To choose or not to choose the intention for our life


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There is the famous line spoken by one of the characters of Shakespear as he contemplated taking his own life - “To be or not to be, that is the question?” In many ways, a never more profound combination of words have been spoken. Alternatively said, it is “to choose or not to choose,” life But it is a choice we all face whether we realize it or not. It is the choice to be or not to be and live the truth of our being and to embody the dream we carry and fulfill the intention for our life that brought us into existence and gives us life. Or, rather than becoming what we incarnated to become and follow our own truth, do we follow the lead of other and live their dream and what they feel and desire to manifest. In doing so, we kill a part of our being whether we realize it or not.

To choose to live the dream that lies within our heart means that we will have to create the safe and secure space both within ourselves and in our external world to experience the unique expression of our heart, our creative passion. It is to realize our creative passion has been encased in a shell constructed of the pain of the past and all the times the expression of what is symbolized in our heart was denied and our creative play thwarted in one way or another.

The choice is ours. We do not have to live our dream. The universe will not punish us in any way. There is always another time and another place to try again. The universe is more than accommodating. If we feel pushed it is simply because we ourselves are causing the push but we are still asleep to that fact. If we feel pushed it is our own alarm clock trying to awaken us to the fact that we have things to do. Many times when we feel the pain of life that leads to an addiction it is only the alarm going off telling us its time to awaken and become aware. Most importantly, it is awakening us to be - to become the unique creation that we already are and live our creative passion.

Physical Creation gives us the opportunity and experience to create our own reality and share that reality with others. The dream in our heart is the seed for a reality that only we can create and only we can share. If we don’t create that reality all that is lost are some additional experience of creation/Creation that Consciousness will use to show Who and What It is and who and what we are. It simply means parts of Consciousness remains unexpressed. If we don’t live that dream in our heart we will always have another opportunity to create our reality that is reflective of our unique creative passion and, in turn, the diverse creative ability of Consciousness Itself. It is only we who punish ourselves for not living the expectation that we ourselves created and we have all of eternity at our disposal.

It needs to be understood and remembered, we created a puzzle that challenges your own unique creativity. Only we have the key to that puzzle and key itself lies within our body and an awareness that lies behind what we feel. To access this awareness we have to become intimate with our body and our creative spirit in every way. We have to choose to find the key and use the key to unlock the puzzle - and it might be added, only we know where we put the key. No one can find it for us.

Oh, you say your forgot where you put the key? I think not. As you read those words, you probably already had an intuitive insight as to where you put the key, or at least where you must start to look for it. You may not have caught the insight, but was there. You only need to ask your intuitive guidance and it will reveal all that you need for your journey.

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