Pain, fear and the avoidance of pain


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Although pain is a messenger, the major issue with pain from a creativity perspective it is simply because pain is painful we try and avoid it at all costs. We expect life to be without pain and pain free. We never see the gift of pain, the precious pearl that can be within pain, and it as a doorway to awareness.

If one continues to hold to anything they will eventually move pass a limit of some type within their being for we are constantly changing. If one has not blocked the flow path of the pain in any way, such as, numbing the pain receptors or blocking the awareness in mind with some addiction, and allowing the natural pain flow path to work, they will feel pain. If one goes to sleep, or becomes unconscious, or they consciously numb the pain as with some pain masking substance or method, the pain is numbed but the attachment still exist. Because the attachment still exists the individual becomes unconsciously bound in some way to a created form or a particular existing or past expression of creation. As a result, they most probably end up being harmed and feel pain. The minimum harm that can be expected, if in no other way, is the loss of their creative ability to create something different. They become bound in that endless cycle of creating a life that produces a seed for the next life much like the last.

If one does not know what to let go, and they are willing to move into the pain to explore the cause of the pain with or without numbing the pain, they can become aware of the cause of the pain. That is, they can become aware of the attachment that they possess. In that awareness they are then free to let go and free themselves from they own creation and the pain becomes a vehicle for awakening. However the problem is, we normally avoid the pain or numb it in some way rather than understanding it.

Fear of pain keeps us from avoiding the indicators that are telling us where we are holding on and when we are identifying with our creations. Identifying with our creation is when we see what we create as part of ourselves as opposed to only a product of who we are. At the risk of being a little bit crude, your body wastes which we defecate is a product and creation of who we are. It is not us. If we hold onto it and do not let it go, we become constipated and cannot function. We end up shutting down the entire flow path of the intestines and digestive tract and we die. So too the identification with any of our creations no matter what they are. They too, no matter how beautiful they may be, are our waste produces just as much as they are our fruits. We need to let them go. Otherwise we have no room for anything new and shut down our entire creative flow. If we hold onto them we constipate the creative process.

It is the information within the pain itself that tells us where to look and release. If we fear the pain and never look into its origins, we never find the freedom from it. The sad thing is that, that which many of us fear most, pain, is that which is ultimately the most freeing - if it is understood for the gift that it is. However, if you are afraid of pain, you will never become aware. If we fear the pain and avoiding it and never allow it to arise or deny its existence, the fear begins to control our life and we bind ourselves within the attachments we have to the forms that we have created in the past. Hence we continual give our power away to external conditions rather than facing the origins of our fears and our pain. In doing so, we become more and more bound to particular created forms of existence. The process is rather simple. But can quickly become complicated. We have an attachment like a strongly connected nut and bolt. They cannot be simply pulled apart - one needs to apply a leverage and unscrew them. However, often they are so old they are rusted together. Often they are so old the origins of our pain are lost.

Pain arises to warn of the hazard. However, we feel the pain and continually put emotional energy into the attachment rather than letting it go. Slowly over time we create that pearl with pain - that irritant which causes pain becomes coated with the emotional energy. However that energy if not released gives birth to a life of its own and the pearl turns into a egg which hatches into a monster in our life. The fear of pain begin to control our life and we run from the pain never looking at the attachment what causes the pain to arise in the first place. Hence we continue to foster a victim consciousness and give our power away. We run from the external threat rather than looking into the real hazard that is present. You do not necessarily need to cause yourself pain if you can begin to view from a creativity perspective and hold your creativity sacred and allow your creative spirit and the flow of energy that sustains you to become like the wind - coming with no attachments and leaving with no attachments.

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