The Inner Dance

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The inner dance
The dance of heart and mind
Th dance of the inner masculine and inner feminine

From the Our Creative Spirit Home Page: When viewed on the surface, the inner dance is between mind and heart and what is symbolized by the heart. It is the dance between what your mind has come to think and believe, and what you feel and sense in the world around you. In actuality, when you explore the depth of this dance, it is the inner dance of the creative masculine aspect   and creative feminine aspect  that lie within your being (More ...on the inner dance).

There are actually two inner dances. One is the dance between the mind and what is symbolized in the heart. It is the dance we all do whether we realize it or not. It is the dance between what we know and what we feel. Yet, the dance between heart and mind is only a shallow form of a deeper inner dance.

The deeper inner dance

The deeper inner dance of what lies within the heart  and what the heart symbolizes. This second, deeper dance is the dance of energy consciousness. It is often called the play of consciousness. It is the dance of the duality of the creator and its creation, the observer and the observed. We experience it as the conscious awareness of our creative spirit to thrust out into the world as the inner masculine, and the flow of energy unfolding to manifest the intention behind, or for, our life, the inner feminine. It is the dance of the inner masculine and the inner feminine.

Each of us will ultimately need to master this inner dance if we are to become a conscious creator. The inner dance is between the inner masculine aspect of our being and the inner feminine. The masculine aspect  of our being is represented by our mind. The feminine aspect of our being or the heart of our being, is represented in the flow of energy that nourishes our creative efforts and symbolized as our heart. The inner dance about the masculine learning to be true to itself such that when it acts, it acts on what it believes and on what it has freely choose to believe and not what another has programmed it to believe through one of the many enculturation processes. So too the feminine. It is about our creative life energy flowing freely into the creation we desire to nurture and sustain and not on what has been forced on us or we have been manipulated to nurture and sustain.

There are several aspect of this dance that need to be understood and mastered. One aspect involves the mind and clear intention. It is about becoming aware that every thought arises from a flow of energy. As such, there is a corresponding flow of energy within the thought that can be sensed or felt. Without a focused mind one continually diverts the flow of energy robbing the feminine. To prevent the continual diversion of our energy it means becoming aware of the intentions we hold both consciously and subconsciously for they are a focus of our attention and awareness and influencing what we are pulled to experience in life.

A second aspect is about the flow of energy within our being or the heart and what we feel or donít feel. In particular we need to become discerning in our feeling and learn how to use an internal compass. There are several different things we can feel within our being and we need to learn to discern which is which. One thing is the fulness of being that occurs when we align with the source of our life and our creative powers. Another is the flow of energy created by the intention we hold and a third is the energy of the environment in which we find ourselves and all its parts which can be further discerned in an infinite number of ways into the individual parts of Creation.

This inner dance start with the realization that there are two view or ways to perceive and/or experience Creation which has been discussed. One way is to perceive Creation thought what one feels and the flow of energy which has been traditionally be associated with the heart  and/or the feminine aspect  of being. The other way is to perceive Creation is through what one thinks and believes which of course is associated with the mind and the masculine aspect  of being. This is called the view of the mind.

We will  not be able to see and embrace this deeper inner dance and consciously access the inner masculine and inner feminine creative powers until one learns the dance between mind and heart. To learn the dance between mind and heart one will need to first come to understand there are two views to creation. We each will have to spend some time exploring and learning about each view. We need to come to know what view is which and what each view can do that the other canít. To learn the inner dance of heart and mind one starts with  exploring ďThe Two Views of Creation

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