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From the creativity perspective to create what we desire, truth is seen relatively simplistically. Within this perspective, what is true works for the situation at hand. It may not be the complete truth of the situation and it may be a relative truth but the truth we have allows us to create what we desire. If we have the truth of the situation, we can be effective at what we wish to create. If we have not accessed the truth for the situation at hand, we will not be effective for what we wish to create. It is why the recommendation is made to allow effectiveness to be your measure.

Although this view of truth may be simplistic, in many ways this view of truth is very consistent with the definitions of truth and what is true.

Truth is defined as the state or character of being true in relation to being, knowledge or speech. Truth is seen to conformity to fact or reality and/or the requirements of one’s being or nature. It is a statement or belief that corresponds to reality. It conforms to an identified rule, standard, model, pattern or ideal and is steadfast, sincere or true to some point or ideal. Truth has the quality of being true.

Something that is true is faithful to fact or reality. It is not false or erroneous but real, natural, or genuine. It is correct. It is not counterfeit. It conformance to an existing standard, type, pattern or pedigree and if faithful to a promise or predicted event. That which is true is faithful to the requirements of law or justice and/or is legitimate.

In creating what we desire we encounter two types of truth. There is a relative truth and an absolute truth. Ideally, we would think the creativity perspective would provide us only with absolute truth so that we would know how to create what we desire wherever we are. However, within the understanding provided by the energy consciousness model, it is the existence of relative truth that allows us to have an experience of creation. That it, to have an experience of creation/Creation we have to give up or deny certain truths about ourselves being the creator of what we experience so that we can have the experience of being the creator. This point is discussed in the topics the “Creation is About Forgetting” and “The Need to Become Lost.”

Relative truth is true for a given situation but not necessarily universally true. If a relative truth is universally true, then it becomes an absolute truth. The existence of relative truth is what allows us to create the illusion of mind to have an experience of creation. Creatively, a relative truth is anything that allows us to create what we desire. This means what is true for one creative endeavor will not necessarily be true for another. This is because we create our experiences by how we focus our attention and awareness. As such, it is necessary to change our focus form one belief to another to have different types and kinds of experience. To have an experience of war with a country we need to hold a different set of beliefs than if we are going to have peace. Both sets of beliefs have to be seen as truth. Otherwise, if we don’t believe it, we would not act.

Absolute truth is true any where, any time, any place and is totally independent of the one how uses the truth. Absolute truths are like the laws of physics. They work the same every where regardless of race, creed, national origins and anything else humanity creates and thinks is truth. Truth does not change because we change our thinking.

From a creativity perspective, the issue is not whether or not we posses and act on a relative or absolute truth. The issue is whether or not we hold our creativity sacred. That is we let go of whatever binds our creative spirit allow it to become truly free to have the experiences we incarnated to have. Ultimate the issue is freedom of our creative spirit from the past.

This is where the whole concept of transcending the human body and physical experience arose. Most of us become very attached to the experiences we have. In doing so, these attachments can be seen binding the flow of our creative life energy or our creative spirit or the and putting our creative spirit in a cage of our own making. In essence, we create hell. To be free of these attachments, we become free to create whatever we desire. In essence, we find heaven.

To have the physical experience, our creative life energy must localize in the body and our creative spirit must attached itself in some way to the body. It does so by believing it is the body and the experiences it has. Hence it is only natural to think that if we can some how transcend the body and transcend the desire for a physical experience we will find freedom and heaven.

However that is not the case. We can become attached to any experience in any reality of Creation. It is just that the physic experience seems to be the most intense and correspondingly most enjoyable. The issue is not to transcend anything. The issue is to not bind our creative life energy through our attachments for or against any experience. It is to become like the wind, coming with nothing and leaving with nothing.

Creativity concepts which seem to be absolute truths

Given our finite mind and the limited number of experiences we have had of an infinite Creation it is rather difficult to say what is really an absolute truth. We have not been everywhere and had every possible experience to know what is an absolute truth. Nevertheless, from the creativity perspective and what has been observed so far, there only a few concepts which could be considered absolute truths. A few of the more important and most common ones are state here.

The recommendation is to not take these at face value because they are stated here. Do your own observation and see if they are true. If you can’t seem to prove them one way or another, look to see if holding them as true is effective at help you create what you desire. If they are effective, use them as true. If they are not, find something that works better.

Energy consciousness: Energy and consciousness are different forms of the same material. That is each is the ability or capacity to cause and effect and/or make something happen. If you wish, we can add that each allows us to do work.

Our energy goes where we focus our attention and awareness: Our creative life energy goes, or flows to create an experience of, where we focus our attention and awareness. In directing our creative life energy in such a way, the energy molds itself into a form to give us an experience of that on which we focus. That is, it gives us an experience of our creation.

We are infinite creative beings: Our creative ability is not limited or bound by the limits of our mind Accessing the truth of any situation allows our conscious awareness to expand and we experience this expansion as a feeling of fulness of being or simply that we are expanding. Similarly, we can experience a feeling of contraction or have the awareness of become less than who and what we are with the imposition of a limit and barrier on the free flow of our creative life energy by mind. What serves us allows for a feeling of expansion and freedom and allows us to step into the role of being the creator of our experiences. What doesn’t serve us is a feeling of contraction and that we are becoming less that who and what we are. It is a feeling or awareness that in some way we are denying a truth. These feelings can be used as an internal compass to guide us in our creative endeavors of which our life is one such endeavor.

Creativity is the language of consciousness: Creativity is the language of consciousness in that what we create allows us to communicate who and what we are to another. This is why we need to hold our creativity sacred for it is what allows us to share how and what we are. When we deny any aspect of our creativity, we deny ourselves to ability to communicate a part of ourselves.

Other truths: Are there other truths? Absolutely. Do they need to be similarly stated. Most probably. But these few are the ones that have been found to be the most important to help us access and release our unlimited creativity.

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