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Creation in the physical world, as a result of the nature of Physical Creation, will always have an element of pain, trial, difficulty, challenge and the like. Consequently, although there is a faster, easier, gentler and more playful way to create whatever we desire, this does not mean our creative journey even with a faster, easier, gentler and more playful way will be painless and/or without challenge. But the truth is that it is not the pain we may face that will be our problem. Nor is it the challenges we may face in a creative endeavor. Rather it is our own mind. Our mind will stand in the way and be the biggest obstacle we will ever face for several reasons. In the end, we may not get that gentle phoenix simply because our mind did not/does not understand what is required to get it and/or it is willing to get out of the way of what needs to be done.

The possibility of having a gentle phoenix is not the issue. It can and has be done by others. There are several discussion available about the possibility of creating a gentle phoenix and what is meant by a gentle phoenix. The discussion topic "A Faster, Easier and Gentler Way" discusses: the concept of how a faster, easier and gentler way is possible, an approach, and the key to creating a gentle phoenix. The discussion topic "What Does Faster, Easier and Gentler Really Mean?" addresses more exactly what exactly is meant by a faster, easier and gentler way. But the real issue we face when we hear about a faster, easier, gentler and more playful way to create something is our own mind.

The issue of mind tends to involve one, or a combination of, three things. One is its expectations. A second is what it experienced in its past. And the third is something must die - something must leave our life - to create something new and the mind is normally terrified of idea of its death in any way. Each of these issue with mind can, and will, cause us pain and take us away from that gentle phoenix. How much pain we create for ourselves is our choice. The essence of a faster, easier, gentler and more playful to create and/or experience any creation is understanding mindís relationship to the origins of pain in the creation process and learning how to avoid or mitigate it.

The first issue of mind is our expectations. Our mind has its ideas of what needs to done to create something and its ideas of what faster, easier, gentler and more playful should look like. However it will be wrong and the more we hold on to those expectations the more pain we can expect to experience. After all, to create is to bring into existence something not previous seen or experiences. Since mind only knows the past it will not know what to expect and the more we hold on to our ideas of how things should be the more pain we can expect. Quite simply we have to learn to let go of ALL our expectations about what we desire to create.

The second issue of mind is what our mind has experienced in the past. Each of us have placed our creative spirit and its creativity in a cage of our own making as a result of the experiences we have had. Most often this was done without us being consciously aware of doing it. When we were small. innocent and didnít have a mind with all its judgments and perceived notions, we freely stepped out to create whatever we desired. As our creativity and actions become thwarted for whatever reason we responded in a way to protect ourselves. So there was the need to erect defenses in which we hide behind. Yet, in responding to protect ourselves we created a barrier limiting our freedom of moment expecting the future to give us more of the past in the same way. Then we wonder why we cannot create what we desire when we cannot freely move in the direction we need to go. More often than not, we need to go back and remove these barriers we created. In doing so we must risk revisiting the pain of the past which gave rise to the barriers in the first place to learn to respond in a way that does not limit our creativity. Although we may resurrect experiences of pain, we can come to see we are not bound by that pain.

The third issue of mind is that in any creative endeavor something must die - something must leave our life - to create something new. The simplest way to look at this is that we only have so much time and energy and all of that time and energy is already occupied by our life in the life we are currently living. To bring something new into our life, we must let go of something - something must leave our life. But letting go of anything can be painful if we hold on too tightly. How much pain we experience depends on how strongly we refuse to let go that which must pass.

Similarly, the mind that created the experiences we are having is not the mind that will create the experiences we desire to create. If our current mind could create those experiences we would already have them. So a part of our mind must change. A part of our mind must die to who and what it thinks and believes and how it identifies itself. But mind is often afraid of what must change. It is afraid of how much change it will need to have. It is afraid it will not get what it wants and likes, it is afraid it will not be who it is and it is afraid of the changes it will need to face to create what it desires. So mind will resist and continually push back to what it knows rather than move on to something new.

To over come these limitations of mind it is essential one learn to calibrate their internal compass and come to understand the feeling that one feels when their true needs are nurtured and they are free to move into the expansion of their full being. It is about learning how to use oneís intuition to guide their life and to know what direction they need to move into life. It is to learn to navigate from the heart allowing the heart to set the direction for oneís life and the mind attending to the details to allowing it to unfold.

Although following the heart will not guarantee a painless journey, it will provide a fulfilling journey and the fastest, easiest, gentlest and playful way to create what we desire.

If you desire direct information about the procedure involved in making the transformation to gentle phoenix it is suggested you read the various files which discuss a faster, easier, gentler way to create something to understand what is exactly meant by faster easier and gentler. Then calibrate your internal compass and learn to use your intuition to guide you through life and navigate from the heart. Learning to follow your heart ( the feeling of the expansion of being) and your intuition is the essences of the process

All that you need to transform yourself including a gentle phoenix is posted free on the web. You may want to access the password protected area to help find things faster but all is already posted free for your taking. If you want specific guidance for your own unique problems and journey, assistance can be provided. Consult the web site Gentle Phoenix Services for additional information.

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