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There is an inherent calmness within the flow of energy giving rise to any creation we experience as it flows to dissipation. This calmness accompanies the inner satisfaction and can be obtained by surrendering and aligning with the flow of energy giving rise to the creation.

Our destiny and our birthright are to be conscious creators of the experiences we have. However, life for many life for many feels like a roller coaster ride with never ending ups an downs. Many have learned to turn to meditation and similar practices to calm themselves and find piece and satisfaction in life. However, when we are open to feeling, set a clear intention for what we desire to experience and then surrender to the flow of energy giving rise to that experience we can experience a profound calmness within our being as deep, if not deeper than, as can be obtain any other way.

When we create what we desire, there is a deep satisfaction in manifesting that creation. In becoming the creator through a clear intention and surrender to an experience of our own creation we are fulfilling our inherent nature. We are being who we are. We are being true to ourselves. We are exercising our power as a creative being that we are. That truth provides the profound calmness of being. The calmness arises whenever our creative life energy is free to dissipate in the experience we desire to have.

Often it feel difficult and tiring as we struggle against the obstacles in our life. However, if we are willing to surrender to the flow of energy we create in the intention we set, there is a calmness and inner satisfaction that exists throughout the creative process. That is not to say there will be no difficulties to face and/or disappointments as we have our seemingly false starts as we gain that minimum set of requisite experience to create what we desire. But, no matter what we face we will still have a calmness and inner satisfaction. There is a knowing that this is were we need to be and what we need to do to create what we desire. The more we create in alignment with the intention for our life, the deeper the calmness and the greater the inner satisfaction we can obtain.

Whenever we create from the truth of our being, there is a calmness and centeredness that is stronger than its desire of mind can give. It create within itself a single point focus for our life. It is very hard for the mundane world to distract us from such a focus. Many who mediate are able to reach a deep inner peace such that they are unwilling to leave their meditation to go into the world. Here, when we create from the truth of our being, we are actively in the world and unwilling to leave our creative effort no matter what the world is calling us to do. Often individual who create from this level end up walking the left hand path and just don’t quite fit in with the norm. Yet, the alienation is welcome for it allow the creator to continue with their creative efforts without distraction.

As our creative life energy flows into the experience we have, it expands into the experience. If we allow ourselves to have the experience without interference of mind, this expansion can be felt as both a fulness of within our being and a calmness within our being. If we are free to experience the flow of our creative life energy into the experience we have in the moment, the energy dissipates and we feel both the fulness of being and calmness that results from the free expansion of the energy much like the river dissipating in the ocean.

However, if our mind is occupied and occupied in its own thinking, we are not free to fully feel the flow, our creative life energy is not fully dissipated in the experience.. We will not feel the complete fulness of being or the calmness. There are two reasons why this occurs when our mind is occupied or caught in its own thinking.

One is that our mind by what it chooses to think is creating a new flow of energy, or rather diverting the existing flow of energy by, and through, its thinking. The other is that we are often attached to the experience in some way. For example, if we hold a judgement of some type about the experience. Then the energy is not free to flow but some of it remains bound in the attachments. This also can give rise to pain.

Establishing a calmness within our being in surrendering to the flow of energy takes us back to the source/Source where our experiences first take form. All creations flow from the same source/Source. In aligning and surrendering with the flow of energy giving rise to our experience, we have direct access to the source/Source. How we experience that source is another question

Our problem in surrendering to the flow of energy is that the flow of energy which animates the events we experience in our life from the unseen realm and is not something discernable by mind. It is only through feelings we can align with this flow. For many, since mind does not understand what is being sensed, to feel this energy creates anxiety within their being. This unseen step of the creation process where the unseen is orchestrating the pieces for our new creation is often perceived by mind as chaos in our life, the chaos of creation. If we numb what we feel or deny the unseen as we do when we view from within the creation and focus on the silent space between our thoughts, we can experience a calmness. However in doing do, we risk creating an addiction for the calmness does not arise from the flow of energy  flowing to dissipation Rather it arises from the perspective we create with mind. Thinking in itself can become an addition in such instances including our meditation practice.

Calmness of meditation and the calmness within surrendering to our creation

The different between the calmness found in meditation and the calmness found within the creative/creation process is that of endurance. Typically, when meditation is done, we remove ourselves from our normal life, focus our attention and awareness in the manner prescribed by our meditation teacher and meditate. Many find that when they leave meditation they cannot sustain the calmness they achieve and take it into the world. The calmness slowly or quickly dissipates as we enter life and have to deal with all that arises.

In meditation, when you allow your thoughts to dissipate rather than holding and/or acting on any though, the mind stops injecting itself into the flow of energy within your being. As you sit unattached to what you experience you are free to experience the calmness as our energy dissipates in the experience of meditating as a created experience. The calmness we experience arises not from the meditation itself but the experience of meditation. But we can create this calmness in anything we do if we surrender to the experience we have. However most cannot do that for we judge the experience we have as not something we created nor want to experience..

If you think about the meditation , it is really only another created state of mind. The focus of meditation may be to get out of mind but what we experience is a state created by mind. To get out of mind, one must move into what they feel and become lost if feeling allowing the feeling to carry them into the most creative state of being. Most experience this most creative state a spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of ourselves and our world.

The calmness that arise from within the creative/creation process is different. It is with us as long as we stay aligned with the flow of then giving rise to the create we experience. That is, we do not fight what is unfolding. We may not like it but as a creator, we know at some level of our being we created it or agreed to participate in it. We realize that if we do not like it we simply change our intention and look to surrender to the flow of energy of our new intention. As side above, in being the creator, we claim our birthright and fulfill our destiny. In the fulfillment of that destiny there is a great inner satisfaction and calmness.

It needs to be realized that creation/Creation is an experience. This internal calmness is achieve in doing and being a creator experiencing its creation. Calmness can be achieved in sitting and meditating if we realize we are only creating and experience of a particular creation - that of meditating. The point is the calmness most achieve in meditation does not arise from the meditation. Rather it is the fruit of the experience created by mind. It is like painting a picture. There is great satisfaction in the picture when it is done. But painting the picture is seem as work. So too the way many meditations are done. It is work to meditate to achieve the state of calmness. If the meditation is work in any way, the calmness one achieve is only a fruit and will not last.

The calmness should arise in what we are doing. It is like painting. The joy should be found in painting whether or not we every complete the painting. If there is no joy, calmness and inner satisfaction in what we do, then whatever we create is the fruit of our experience and will not last. The “trick’ is to find the joy, calmness and inner satisfaction in what we do. That joy, calmness and inner satisfaction is to become the creator experiencing their creation.

To find this place of calmness in anything we choose to create it is simply a matter of creating a clear intention. Then discern and surrender to the flow of energy which arises from that intention as a single point focus for our life. As a single point focus, we look to all the decisions we make in life to see if they are taking us toward or away from what we desire to experience. To remain in that flow, we will need to become the detached witness and realize all that we are experiencing is only carrying us toward our desired experience. We cannot take what happens to us personally or we will simply be pulled into the mundane of the world and lose focus.

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