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 Three aspects to being a human being


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It is probably clear to most individuals that the human being is a multidimensional, multifaceted entity. The broadest description of this multifaceted nature is that the human is infinitely dimensional. In essence we are an infinite creative being or a being of infinite consciousness. That is, there are an infinite number of aspects to any one individual and our consciousness spans the depth and breadth of Creation. Comprehending and working with an infinite number of facets is someone of an impossible task. The more common way to view this multidimensional being is to say that each human has a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical component. In this view the human is more like a four stringed instrument where each of these four strings or aspects of our being must be learned if we are going to make harmonious music with our lives.

Although looking at the human composed of a spiritual, emotional, physical and mental facet is effective for many things, there are areas where a different perspective is actually more useful. The triune self is a more traditional way to view and integrate Creation and the multi-facets of the human. It is to view the human being as being composed of three parts or influenced by three aspects. Exactly what is said about each part depend on the tradition or school of thought you access and you cannot expect any one tradition to agree with another. Some of the traditional ways of viewing the triune self are found in the topic "The Triune Self."

From the creativity perspective, these three aspects are defined as follows: (1) our body, its genetics and the world we inhabit;(2) the transcendental mind and transcendental ego; and (3) the enculturated mind and enculturated ego. Although any one characteristic of these three may look like one aspect in some other tradition, such as the Higher Self being associated with the transcendental mind and ego, it is recommended that if we desire to use The triune self for our creative endeavors, we use what is provided here for it focuses on optimizing our creative ability and creative power. In this regard, it is recommended the triune self of other traditions and schools of thought be used for what they have been created.

The body and its genetics and its environment

Out body, its genetics. and the world we inhabit - our body and its environment is the best fit vehicle for the experiences we desire. This is, of course, assuming we chose wisely and not in a blind passion or ignorance - which we can do. We can fall prey to conditions which give rise to making statement equivalent to "a human physical experience sounded like a good idea at the time." In many traditions the body is viewed as the traditional lower self.

Where the body is different in the creativity perspective from most other schools of thought is that the body and its environment are interconnected and not separate from each other. As the manifestation of our creative spirit/creative life energy, our inner world is reflected in the outer world and that outer world is both our body and the world in which we find ourselves. Difficult for our human mind to believe but a direct result of the observer - observed pair reflected in the creator experiencing its creation/Creation.

The body has two parts for consideration. One part is that it is a vehicle for the physical experience. It is the vehicle for a physical experience as a human. There are other vehicles that one can choose for a physical experience. We can look at the vehicle aspect as we would a car, truck, bus, tractor, boat, plane, helicopter, space ship, train, or wherever that can give us mobility to travel around. The question is, "What particular type and kind of vehicle gives us the experience we desire?" In this regard, a human body is the preferred vehicle for the type and kind of physical experience we desired to have.

The other part is that it has a pedigree determined by its genes. You can look at the genes as a refinement of the vehicle. For example, you could choose a tractor but there are many different kinds and types of tractors depending on what you wish to do. So too our bodies. There are many types and kinds of bodies. Some or suited for particular types and kinds of experiences better than others.

The vehicle we choose is determined by two things. One is the desire we have and what we want to experience. It is directly related to why we incarnated. The other is what is made available by the Physical Creation. Physical Creation makes available certain types and kinds of vehicles at a given point in time available for our use. It needs to be remembered, a human being is a creation within and ongoing creation. Physical Creation has its reasons, desires and intentions for what unfolds in Physical Creation and we are participating in that reason.

Many like to think God created the physical world. But they are unwilling to say there are things God wants to happen and we are just fulfilling an assigned or elected role. In accepting such a thing, we lose control over our life and seem to become a puppet on a string. In this case, we seem to be totally at the mercy of God. In this case it appears all that man has achieved is only God directing our lives to fulfill its will. However, an alternative view is that there are currents giving rise to Creation. They are like the currents in the ocean and we play in, and with, these currents to create our experiences. However, there are limits in which we can create within these currents as they exist.

In studying and exploring creativity and looking to Nature at the nature of the creative/creation process, it appears there is the way Creation is set up. We are a creation within a creation and we freely use the currents in creation to create our experiences. In this regard, the recommendation made here is we do our own experiments to see this truth for ourselves.

The transcendental mind and ego

Transcendental ego and transcendental mind are the sum total of all the experiences our awareness has had and the identity we create based on those experiences. They are the essence of all we have been. They include what is called reincarnated past and the like and it is the part of our being that sees past lives and into other realms. In many of the traditional views the transcendental mind and ego would be the traditional higher self.

Depending on the view we hold, as a result of how we have focused our attention and awareness to create our experiences by how and what we think and believe, the transcendental mind can be experienced in several different ways. If we have a perspective of separation, we will experience aspects of our transcendental mind as spirit guides, angels or other unseen entities including our higher self if not a perception of an external God. When viewed from a perspective of wholeness and/or oneness, we experience the transcendental mind as that God within or as experienced as past lives or experiences.

What needs to be understood here is the infinity of our consciousness and how it encompasses all of Creation, the transcendental mind is all that of which we are not consciously aware and/or perceived as our body and its environment. As discussed in the holographic nature of Creation and our being, all lies within. It is why, depending on how we have focused our attention and awareness, we intuitively see Creation arising out of a "Big bang" or knowing there is an intention behind creation which gives rise to the idea God created Creation and it is so hard for us to give up which view we believe. Yet, what we think about anything is only a result of the experiences we have had and what we have come to think and believe.

The enculturated mind and ego

Enculturated mind and enculturated ego are who we have come to believe we are based on the experience we have had in this life time. The enculturated mind and ego are the traditional middle self. Of the three part of our being, the body and its environment, the transcendental mind and ego and the enculturatured mind and ego, the enculturated mind and ego are the greatest part of the illusion of mind.

The enculturated mind copies our care givers and the world in which we incarnated.. We are a copy of the model we are given in our life and we think it is who we are. There can be no greater illusion than this. Exactly what we think and believe is unique to us and we need to do our own exploration of our mind to come to know who and what we really are. No one can do it for us .

Understanding the integration of visualize these perspectives

Each of us are unique aspect of an infinite consciousness which is unaware of its own infinity and creative power. We are unaware of what it is we are really seeking. We are the awake aspect of All That Is experiencing Its creation/Creation. As a unique aspect of this consciousness within, or behind, Creation, we each are a light unto ourselves. We each have a flame, a passion within our heart that both lights our path and energizes our life. Rather than letting it shine out, the experiences we have cause it to become encapsulated in a shell. We see the shell as a protection when in reality it is a cage of our own making. We create this cage at both within our current existence and in every existence we have had. The question is what is the cage created or rather retained by the combined transcendent mind and enculturated mind for that is what keeps the infinity of our being and our unlimited creativity confined.

We need to understand that we can see into the soul of another if we so choose. The eyes are the windows to the soul and into the heart or the essence of one’s being. Analogously, it is much the way we can look into an house through its window to see what lies inside. To be able to look into the soul we need to look past both the enculturated mind and the body and even through the transcendental mind and transcendental ego. In this regard, we need to become aware as to which level we are looking and/or connecting with an individual. Often we connect at one level and they connect at another.

In this regard, it needs to be understood there is an individuated point of consciousness that lies within each of us that is in direct connection with the Source of Creation. The Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective is provided as a way to see how and from where this infinite individuated point of consciousness arises. Each individual point of consciousness is free to experience Creation however it wishes.

One way a point of consciousness can experience itself as a human being in a body and defining itself based on the experiences it has had. Or, it can perceive itself to the detached witness of the experiences of the body never attaching to the existence of the enculturated mind or even the transcendental mind. Or it can perceive itself to be a creator simply experiencing its creation - a human body in Physical Creation. There are a variety of ways in which this infinite individual point of consciousness can perceive itself. The choice is up to each of us for we each are the creator of the experiences we have and the creator of the reality of those experiences. We only need to realize the choice we make determine how we experience Creation and determines what level of creative power we can, and cannot, access. The creativity perspective and the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material attempts to provide us with a perspective which allows us to access the depth and breadth of our creative power and creative ability. Seeing the relationships discussed here between the body and its environment, the enculturated mind and its ego and the transcendental mind and its ego will help us to access that creative ability and creative power.

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