Inner and Outer Creative Powers


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Inner and outer creative powers

Creativity is an experience
Origins of all our creative power
The bridge point of the inner and outer creative power
Experiencing the bridge point of the inner and outer creative power
One Source, three bridges

Once  we access the feelings to create or they arise based on our past programming there appears to be two way or two parts to our creative power. Observation has shown there appears to be an inner creative power and an outer creative power. That is, we have an ability within ourselves to cause something new and not previously experienced to come into existence. Similarly there are things we can do externally or outside ourselves which give us the ability to cause something new and not previously experienced to come into existence.

Experiencing these two creative powers as separated is nicely said in an old Arab proverb, “Trust in God but tether you camel.” That is, there are things the outer creative powers/Creative Powers are responsible for doing and there are things the inner creative power/Creative Powers are responsible for doing. We cannot expect one to do the work of the others. The question is, “When to we look to the inner and when do we look to the outer, or maybe we need to use both?” Accessing creative power is about being able to trust our thinking and to come to know ourselves such that we know when we must go within, when we must go without or we use a combination of inner and outer to get what seek.

Most of our experience with these inner and outer creative powers cause us to think they separate and unrelated. How they are connected and how do we access them through that connection is the focus of this discussion. Parallel discussions address the inner creative power and outer creative power as separate powers.

Creativity is an experience (Top)

The most important thing one needs to understand about creativity is that creativity is an experience. Creativity not something you can learn from books and/or from others. To access the depth and breadth of our creativity, we must learn to experiment with both the inner creative power and outer creative power separate and together to see exactly how they are connected and what is available to us in any particular situation. We learn it from doing and giving ourselves permission to experiment with the inner creative power and outer creative powers available to each of us. Unless we experiment with these creative powers in a way that fits our uniqueness as a creative being, we will be unable to access the true depth and breadth of what we can create. In doing our experiments, it must be realized there are no mistakes. There are only learning experiences as to what does or doesn’t work.

In this regard, our creativity is inherently tied to our life experiences and what we allow ourselves to experience. To understand the origins of any creative work, we need to explore the life of the creator relative to the creation. Similarly to access the origins of our creativity and creative power, we must give ourselves permission to explore our life and why and how it has unfolded the way it has for it is our creation.

To access the full depth and breadth of our creative power and creative ability, we must learn to work at the bridge point where the inner creative power and outer creative power come together. We need to work at the bridge point to see whether it is better and more efficient to work with the inner or the outer expression of the creative power to create what we desire, something that serves us or a life worth living.

Origins of all our creative power (Top)

Our internal creative power arises from what we think and believe aligning with the flow of our creative life energy, the feminine aspect of our being. External creative power is access through the experiences of mind and our understanding of how external creation appears to work. But we still need to have the passion and energy to act on what we know about the external world to access it.

We can access creative power through our internal creative power through surrender to the flow of energy that sustains us and flows from the Source of Creation. Or, we can access creative power by our enculturated mind which has been trained to do our bidding in the external world and harness our inner feminine to supply the energy to do that bidding. In the end, our creative power ultimately comes from accessing the inner feminine, the flow of energy which sustains us, and learning how to use the feminine power and feminine aspect of the creative process to support our actions in the world.

The bridge point of the inner and outer creative power (Top)

It is probably clear there is some cause which brought Creation into existence as we know it and experience it. The question is “How can we view Creation such that we can optimize the external creative power in our creative endeavors - is there some way to view and/or understand the cause of Creation such at we can access the inherent creative power within that cause?” The question is “What do we need to understand to look inward when we need to look inward and outward when we need to look outward?” In many ways this is what both religion and science has tried to do. Religion has tried to access and/or influence the cause of Creation as a consciousness which most refer to as God. Science has tried to access the cause of Creation as energy.

What gives rise to these seemingly separate creative powers is how the energy manifests within an existing creation. The pair production phenomenon and the implications of pair production in our creative endeavors provides a way to understand how these two creative powers arise and how this phenomenon of an external and external creative power is possible.

Creation is the experience of the duality of the observer and the observed. It is for the “stuff” of creation to seemingly separate into energy and into consciousness. The energy assumes a form, the most fixed and rigid of which is physical mass and Physical Creation, that consciousness experiences as Creation. It is consciousness at play with itself. Consciousness creates an experience of where it focuses its attention and awareness. The energy within energy consciousness molds itself into an experience of that on which consciousness has paced the focus of its attention and awareness.

The important point to realize in the duality of energy consciousness is that there are always three views to any creation as discussed in the topic, “Implications of Pair Production in Our Creative Endeavors.” There is the view from energy, the view from consciousness and the view from the detached witness, a transcendental view, neither identifying with the form taken by energy nor the form taken by consciousness giving rise to the creation experienced.

As discussed in the pair production phenomenon, once the energy forms into the particle and anti particle, we can take the perspective of creation from either the particle or antiparticle and each carries a portion of the origin energy. When the pair production phenomenon is viewed from particle and hole, the energy seems to go with particle for the material out of which the particle arose seemed to be fixed as the backdrop of the creation. Most see the excess energy above the minimum necessary to create the mass of the particles going with the particle and the hole seemingly follows the particle as a shadow.

What is suggested here is a bridge point. The energy goes where consciousness perceives it to go. The energy in excess of the minimum necessary to create the form can be seen to lie on a spectrum. The energy, the creative power to create, is seen to: (1) lie totally in the external form; (2) split and distributed between the inner and external world; (3) and totally lying in the inner world.

When the energy is totally perceived externally, consciousness is asleep and unaware. It may awake to its own existence or have an awareness of existing but it appears powerless to become the cause of anything. Rather it seems to be a victim and at the mercy of the powers that be.

To see all the energy lying within oneself is to become the Cosmic Creator. It is to be that which most perceived is the ultimate God. This Cosmic Creator is to be seen as holding total and absolute creative power over everything and everywhere.

The third is to see the energy split to one degree or another between the internal and external world. This is way most of us experience Physical Creation with most of the creative power lying in the external world because we appear to have so little control over the external.

It is here an issue exists that few realized exists that the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective attempts to address. When the Cosmic Creator looks out over the Creation which manifests from Its desire, all Creative Power does lie within It. But here lies the issue. To experience Creation from within Creation this Cosmic Creator must allows some of the creative power/Creative Power to lie outside Itself. Unless it forgets and loses itself in Creation, it can’t experience Creation. When it has given some of is power away by losing Itself in its Creation and forgetting how It created the experience, It assumes a victim consciousness to some degree. That is, It makes Itself subject to powers seemingly beyond Its control. It is here lies the origins of the dances of Creation. It is the dance between giving and taking creative power/Creative Power It is about giving creative power/Creative Power to the external world and taking the creative power/Creative Power internally.

This, in turn, gives us two options. One is to work the inner and outer creative power as separate powers as they are experienced in our life. The other is to move to the bridge point and work our creative efforts from that point. Both of these approaches are discussed in the topic “Inner Creative Power” and “Outer Creative Power” as viewed from inner and outer perspective respectively.

Experiencing the bridge point of the inner and outer creative power (Top)

If we explore our life and why it and how it has unfolded the way it has, we will come to see there is point within ourselves that we turn inward or outward in response to what we experience. Usually our response is based on programming of some type. But if we look carefully, we can see we look for the ability to face what we experience inward or we look outward. In doing so, we tend to think, “I know what to do” and we act from what we know. Or, we think, “I do not have the ability and power to face this - I must look outward.” We then seek some type and kind of external assistance including the possibility of maybe asking God to fix our situation. The key point here is we look inward or outward for the power to effect a change to what we experience. We look to that inner creative power or an outer creative power. The question is, “When is it appropriate to look inward for the power and when is it appropriate to look outward - or maybe it is a combination of both.”

Most of us are taught to that when we know something we should act on what we know. That is why we educate people in school. We educate them so they know how to act. In essence it is to act on past programming that has been given to us. When we don’t know we are taught to ask. We are taught to ask someone who knows. We are taught to seek out those who have the credentials which indicates the individual knows.

Few are taught that when we don’t know to go within and ask our intuitive guidance to lead us to the answer that is most appropriate for what we desire to create. The logic is, “How can we ask ourselves when we don’t; know.” But the answer is we do. We are infinitely creative beings and our energy and consciousness permeates all of Creation. It is just that the answer is not conscious and the “game of creation” is to create the experiences which gives us what we desire.

Look at it this way. Anything we desire with some passion causes us to act to get it. When we act we create an experience of, or within, Creation. When we act based on what we know or we ask another, we create an experience of creation seeking to get what we desire. But we seek it based on the past. However, if we go within and ask our intuitive guidance to lead us, we also create an experience of Creation. Only this experience is not necessarily based on the past. It is based on the past only to the extent our mind uses our past experiences to direct us toward the answer. But the answer is not based on the past. In the end, however we ask inward or outward, we crate an experience of Creation seeking that answer. The question I, “Do we wish to recreate the past in a new way or do we wish to create something not previously experienced?” The choice is ours.

It is modern physics through the pair production phenomenon which provides a way to see the actual bridge point between the inner and outer creative powers. The topic “Implications of Pair Production in Our Creative Endeavors” addresses how we can being to see and use this bridge point. It allows us to see and know when to go within there will be a corresponding change without. When we go out, there will be corresponding change within. The issue is not so much whether we go within or without. The issue is are we willing to make the sacrifice necessary for any creation and does the inner world or the outer world provide us the guidance that will make our creative endeavor as fast, easy and gentle as possible. This is done with the realization if we look outward, we use what mind currently thinks and believes for it is reflected in the world we experience and risk recreating the past in a new way. Whereas if we go within we will be lead into the unknown and risk begin unable to ground and bring what we seen into manifestation for lack of the minimum set of experience to know how to do it.

Our problem centers on the fact we tend to perceive what we feel as totally arising from within our being rather than in the interconnectedness of Creation. We fail to realize we may be feeling an energy which arises from outside ourselves. We fail to realize we know more about our environment that our conscious mind can comprehend. We fail to realize we have more information that we can comprehend. The question is, “Do we have the passion and know enough about ourselves that we can follow the inward path yet bring that inner awareness into the physical world we experience?”

What is important to realize, to access the depth and breadth of our creative power, we need to have a perspective that both fully and effectively embraces the truth of our own being and the truth external to us. It is there we access both the inner creative power/Creative Power and outer creative power/Creative Power available to us. However, what we don’t realizes is that we usually do not have a consistent way of viewing reality across each and every aspect of our being. Since there is not a consistency across each aspect of our being in what we think and believe, we experience separation and unconnectedness rather than experience a wholeness, oneness and interconnectedness. We see our inner world and external world as separate and seem unable to bring the two together. Additionally, we tend to believe others more than ourselves when it comes to spiritual experiences or rather, experiences of the unseen and what we don’t know and rarely do our own experiment in these areas.

The total energy within Physical Creation or for any creation can neither be created or destroyed, only transformed - unless we change the Creation. To surrender to the flows of energy as they exist, we work within the existing Creation. We need to be come aware that if we are attempting to create anything in the physical plane or from within a physical body, we will need to transform some existing energy arrangement within ourselves and Creation to create something new. That is most easily done with working with the external world as we know it. However, the role of consciousness is the cause of any creation. We can go within and access a level of consciousness or an awareness of consciousness to become the cause of a new Creation. We can change the energy available for our creative endeavor but we will have to give permission for a change of consciousness.

What this means is that, for an existing experience of Creation, we have a certain amount of energy that lies within ourselves and there is a certain amount of energy that lies without. The energy within is what gives rise to our inner creative power. What we can do with this inner energy is totally controlled by us. However, the outer energy that is reflective of this inner energy is what gives rise to the outer creative power and is controlled in three ways to varying degrees. It is the shared control that allows us to have common experience of Physical Creation. One way the outer creative power is controlled is that it is controlled to some degree collectively. A second way is determined by the cause or consciousness which created Physical Creation. The third way is it can be controlled to some degree by us. We can break our energy free from the collective but it is much like a rocket escaping the pull of gravity. It is difficult but can be done under the correct conditions.

Relative to the external creative power, some consciousness, some cause which can be call the originator, or God for some, created Physical Creation. From a creativity perspective, it needs to be realized and emphasized the consciousness which caused Physical Creation to come into existence is not necessarily the consciousness which caused all of Creation, seen and unseen, to come into existence. The two can be different and, if we observe carefully enough, the evidence suggests they are different.

What consciousness exists that gave rise to Physical Creation and how that consciousness desires Physical Creation to unfold is not the issue here. All that needs to be understood is that Physical Creation arose and exists. In arising, the energy in Physical Creation is fixed much the way the energy if fixed when the pair production phenomenon occurs. A certain amount of energy goes into forming the particles and a certain amount of energy animates the particles. The energy that creates the particles as they exist is fixed. The energy that animates the particles is carried with the particles. That energy can be gained or lost as the particles interact with the environment in which they find themselves. However, from an energy consciousness perspective, as a consciousness and through the use of an awake and aware consciousness, the particle had the possibility of changing the amount of energy it possesses. But to do this, the particle needs to create and awareness and a consciousness different than the one it now has.

Creatively, the same is true about Physical Creation. There is an energy split between Physical Creation and its creator and there is an energy that is split between us and the Physical World we experience. The portion of the energy that is in us is controlled exclusively by us. The energy that split between us and the Physical World and that lies in the Physical world is controlled to some degree by us, the collective and Physical Creation. It is this shared control that allows us to have an experience of Physical Creation and keeps us bound to Physical Creation when we have experiences we don’t like. Otherwise, we would simply create something else. Our body is the ground point and bridge point for where the control of all these energies comes together. Our body, as this bridge point, is what holds our creative spirit in the experience of Physical Creation. At this bridge point the control by the collective, the control by the consciousness which created Creation and our own control come together. This is why our body and knowing what our body feels is so important.

It is in understanding the existence of the pair production phenomenon and its implications  for  our creative endeavors that we have a bridge point where the inner energy and the outer energy come together as does the control of the energy which gives rise to our body. It is here we have the possibility of shifting the energy within our experience of Creation including the body as in mind body medicine, shifting the energy in Physical Creation or shifting Creation Itself.

It needs to be realized that all arises from the same Source of Creation. When we are at that point of power, we are at THE point of power for there is only one point of power. It is the Source of Creation. We are at the point of power when we return to the Source of Creation. However, to do so, we will need to become different. We will need to change who and what we think and believe in some way.

When we are at the Source all is possible. To return to the Source is to return to that pool of pure potentiality, that pool of infinite possibility, where we can cause any creation to come into existence analogous to the way we can create a paper “cutout” form a blank sheet of paper. It is simply a matter of how we choose to cut the paper.

One Source, three bridges (Top)

We can say there are three bridge points. There is the bridge point between us as an individual and Physical Creation. That is, we are a “cutout” of Physical Creation and there is an energy shared between us and Physical Creation. Then there is the bridge point between Physical Creation and all that is. That is, Physical Creation as a cutout of something larger. Alternative said, we are a cutout within a cutout. We are a creation within a creation. We can go back to the source of us as a cutout and Physical Creation or we can go back to the Source where Physical Creation is a cutout. But there is only one source/Source. We are the stuff of Creation. All arises out of the stuff. When we go back to the source/Source, we go back to the same Source of everything. This is the third bridge point. It is to experience the creator/Creator of the creation/Creation we experience. The questions are, “How much creative energy are we willing to open ourselves to accessing?” and “How much are we willing to change to carry such an energy and responsibility.”

It needs to be remember that the environment and the unfoldment of any creation are integrally linked. We can not change the energy that flows through our being that can change our life and our world that sustains our being without changing our being. Who and what we are in this moment is a simply an outward reflection of the flow of creative life energy that flows from the source/Source and sustain us. It is reflected in how and what we think and believe. To change that flow of energy to access a different level or magnitude of creative power will cause us to become different. It will cause us to think differently, believe differently and act differently. We cannot remain the same. If we are unwilling to make the changes we thwart any possible change in flow of energy. How big a change we have to make simply depends on how much creative power we wish to access or what we desire to create.

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