consciousness which both desired us to create and make manifest in the physical world. That “something” lies within our being and within our body.

In the awareness that the inner is reflected in the outer, as discussed in the “Implications of Pair Production on Our Creative Endeavors,” we reflect a desire of Physical Creation expressed through the human collective. In the same way we express our desire and we pull individuals and experiences into our life to fulfill those desires both the human collective and Physical Creation does the same.

Our individuated consciousness and the collective (Top)

Who and what we are is an infinite creative being who has only assumed the identity of a human being and intentionally allowed itself to forget who and what it is to have a physical experience. Our body is what grounds our energy or hold us to the physical experience. Experiencing Physical Creation from with the body holds us accountable to the rule governing Physical Creation. As such we have limited a portion of our creative power and creative ability for the purpose of having the physical experience. We can create whatever we want as long as we experience it from within the body while we are in Physical Creation.

In order to have the Physical Experience as a human we “buy into” what it means to be a human being based on what the human collective consciousness believes about being human. The human collective contains what is desired to be expressed as humanity. It is part of, or an aspect of, the consciousness which created Physical Creation. Yet, it contains ideas and thoughts just like our mind that it wants to manifests as humanity. The human consciousness has changed and evolved over the years as humanity being to perceive itself differently than in the past. We have a broader perspective that our ancestors of the recent past about a variety of topics. Whether or not it a better perspective is, of course, open to debate.

The goal of being human is not to escape being human but to experience being human. There are things that individuals incarnate to change and/or to bring new experiences for humanity. But there is nothing wrong in being human or with the human experience. It is an experience to be had and savored as any other experience. Our problem is the powerful attachments for or against any aspect of the human physical experience and/or our lives. There are only two things we really need to learn to do as a human being. One is to not take our lives so personally for we are part of a larger experience in which we agreed to participate. The other is to learn true freedom to become like the wind - coming with nothing and leaving with nothing - and be totally present with what is, as it is. That is, to learn to have no judgements or attachments yet create what we desire with the passion of a drowning person has for air.

Working with the collective (Top)

If we perceive only the common shared reality that exist between ourselves and one or more other individuals as the reality that exists, this usually means we deny the reality within. This is most characteristic of the way we live within family and society. We deny any aspect of our own being that does not conform to those around us or is somehow align with them. This way of perceiving reality will also deny the nature of reality if it does not agree with the commonly held thinking. To live from this view is to serve a collective ego as opposed to the individual ego.

Often what we desire to create is so different than what is that we must struggle against one or more versions of collective thinking to create what we desire. In these cases we can expect to meet resistance. In these cases there is a threshold of energy which we must supply to overcome the resistance. Once we direct a sufficient amount of energy to overcome the threshold, we are free of the pull of the collect and our creative endeavor flows freely.

The understanding of our mind is as far removed from the basis which gives rise to the rules that govern physical Creation as planet earth lies within the known Universe. That is, Earth lies within a solar system which lied within a galaxy. That galaxy lies within a cluster of galaxies which lies within the Universe. The awareness we need to access to change the rule of physical Creation is buried as deep as Earth within this Universe. In the same way escaping the human collective is like trying to escape the pull of gravity to go to the moon, trying to change the rule of physical Creation is like starting at planet earth and trying to escape the pull of the Universe. Using conventional techniques it is very unlikely you will ever change the governing rules for Physical Creation let alone the human collective.

Our body and its awareness is both a ground point and bridge point. It is a ground point for it holds our creative spirit to the physical experience. That in turn causes it to become a bridge point. Our bodes effectively bridge the unseen world of our non localized creative spirit and the experience it desires in Physical Creation. This is done through the feelings of the body and what we sense in and with the body.

At this bridge point the control by and desires of the human collective, the control by and desires of the consciousness which created Creation and the control by and desires of our creative spirit come together. The desire of all three intersect at this point and give rise to the Creation we experience ad experienced from within our particular human body. That is an experience of a human being in the particular body we have. It lies at the source of our life and the experience we have in life. This is why our body and knowing what our body feels is so important. The energy of the Source of Creation flows though our body manifesting our physical experience. In learning to feel and discern the energy of creation to discern the influences of the desires of Physical Creation, the human collective and the desires of our own creative spirit. In knowing the intention for our life we can look at Physical Creation as providing a sandbox in which to experience our creative powers. That then allows us to observe the desires of the human collective. When we see where the human collective seems to be heading, we can go back to explore other options as to the intention of Physical Creation. In seeing these three flows of energy we can being to see how to make our life less painful and less of a struggle.

Illness and the collective (Top)

In the discussion accident, illness and disease, the concept of “Genetic Illness and Service To Humanity”was introduced. Although it was give as a separate illness it was stated that it could be seen as a form of “Elected Illness” and “Karmic Illness.” As stated above, our body can be seen as a bridge point where the desires of Physical Creation, the human collective and the desires of our creative spirit all come together. Any one of these three conscoiusnesses can desire an illness as in an “Elected Illness” for the experience it provides. Similarly, any one of these three consciousnesses my causes us to deny and aspect of the other which in turn, fails to finance health. The main point here is that the human collective can cause us to live our individual life in a way that causes us to go again the nature of Physical Creation such that we make ourselves sick and/or cause ourselves to have pain.

There is within the human collective unconscious are what can best be described as our family lines or genetic strains to be manifested and played out. These lines come more from the desires of Physical Creation and one of the higher collective consciousnesses than the human collective. That is why they lie in the human collective unconscious. That is, that part of the human collective that is the unconscious portion of the human collective. As a family line or genetic strain, they can cover a whole range of humans. They, in turn, are carried within individual coded in their body and found deep within the unconscious with the beliefs of what it means to be a human being as a physical entity.

If we as an individual fail to live our truth, we risk creating disease in our bodies. If we fail to live the family truth or truth of our genealogy or the truth of our family line, we create disease in the family line and can pass that on through the family line. This is not so much about the family tradition, but the family genealogy. That is, our genetic make up gives a genetic predisposition to do certain types and kinds of things. If we continually deny doing them generation after generation when life calls us forth to act, we risk creating illness. It is not about expressing everything we can possible express that is carried within our genes. Rather it is about flowing with life in the understanding there are reason for our incarnation. There may be thinks that Physical Creation itself desires to express in, and through us, and it gives us genes to do so. When we deny that desire we divert the creative life energy that is sustaining us and risk creating some type or kind of undesirable experience. In essence we fail to live our truth at a very deep level within our being. Or, what often happens is that we are given genetic talents to be able to act in a certain way with certain abilities. Creation then calls us forth to act but we refuse and do not act. It is when the family generation after generation fails to act on the genetic predisposition that family possess when they are called to act.

Implications of the collective (Top)

To become free and self determined at every level of our being, we each will need to break free of the collective consciousness and the collective lies deep within our subconscious and unconscious. Whether we see the collective consciousness as a myriad of past lives we have to explore as did Buddha or as something analogous to pull of gravity trying to hold you back, it doesn’t matter. We will have to work through the collective consciousness as if it is our own, for it is. It is a part of us and we are a part of it.

The easiest way found to break through this barrier is aligning with the creative passion found within what is symbolized within our own heart and to live it in the spontaneity and innocence of childlike play of discovery and exploration. In the same way an astronaut prepares to go into space on a well engineered and tested rocket, we can prepare to break through the collective consciousness by getting in touch with our creative passion and relearn to enter creative play and how to live in that state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play. In doing that, we can then set any intention we wish that will require breaking through the collective consciousness to manifest it for we are equipped with the tools we need to break through and go well beyond it.

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