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At the most fundamental levels, Creation does not work the way our mind perceives reality. When we look into the structure of matter we find a whole new realm. The types and kinds of physical “laws” that we perceive every day do not work quite the same way as we move deeper into the essence of Creation. Classical physical that gave us the ability to put a human on the moon gives way to the realm of Quantum Mechanics.

At the more fundamental levels of Creation, we find most of what makes up what we perceive as solid matter is space. We find energy, fields and probabilities as apposed to fixed solid objects. No matter how hard physicist try, the real essence of Creation appears illusive. We have our theories and ideas. Many of them work quite will. Yet none of the theories which work are intuitively obvious to our mind and what mind normally experiences every day. What mind experiences and perceives is not the way Creation works at the most fundamental levels.

In fact, what we do see every day is only a small fraction of what exists. Our eyes perceive only a very narrow band of the apparently infinite electromagnetic spectrum of energy. Yet what we see and perceive we think are the limits of reality. We often fail to realize we may be only small parts in a much larger process. Our hearing only works if there is air. Our feeling only work within the range of the sensors in our skin. If we have no sensors, like some parts of our body, we feel nothing. Our tastes depends on the specific arrangement of the molecules creating our taste buds. Similarly our smell is also dependent on the arrangement of the molecules of the sensors. Given a different arrangement for all of our body sensors, we would sense and perceive reality very differently.

Yet, no matter how much evidence and information is available that reality is much bigger than what we sense and experience, our mind continually keeps trying to force reality to be what we wants it to be. The struggle between what is and what mind wants and perceives gives rise to much of the pain we face in life.

The issue we face is to step out of mind to see what reality really has to offer. But we cannot always listen to what others have experienced. Since we are all unique and each of us sense reality slightly different, we will need to do our own experiments to see exactly what we know and perceive. We can learn from the experience of others. But we have to eat and digest what is given to us and use what serves us and discard the remained. Otherwise will really never be able to know the truth of reality for we will not know our own truth. Without knowing our own truth, we do not know how much we have biased what we are experiencing. Lack of knowing our own truth biases the realty we see and experience.

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