The observer -observed pair and the nature of duality


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The observer-observed pair within a context of observation and the nature of duality
The observer and the observed
An inherent duality
Redrawing the observer and the observed
Who is observing whom?
A traditional view of God
A view from within Creation

Some additional views from the wave particle nature of energy
The observer - observed pair as a wave particle
The observed - observed pair viewed from pair production
The wave particle observer observed pair in creation
Our perceived and actually awareness

In looking at how Creation/creation arises from within an equivalency of energy and consciousness as discussed in the topic “Origins of creation/Creation.” unbounded and non localized energy and consciousness can be seen to take on their particle nature by creating an illusion of separation. Consciousness focus it attention and awareness in a particular way. That, in turn causes the energy to localizes into a particular form. The particular form that energy takes then holds the focus of conscious such that consciousness has an experience of its creation/Creation until the flow of energy giving rise to the form dissipates. Consciousness then has the option of freeing itself from its focus or become attached to the past and redirects the energy into the particular form it just experienced.

The observer and the observed (Top)

It is interesting to note for consciousness to observe and experience the form or creation that it intends, it needs to separate itself is some fashion into an observer and the observed based on the intention that is held. The consciousness becomes the observer and the energy becomes that which is observed or an experience of what is occurring. Anything which arises within creation will arise within the context of an observer - observed pair within a given environment. There are three components to every manifestation: the observer, the observed and the context or environment of the observation. There are three together represent an intention that is desired to be expressed to be both experienced and observed and it is though the observation that experience is had. This phenomenon of the illusion of a separate observer and an observed also gives rise to an inherent duality. In this regard, duality is an inescapable phenomenon of Creation.

The ultimate illusion and the function of the attribute of consciousness that can best be called “mind” is to hold this illusion of observer and observed. Mind thinks it is the observer independent of its observation and the intention or creation which forms the observer - observed pair. In reality, the observer is interconnected and at one with its observation and the environment of that observation. Similarly, the function of the attribute of energy that can best be described as the particle nature of the wave-particle nature of energy is to hold the particular form that is to be observed and help the mind to sustain the illusion by being a particle or a fixed form whether that fixed form is only a belief or an physical creation or experience of that belief. By the particle having limits and boundaries to its existence it is seen to exist separate and unconnected from the observation and the environment in which it is observed.

One of the more important aspect of this observer-observed pair is that how we choose to observe can change what we observe. How we choose to observe is a focus of our attention and awareness and that focus causes our creative life energy to flow to create and experience of that focus. Changing our focus, that is how we observe, changes what we experience. Changing how we observe can reveal the unseen aspects of what we observe. Another way of saying this is by changing the conditions under which we observe something, we reveal a facts of itself that is otherwise unseen. We can observe either side of any duality by how we create our observation. Because an observation is a focus of our attention and awareness our creative life energy flows to experience that observation we become the duality.

Energy consciousness when seen and experienced separate from each other form a pair much like the particle and anti particle formed in the pair production phenomenon. What is different is that in the pair production phenomenon non localized wave energy is split into matter an antimatter. In the case of energy consciousness, the energy consciousness splits into a energy and consciousness pair analogous to the matter - antimatter pair.

How this process occurs can be described as follows. This discussion start with understanding our consciousness resides in a sea of energy consciousness. For our purpose we start with the fish bowl as used in the discussion “Origins of creation/Creation” and diagramed in the figure entitled “Consciousness awakening creates a distrubance.” As our consciousness awakens as in the figure it localizes its energy and creates a disturbance in the infinite sea.

In wholeness and complete uniformity of the infinite sea, there is no Creation. There is no observer and there is nothing to observe. Everything is the same. One does not know if they are awake or asleep for there is no contract, no change, no discontinuity or disruption to the calmness for an observation to occur. Unless there is some disruption or discontinuity that is created in the uniformity to create the contrast to make an observation, there is nothing to observe. One can view this discontinuity as created by a movement of consciousness in some way. Consciousness awakening is a movement by consciousness and such a change sufficient to create a discontinuity that starts the creative process. Or consciousness changes what it thinks and believe is also the creation of a discontinuity from the past. As we shall come to see, it is this particular change that allows is to become conscious creators

It is only in separating into an observer and observed in some context of observation does Creation come into existence. This is achieved by choosing beliefs to create a distortion in the fabric of consciousness to cause whatever we believe to be formed. It is much the way music is made But what is important to realize about music or any sound, although there is a disturbance in the air that gives rise to the music, unless there is someone to hear or observe the music, no music is heard. Without an observer to observe Creation there is no Creation.

If we contemplate the origins of an observer-observed pair arising out of the uniform oneness (or no-thing-ness, nothingness), the context of observation is “in uniform oneness.” The process starts with consciousness somehow awakening. Creation/creation start with the awakening of awareness as symbolized in the diagram, “First Step in the Creation Process.” First step in the creation process is awareness appears out of the calm pool of creation represented by the initial circle.

Initially we have the non localized source of energy symbolized by the circle. The moment with have awareness awakening, consciousness becoming conscious, we have a point of reference. We have a localization of energy. In essence the non localized energy localizes into a form by the awakening of awareness and diagramed in the figure entitled, “Awakening consciousness localizes energy.”

The second step of the process is where consciousness becomes aware such that it has the equivalent of an individualized thought. This step is symbolized in the figure entitled “Second Step in the Creation Process. The equivalent of an individualized thought creates the observer and something to be observed.

The realization of “I” and the subsequent “I am” or “I am not” is all that is needed. It is the awareness of “I” not “I am.” but just “I” that causes the observer/observe pair to arise. It is the realization of one’s existence with without any relationship to anything else that causes Creation to unfold. The awareness of one’s exists creates a reference from which comparisons and separation can be made. The”I” become separate from oneness and brings it to existence all that is seen as “I” and all that is seen as “not I” no matter how big or small the “I” perceives itself to be. The recognition of “I” is a disturbance that ripples out through out all of Creation that give causes the Creation to come into existence to be observed.. The appearance of “I” is the separation of Creation from oneness. To recognize the “I” is to be in separation

This second step in the creation process is the awareness of “I am.” The “I am” is a thought that comes into existence within the mind “I” and the energy of energy consciousness moves to manifest the thought. It is the creation of the observer - observed pair. The pair exists when the “I” of the “I am” realizes “I am” is separate from that which is “I am not.” The “I” of “I am” defines itself by what it is not. In the figure entitled “Second Step in the Creation Process” the circle begins to separate into an observer and the observed. The observer and the observed is the thought manifested within a context of observation. The thought manifested is another ripple in the calm pond of creation. The center of the circle separate and two foci (the observed and the observer) form resulting in an ellipse.

The symbol for the second step is the ellipse. The ellipse is chosen because each focus is equal to the other for that is the nature of an ellipse. This is to say the creative process that is occurring is the experiences of a thought held by the observer manifested as an observed phenomenon or creation within uniform oneness. Yet you really don’t know which is the observer and which is the observed. Both are equal The need for this disruption or discontinuity of oneness is to allow the conditions for an observation to exist otherwise without the disruption or discontinuity, there is nothing to observe. That focus

Whether you see consciousness as separating itself into a creation that creates the equivalent of a sound heard by an observer, or consciousness creates a disturbance and then hears the disturbance thinking it comes from somewhere else doesn’t matter. The effect is the same. When we chose to believe anything, we create a disturbance in the fabric of Consciousness. That disturbance then creates the observer and observer pair. The attention and awareness of consciousness causes and the energy to form itself into an experience of what consciousness holds.

An inherent duality (Top)

What needs to be realized is that any thoughts create a disruption or discontinuity in the fabric of Creation. Our mind takes the energy it senses and localizes it into a thought. The creation of a thought is a disruption or discontinuity that can then be experienced as a creation. That disruption creates the observer - observer and an inherent duality. Any time our mind focuses our attention and awareness it causes a duality to arise. There is that on which we focuses and that on which we don’t focus. Mind is what creates the illusion of separation by how it focus our attention and awareness on one aspect at the exclusion of all other aspects of Creation. Redrawing the observer - observer pair represented by the ellipse can provide some further insights into how the duality exists although we may not be aware of its creation.

Redrawing the observer and the observed (Top)

Now what is interesting is there are many ways to redraw this observer - observed pair. In any observer - observe pair, there is a context of observation. The context is the background or backdrop of our observation. We tend to think the background is external to us but we also have an internal backdrop.

Who is observing whom? (Top): We can stretch our mind as to what this really means for there are several contexts of observations we can draw. There is no reason why we cannot redraw the ellipse as in the figure entitled. “Who is observing whom?” All that is done in the figure is remold the environment around the points of observation.

Reality will mold itself to the beliefs that mind holds. To create anything and any experience we only needs to hold a concept and act to manifest that concept until we turn it into a perception. In essence this is what has been done. As in the Figure entitled “Who is observing Whom,” the material contributing to the ellipse has been redrawn into two individual looking at each other. Both draw the same but each looks at the other. Here we have an observer seemingly separated from the observed within an arbitrary context of observation. However, since all is energy consciousness, we are faced with the question, who is the observed and who is the observed. Who is watching whom? We assume that since our consciousness is observing we are the observer, but are we? Are we the creation being observed or are we the creator observing the creation?

A traditional view of God (Top): This then takes us to the traditional view of God. A traditional view of God is that God is the entity that created the world. Many concepts of God attribute Creation as an act of God. This God is perceived as standing outside creation looking into creation, observing creation and is capable of controlling and/or recreating creation. In the Figure, “A Traditional View of God” God becomes the observer of Its Creation and as drawn in the Figure we have “God” the observer of creation looking form the “outside into creation” viewing Creation.

However based on the separation of the observer and the observed, we can ask, ‘Did Creation create God? Is Creation only observing God? Yet, another way of viewing this and looking at this is to ask, “Who is God and who is the entity created by the thought of God?” for you really can’t tell the difference for the observer and the observed are made of the same material and are actually one and the same. They are just redrawn from a different perspective. The energy of the universe simple changes it form based on how consciousness changes the focus of its awareness and attention.

A view from within Creation
(Top): A third view is also presented in Figure entitled “A View from inside Creation” and gives an idea of what this observer -observed pair looks like when viewed from within Creation. Here we can view the observer creating their experiences within Creation and observing Creation from within their experiences. Or, you can see Creation observing a created entity having an experience of Creation.

In looking at any of these perspectives it must be remember, that this material is about accessing and releasing your unlimited creativity and we need to understand what beliefs we may have in our consciousness that may be causing us to view what we experience the way we do. Do we give our creative powers away to an external cause that may not exist. In doing so we end up denying our own powers to create reality and our experiences if not also create a victim consciousness. Or, do realize how much responsibility we have for creating the experience that we have simply by how and what we think and how we act.

Some additional views from the wave particle nature of energy (Top)

In looking at the observer - observed pair, there are three additional ways to look how energy consciousness can be seen separating into and observer and an observed and how it relates to the wave particle nature inherent in the energy within our being. Within each of us have a creative life energy that flows from the source/Source of creation/Creation and sustains our being. This energy can be experience as an energy or as our creative spirit depending on how we choose to focus our attention and awareness. You can say our consciousness is this flow of energy which has awakened to an awareness of itself.

However we choose to view it, there is nevertheless an energy which is sustaining us. That energy is localized within our bodies but still possess and non localized portions which spreads out into all of Creation. The following provide some thoughts of how you may wish to perceive as to how this non localized portion of your energy is functioning.

The observer - observed pair as a wave particle
(Top): The first view is that of the figure “Who is observing Whom” where the particle nature of the energy is localized in the observer. As seen in the Figure entitled, “Observer Observed Pair as a Wave Particle, “ the wave nature is then what is permeating the all that is which not of the observer. It can be said it is what is giving rise to that which is observed. How this wave nature gives rise to what is observed is probably better understood in looking at the observer  - observed pair from the perspective of the pair production phenomenon and the corresponding discussion of the paper cut out.

The observed - observed pair viewed from pair production (Top): As discussed elsewhere, the pair production phenomenon can be used to look at how our internal world is reflected externally. This point is better brought out when the pair production phenomenon is viewed analogously of a paper cutout from a formless blank sheet of paper. It is the paper cutout analogy that we can better seen the wave particle nature of energy and how the wave nature of the form permeates the environment in which it find itself. This is represented in the Figure, “Wave Particle Nature of the Cutout.”  The formation of a particle and antiparticle is essentially the same as creating an observer - observed pair within a context of observation. The only question is whether we choose to view from the particle or the antiparticle. However, it need to be realized when viewing from either the particle or antiparticle, the view is of the opposite particle and the environment in which it travels. 

The wave particle observer observed pair in creation
(Top): We can return to the Figure “A View from Within Creation” and redraw it as in the Figure “Wave Particle Observer Observed in Creation” to see how the world we experience lies within our wave nature. Our awareness and energy is localized in the belief we are a human being. It gives rise to our body and the creation we experience. What is important to note were is actually our body is part of the environment and not us. We can lose an arm or leg and still our awareness is not lost. This is the most important observation from the pair production phenomenon. That is, our awareness (consciousness) is the particle and our body and its environment (the form energy takes) is the anti particle.

Our perceived and actually awareness
(Top): These discussion give rise to another view of the observer - observed pair. That is the observer is our awareness and the world we experience, including our body is the observed. The context of observation is the particular form or perception our awareness and the form the energy takes as a result of that perception. The Figure “A View From Within Creation” is how most of us view our experience of Creation. That is the energy which gives rise to our experience of Creation is split between creating our body is the cutout and it resides in the environment in which it finds itself. The concepts of dormant consciousness, subconscious, and aka cords, listed in the Figure are discussed in the hyperlink files. The topic “A View From the Particle” uses the pair production phenomenon to show how this view arises.

In actually, a view from within creation should be view more like the Figure entitled “A More Realistic View From Within Creation.” Our awareness is viewing Creation from a set of beliefs which causes the energy to form into a experience of those beliefs. The body and the world it inhabits is actually the creation of what mind perceived. The key to this process is the bridge point. It is where our inner and outer creative powers merge within us at the source/Source of creation/Creation. What is important to realizes there is a dance between our inner and outer worlds. The outer is just a reflection of the inner. As we rearrange the inner we change the observer. In changing the observer, we change what we observe for the two are integrally connected like the cutout and the hole it creates.

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