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Integrated whole with four aspects of being


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Although a human being is whole and complete as we are, traditionally, humans have been viewed as being composed of a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspect since these four aspects seem so different from each other. Most people would support breaking the human into these four aspects. What is probably not clear that it is our responsibility to learn how to address the true needs of these four aspects and bring them back into a wholeness. No one can do that for us. If we neglect any one aspect or fail to develop our unique understanding of each aspect our whole being will suffer. In particular, there will be experiences that are presented to us as part of our reason for incarnating that we will be unable to play and handle. All four aspects are really all one. They are all a form of energy. They permeate each other each causing ripples in the other, but they need to be worked and mastered separately to fully understand the cross over effects. We well need to spend some time working and learning how to use each on much the way a musician must learn to tune and work with each string of a four stringed instrument.

If one looks at these four aspects of being very carefully, they will see the spiritual and mental aspects are actually very much the same except that we view them differently. The spiritual aspects of our being and our mental aspects of our being are both mental aspects. They is, they are both creations of our mind and they both live in the world of our imagination. That is, they both have same attributes that we associate with mind for our mind is what thinks that thoughts of each. They are both analytical, judging, have liked and dislikes and hold memories. The main difference is that the mental aspects of our being we develop in our current incarnation and focus it outwards toward our current life. Our spiritual aspects we tend to see as transcending the physical plane and cutting across into the unseen realms. What is real is not the thought we have as to whether it is spiritual or mental. Rather, what is real is the energy giving rise to the thought we have.

The spiritual - mental separation is something we as a human being have created. It does not exist in reality. That which is spiritual or reflective of the spirit is the acknowledgment a oneness and interconnectedness of being and transcends the physical. That which we call mental is our acknowledgment of our individuated consciousness and what we hold separate and seemingly apart from the sprit.

In working with our unlimited creativity in the physical world and in society it is probably best to leave the mental and spiritual as separate and look at four aspects of being. However, it needs to be clearly understood is that which separates the spiritual from mental is our definition (independently or collectively made) and both reside in that aspect of being that we would call imaginary or that which is not necessarily grounded in physical reality other than a thought is a flow of energy in the brain.

The key to understanding these four aspects of being is to realize that the spiritual and mental aspects are what controls our energy flow and it is how we choose and what beliefs we hold that determine that flow. It needs to be realized that all our choices and our beliefs are integrated and are multi-dimensional so that there are choices and beliefs that do not appear to make a difference in our physical lives because they are being worked in one of the unseen dimensions. Nevertheless, all is integrated and will grow into our lives.

The emotion part is about what we feel and follows how the energy is actually flowing in the moment into creation. If we wish to know where our energy is actually and presently flowing, we only need to look at what we are feelings. If we wish to be in the flow of the creative life energy as it is, we only need to step out of thinking and judging mind and follow those feelings.

The physical aspect of our being tells us what our total integrate belief structure and all our choices currently look like physically manifested. We only need to become aware of our body and what is in our life and the environment around us to tell us what we believe and what we have created. The external world, which is our body and the environment in which we find ourselves is what we currently believe and hold in our belief structure. Another way to say this is our body and the external world that we see is how we are currently directing our energy. This all takes us back to the most basic of principles that we are an observer holding a thought (the mental and spiritual) that directs the energy to flow (the emotional) into an observed creation or created form (the physical). Or, alternatively said, our creative life energy flows (emotional) into an experience (the physical) of how we have focused our attention and awareness (spiritual/mental)..

If we are willing to slightly shift what wee call mental, spiritual, emotional and physical as to where the boundaries are between any one and the others, one can encompass all the esoteric tradition of the triune self where there is: Father, Son and Spirit; a Higher, Middle and Lower self; and/or a creator, preserver and destroyer; for all are only that which creates, that which animates and that which is sustained. If course, they all arises out of the same Source of unmanifested Fabric of Creation however we wish to describe this Fabric.

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