The intention for our life is the source of our creative power


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Power is the flow of energy per unit time. Creative power is about the flow of our creative life energy per unit time to create. It is about passion and enthusiasm for life, for living and for creating life. In particular it is about creating the life we incarnated to live.

The dream of the heart or intention for our life is the source of our creative power. Since it represents the concentration of the creative energy that brought us into life and is source of our passion for life and for living, it is the source of our ability to do, to create and to make things happen. Aligning with the intention that brought us into the world allows us to access the source of our creative ability for our creative power is directed towards manifesting that intention.

To access the depth and breadth of our creative power this dream within the heart must be awakened for the optimum creative power available to us is directed towards its unfoldment. After all, it is way we incarnated. Our body and our creative ability and creative power where designed to manifest the intention for our life.

When we are not aware of the dream much of our power tends to lie dormant. Usually it lies dormant as a result of the conditions of the life which it experiences. As a result of the nature of physical Creation which continually draws us away from the necessary internal focus, few ever have the space for this dream to be free to unfold naturally. Most only drift in or towards the general direction required to manifest this intention. This is because they are carried by a very deep slow moving undercurrent as a result of this flow. Through this undercurrent one can normally access a sufficient level of creativity energy to create the life they have choose to live.

In many ways it is like aligning with the current flow and direction of the river. It also provides the door way to optimize and/or increase our creative ability for it come from the source of our being and through that doorway we can access the Source of Creation. In aligning with the dream we access the source of our creative power and the Source of Creation for the flow of energy that sustains our being flows from this Source. But it can only be felt and one must be open to feeling to access it. We must feel its pulse and its flow of energy. Mind will not properly understand it and that is one reason why it is said to be dream. Mind can understand it as a dream but most often not as a reality to unfold.

Our creative spirit desires to manifest this dream or intention with the life we have. Relative to what this creative spirit desires to create, the function of mind is to figure out how to create a space within the world to manifest this dream. However we do have a free will. We are free to choose however we wish to unfold the dream of our heart and we do not have to unfold this dream. Since we have a free will we are free to create what we wish. There are no judgements on what we choose to create. There are only consequences to what we create for the time and place in which we live. However, unless we access it, we will not access the total creative power available to us and we will be unable to fully understand what we possess and why there is an unknown pull in our life.

In some ways it is like buying a car or a truck for a specific purpose. We now have a vehicle for our original intention. If we choose to do something else with the vehicle now that we have started our journey we may or may not have an adequate vehicle for what we now desire. We will have to check out the attributes and features of the vehicle we have to see if the vehicle can do what we now desire it to do and learn how to use these features for our new desire. Having chosen a bulldozer to move a mountain does not serve us too well if we now decided to take a long cross country trip. It can be done but not necessarily quickly, comfortably or in a way comparable the way others would take a cross country trip.

When we access the source of our creative power, we can come to an understanding as to why we carry the intention that we do. Then in the wisdom of that understanding we can choose to live or not live the intention for our life. What we will gain is the ability to access the depth and breadth of our creative power. If we do not access the flow of energy that is pushing us towards manifesting this intention two things will occur. One is that we will not optimize our creative power but only using a faction of it. The other is there will be a constant pull or undercurrent in our life.

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