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 Influencing the flow of energy before it manifests 


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Whether we desire to admit it or not, influencing the flow of energy before it manifests has been the goal of many prayers and spiritual and religious traditions. Any petition made to any unseen power in any way is an attempt to influence the flow of energy before it manifest. The hope is to access or appeal the controlling power or force to change whatever it is doing and where it is planning to move more in favor of our desires and wishes. From a creativity perspective attempting to do this is to look in the wrong direction for what we are trying to do.

From a creativity perspective, influencing the flow of energy is about sensing an energy which is flowing to manifest a creation and either divert it or amplify it. The main issue which is faced is to be open to feeling and what we are feeling then to discern what we feel to discern one flow from another. Additionally, we need to become aware of what we think and believe and how we focus our attention and awareness by now and what we think and believe. Each intention we hold creates a flow of energy. Although the flow of energy we create within our being with our intention should be the strongest energy we sense, more often than not, this is not the case. Rather, than focus inward, we focus outward and that outward focus tremendously interferes with what we are able to discern within. The more we can learn to focus inward to sense the flow of energy from our own creative life energy, the more we will be able to sense the flows of energy which arise as a result of the intentions we hold and discern it from the energy we sense within our being which originate outside ourselves.

When we begin to discern the flow of energy, we can the focus on any flow and see how what we think and believe are influencing that flow. We then have a choice of choosing what we think and believe to direct the flow more in alignment with the life we wish to create. Or, we may see that a particular flow of energy does note serves us in some way. If the flow comes from within, we can change the flow. If the flow comes from without, we have the possibility of stepping out of that flow. We can then choose to step out of that flow into a flow which better serves us. However to do any of this, we need to be open to feeling and work to address the reason why we shut down our ability to feel.

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