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God in the Creativity Perspective

Give yourself permission to explore “God”


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The concept of God in the creativity perspective

God, creative power and free will

The creativity perspective on God

Give yourself permission to explore “God”

There is a set or type of issues related to the passion and energy that you need for your creative endeavors. These issues arise around what you believe about the source/Source of Creation, the source of your own being and the inner and outer creative powers/Creative Powers of Creation. These issues center around whether you can give yourself permission to surrender and live in the flow of energy manifesting your desired creation and experience the passion it may cause to arise within your being. The beliefs about the Creative Powers of Creation often takes one into their concepts and beliefs about God. The two are related but actually very different. One is about facing the truth of what is and the other is about what mind thinks and believes about the truth of what is. Unraveling how your creative ability and power is, or is not, tied to your understanding of God is probably the single greatest issue you will face in accessing the creative ability you need to create whatever you desire.

It is here a word of caution needs be noted. In the same way the principles of science caused many to review their beliefs about the nature of creation as compared to what is taught in many religious and spiritual traditions, the principles and concepts one faces in exploring the source of their creative power will cause one to bridge the physical and the spiritual and the seen and unseen. As such, what you will discover in, or through, your creative endeavors may cause the you to seriously evaluate your beliefs about nature, the nature of reality, about who you think they are, how we create and how we are, and are not, responsible for creating the reality we see before us. Whether or not you choose to change how you view reality will be, as it always has been, your choice.

There is an old Arab proverb “trust in God but tether your camel.” The proverb can be understood two ways and applies to this discussion in both ways. The first interpretation and way it applies is the manner in which it was meant to apply. The issue here is that there are things which are out of your control. There are things for which God is responsible for doing and things for which you are responsible for doing. You can’t confuse the two. You need to explore if you are asking God to do what you need to do and attempting to do things that God need to do. What needs to be explored here is how your concept of God is, or isn’t, confused with the external Creative Power of the Universe that you need to access and utilize for your creative endeavor and the unique aspect of the Creative Power that lies within your own being. However, from a creativity perspective, there is a another and deeper issue this proverb presents and what you believe about it is extremely important.

God, creative power and free will  (Top)

The deeper issue is, “What makes you think that the external Creative Power you experience in the Universe, which many call God, is interested in your camel?” What makes you think that God has a personal interest in you and what you want in your life and what you do. Where did you get such a belief and such thinking. Did you have a personal experience that gave you such a believe or did someone tell you God cares about you personally and you believed them. Then again, maybe you are just afraid and hope and long that God cares about you. Many see God as Santa Claus. That is, they create a list of things they want done and expect the list to be delivered much the way a child expects Santa Claus to bring them their list of presents. Still other see God almost as a servant who is suppose to answer to every beck and call we make. Few see a God giving us a free will to create whatever we choose to create and Who stands back without any judgment whatsoever on what we create. If there were any judgement on what we created we would not have a free will. We would not be free to choose and, in many ways we would only be puppets on a string.

It needs to be remembered, the sun shines equally and without judgment on both the good and the bad. Hurricanes show no preference and neither do earthquakes. Of course, you will say these are things of the earth and physical plane. God is of the unseen and world of spirit. Yet the energy within an earthquake, hurricane or which comes from the sun (other than visible light) is unseen. As discussed in the topic “Energy - the Invariant in the Creativity Perspective” energy and consciousness can be seen as equivalent and spirit is just another form of energy - the capacity or the ability to produce an effect. All we experience, seen and unseen, arises as a form of energy. The more you explore the nature of Creation and creativity you will come to find there is no separation between the seen and unseen. There is only a oneness. But that does not answer the question.

The question is, “Why makes you think the Creator or the external Creative Power that you need to access to create what you desire has any interest in what you desire to create and/or want in your life - what makes you think It has a personal interest in you?” Many may say they feel it. But even if they feel this is true, that does not necessarily means their mind accepts what they feel such that they can live their life in the assurance that they are cared for. Here again, most interpret the meaning of “being cared for” as giving me what I want and desire. Many perceive God abandoning them when they don’t get what they want, have pain or trouble in their life, or suffer come misfortune. Yet, they are more that willing to say all that is good in their life is from God. Yet everything arises from the same “stuff” of Creation.

What is interesting is that there is a way that can help us understand how the Creator has a deeply personal interest in its Creation. But, the problem is the creative powers and creative forces that are the logical and direct result of that understanding do not work the way most individual want them to work. This problem is what the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity seeks to address and help the reader understand.

The creativity perspective on God (Top)

A creativity perspective does not embrace or hold any particular concept of God. Quite simply, all concepts of God are created by the mind of a human. Whether or not you wish to believe this is another issue but it is nevertheless true. The concept of God is an attempt to describe something beyond what the human mind can understand. But the concept itself , whatever it is, is only a construct of the mind. It is not a description of what is. As discussed in under the topic “The problem of mind and the experience of the Source of Creation -the trap of mind” our mind is finite trying to describe an infinite creative power which it experiences.

A creativity perspective embraces any concept of the Creative Power of Creation, which many call God, that allows the individual to access and fully and freely experience the full depth and breadth of their creative power and ability that is possible to obtain. Whatever concept of God that one would use would be a God that allows one to create whatever they desire since each individual’s creativity is held sacred and we each have a free will. To deny our free will would be to deny the Creator of Creation. As discussed in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective we each are an aspect of the infinite consciousness discussed in this story. It is free to do as it wishes and as an aspect of it, we too are free. Do deny our free will is to deny that infinite consciousness.

Any concept of God that would rob one of their creative power would not be seen as holding creativity sacred. Rather it would be seen as controlling and hold creative power unto itself. As such it would not be a concept that allow the individual to fully and freely express their creative power and creative ability. You are free to choose what God ever you wish. Most hold and/or choose their concept of God from fear of choosing wrong and whatever consequences they may suffer from that wrong choice. The only real issue you will face is whether or not your concept and belief about God allows you to create what you desire. Some concepts of God can hold one’s creativity captive. Other concepts allow it the freedom to unfold.

From a creativity perspective it is essential that you understand how your concept of God is related to how you view the Source of Creation and the Creative Power or Powers of Creation. As most are probably aware the concept of God has changed and evolved over the course of human history and you may need to evolve your concept of God that allows you to fully embrace the depth and breadth of your creativity.

The earlier concepts of God in human history were either of a God or gods. As gods in mythology, primitive religions and the like, a god was seen as one a variety of being, often male, seen as immortal and embodying a particular quality or principle. In this case, they were seen as either personifying the principle or quality or controlling it. Such principles or qualities could be the experience of love, courage, strength and the like. Or, the god was seen as controlling a particular element or phenomenon of nature. For example the god of fire or the god of wind. In any case the god was seen as having special powers or influence over some phase or aspect of life. It time, a god could be anything, a person or thing, that becomes the chief object of one’s love, interest or aspiration. In fact, it was not uncommon to say a person influenced by a deep passion or enthusiasm was possessed by a god or a god like entity. That is, they are controlled by some power or force that resides outside the individual.

When monotheism arose, God was seen a the single self-existence and eternal creator and sustainer of life. Some versions of God saw God very involved in Creation as the ruler of life and the universe. Often this God is also seen as being the source or embodiment of specific attributes, principles and/or virtues but not others. Some see God as Love, Truth, and Life. Some version of God are seen as a divine Mind or Spirit. But God is normally not seen as the embody of Evil, hatefulness or be enslaving. Those qualities were reserved for evil forces such as the Devil. Any one particular concept of God may or may not see God more inanimate and as the creative principles that govern the universe.

Within the creativity perspective presented here, the concept of energy consciousness itself gives rise to an awareness or a consciousness/Consciousness within Creation and a creative force lies within Creation. For lack of better worlds, when fully aware and awake it can be called a Cosmic Consciousness. A way to view exactly how this Cosmic Consciousness lies behind Creation and Its role in Creation is provided under the topic of “Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective.” Whether you believe this Story is a correct interpretation of Creation does not really matter. The Story is presented only as a way (metaphorically or as a pedagogical device) as to how it is possible that you have an unlimited creativity ability within you to creative the experiences you have and the entire world of those experienced. All we do is create it collectively with others. The Story provides away that gives the greatest creative power and creative ability to the individual and a way to experience what is the true depth and breadth of one’s creativity. The phenomenon of the pair production provides the starting point as to how we can create our reality but do so collectively.

The question is not whether or not you believe the energy consciousness model for Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective for the creativity perspective that is given is “The” correct view of Creation. Rather, the question is whether or not you are willing to use the understanding and act on it with realization it is the best description offered that begins to describe the depth and breadth of your creative power until you find something better.

The recommendation is made to not accept it or deny what is presented here. Rather it is recommended you experiment with its implications. Many of the implications are presented within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity applications web site information. It is recommended you explore them to see if many of the implication are true for you. Then use what is effective in your life to create what you desire.

In fact, a better recommendation is to write your own Creation Story that reflects the truth of what you know about Creation. What you write should not reflect what you have been told but what you believe. It should reflect your truth about Creation and your truth about the inner and outer creative powers as you understand them. It should reflect your truth and your understanding, not the understanding of others. You can use another’s story but it should reflect your story and what you are willing to live and embody as your truth. You may want to explore many of the Creation Myths and Stories to see which Myth or Story best reflect what you believe and know based on your experiences of life.

If you don’t know what is true, say so. Do not deny the fact that you may not know. If you find you must accept the Creation Story of another, then consider its full implications and see if those implications reflect what you have experienced in life. If the implications are true, then the Creation Story you use is probably an effective description of the origins of Creation. However, if the implications are not true and there is information that conflicts with the Story you chose, then, look to another Myth or Story that more effectively corresponds to what you have personally experienced.

Give yourself permission to explore “God” (Top)

What the concept of God tries to describe and your creative power are related. However, you will not understand the relationship until you do your own experiments and have consciously experienced how it is possible that you are the creator of your experience and the world you experience - all of it. Unless you seen and understand in you own way the seeming paradox of how you are responsible for all of it, yet responsible for none of it, will you understand the true relationship of God, or rather what the concept of God is trying to explain, and the creative powers of the Universe. But, as you can come to see, there no paradox - you are the creator of the experiences you have.

It is recommended that you separate these two concepts the best you can in your own mind until you gain a sufficient set conscious creative experiences to see how they two are interconnected. And you don’t have return to actively study or contemplate this issue. The understanding will come to you as you step into your own creative powers and live true the truth of your own being. You will see and experience for yourself the truth of what is said here.

It needs to be noted that depending on how you view and perceive God, the Creative Power of the Universe, may or may not be related to your God. If you look carefully and objectively, God, whatever you believe and whatever you point to as the basis of your belief is only a concept and belief you have that may or may not be correct as it relates to the true Creative Power. You, of course, assume, or have been told and believe, it is correct or otherwise you would have a different belief about God than you do. You have also probably had experiences that prove to you your belief about God is correct. Yet, the Creative Power to which is referred here has nothing to do with what you believe or what I believe. Rather it is a power, a force, or energy that you, I or anyone else can tap into to create whatever we desire and is often independent of what we believe about God.

It can be shown that you, I or anyone else can develop the ability tap into a seemingly nothingness and create an object in a variety of ways if you know how to establish the correct conditions regardless of your belief about God. There is nothing magical or mystical about it. The key is simply to understand the conditions that need to be created. On this note, it also needs to be noted there is an inner and outer aspect to this Creative Power that is connected through you and the conditions you create within your own being. You need to challenge yourself as to how a finite mind, yours or any other, could adequately and effectively characterize and understand an infinite creative ability that many traditionally try and capture in our concept, and beliefs about God and how anything that is infinite, which God is suppose to represent, is limited by what we believe about it.

The door way to your creative power, the source of your being and to the Creation Power of the Universe that seems to stand outside of you is within your own being. To be able to create anything you desire, we each have to undertake an individual journey to explore our inner world to find the doorway and step through. We cannot stand midway between two worlds. You have to learn to dance between two worlds. One world is a world where all the creative power lies outside our being. The other world is where all the creative power of the universe lies within our being. There are things you can do and create only if you give all your creative powers away to the power outside yourself. Then there are things you can only create if you claim all the creative powers within your own being. Mind cannot live simultaneously with both. Both are true but you can live only at a point between these two extremes.

Unless you can get out of mind, you will not to learn to dance between the two worlds. To be in mind is to try and live at a point between these two extremes or at either extreme. It is to live in the illusion of mind and you actually give your creative powers away to experience what mind creates based on what it believe about itself. Alternatively said, there are things God can do and the human cannot and there are things a human can do that God cannot. Unless you learn the dance between these two you will not access the full creative energy available to you to create and you will live in the illusion of mind and the limitations mind imposes on you. You will become captured and imprisoned by what mind thinks and believes. You learn this dance by consulting your intuitive guidance.

The easiest and fastest way to enter this dance is to get clarity of intention as to what type and kind of world you desire to experience. Then, ask your intuition, “what do I need to do, what do I need to become - what does it look like for me as I create this world I desire?” Then honor the intuitive guidance you get. Do not look for anyone or anything to change first or to act first. The creative power lies within you. You and only you must act as your intuition leads. Others may help but you cannot look for anyone else to change first or ever to understand what you are doing. Hence there will always be a loneliness that arises when you choose to recreate the world you experience.

Yet, it is in that loneliness that you will desire a playmate. You will desire some one with whom to share the world you are creating. This loneliness is the door that opens to understand what God feels and why it is said, “God created the world out of love to share Its Creation.” To live and act from the perspective described in this paragraph is difficult to do without practice and there are many issues you will need to face that you have been enculturated to believe as to who and what your are and what you are, and are not, able to do. To explore your relationship with this Creative Power and to learn how to improve it, you may want to ask your intuition, “What do I need to do, what does it look like to gain a better understanding and a conscious experience of how this Creative Power functions in my life?” Then honor the intuitive guidance you receive.

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