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The topic, "A faster, easier and gentler way," explains how a faster, easier and gentler way is possible. As stated in that topic, faster, easier and gentler is in comparison to another path. That is, the path we would have taken as opposed to the path we did take. We really cannot do a comparison as to whether or not our actual transformation is faster easier and gentle. The reason for this is once the transformation is done, we cannot go back and "de-transform" ourselves to do it again to see if what we did was actually faster, easier and gentle. Once the transformation is done, it is done and we are forever changed. We will never have the perspective which we had before we started the transformation. All we can do is look what others have done and use the methods of those that had a faster, easier and gentler transformation than those that did not. But if only one path is taken, it is hard to say with irrefutable and definitive proof that it was faster, easier or gentler. This is actually what we face. In any transformation or creative endeavor, once the transformation is done or the creation is manifested, there is no need to do it a second time. The path is only taken once.

In this regard, in many ways how fast, easy and gentle a transformation is can only be determined in hindsight and comparison to other paths not taken by oneself but taken by another Hence creating the gentle phoenix is really about applying the lessons learned of others so as to make the journey faster, easier and gentler from the very beginning. It is like taking a trip form New York City to San Francisco. One can look at what may occur if we walk, take horse, ride in a car, ride in a bus, take a train, take a boat or fly because others have taken such a journey. Based on the experience of others, one provides a faster, easier and gentle way than any of others. However, the experience we have in any one of these ways is quite different. It is here the intention for our life and what we desire to create become the dominate issues. If our intention is to only travel by boat, we are locked into what we can do unless we change that intention for we will constantly be pulled to traveling by boat and never feel fully satisfied if we use some other mode of travel.

It does need to be noted here that mind may not judge what happens as either faster, easier or gentler. What our mind thinks and expects as to what a faster, easier and gentler transformation experience looks and feels like most will not correspond to what we actually experience. The reason for this is quite simply. Creating a gentle phoenix is a creative endeavor superimposed on any other creative endeavor we are undertaking. As such, mind, as with any truly creative endeavor, does not have the experiences to know or understand how to create it. Here we have to use the lessons learned of others where applicable and surrender to the flow of energy created by our intention and be lead of our intuitive guidance. We need to realize even the lessons learned of others may not be of assistance.

What needs to be understood is the Universe does not seek to create pain. There is a gift in pain and pain is a warning and an alarm. Our intuitive guidance will always lead us in a way that avoids, or at least minimizes, the pain and yet have the experiences we incarnated to have. However, we must be open to using it and following it. By setting the intention to have a gentle phoenix and surrendering to the flow of energy created by that  intention, we open ourselves up to following the less painful path in the fastest way for energy always follows the path of least resistance. However, .gentlest is achieved through being consciously aware of the lessons learned of others and this is where conscious and nonconscious support of another or others makes a big difference.

The fastest and easiest way for water to flow down hill is over a water fall. However that is not the most gentlest way if we are going down stream in a canoe. However, if we have someone who can help to portage our canoe around the water fall, our path can be made quite substantially gentler. When the portaging is done consciously, willingly and enthusiastically by someone who knows the path, it can be done quite a joyful experienced. However when the help is provided grudgingly with complaining all the way by someone who does know or understand the path or what is being done, it is not so joyful a journey. Analogously, that is the different between conscious and nonconscious support Conscious support of another is done willing and joyfully because they know the path. Nonconscious support by another is usually done in a much less joyful and even struggling way because they too do not know what they are experiencing.

The key understanding to create a gentle phoenix is to realize surrendering and aligning with the flow of energy created by our intention creates the fastest and easiest path. Using the old proverb, "An individual learns from their mistakes, a wise individual learns from the mistakes of others, a fool never learns" using the lessons learned of others who have gone before us allows for the gentlest path. The questions then becomes: (1) "What do we need to do to be able to discern, surrender and hold focus on the flow of energy given rise to our desired creation;" and (2) "What particular information do I need from the experience of others to make my journey as gentle as possible?"

The bottom line on a gentle phoenix is that the gentle phoenix is a process that we can use to transform our life or in any creative endeavor in a relatively faster, easier and gentler way that what we would otherwise experiences. Whether it can be proven to give an individual a faster, easier and gentler transformation is a question you must decided for yourself.

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