The World of Om - the world in which we choose to incarnate

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The world of Om
the world in which we chose to incarnate

A common introduction
The world of Om
The issue of God and Om
Origins of the creator of Physical Creation - "Om"
Why the name "Om"
What the world of Om has to offer
A few specific lessons
Experiencing the creation of "Om"
Our intention for incarnating
Limitations in physical creation
Our creative power in Physical Creation
True freedom while in physical creation
Rules of physical creation
Our creation sandbox
Om is our teacher for opening the door to others

What is discussed here about the World of Om, although consistent with what we experience in Physical Creation, in not fully in alignment with existing beliefs about Creation. The recommendation is not to accept what is said here as true for false. Rather, the recommendation is for you to do your own experiments to see the truth of what is said here for yourself. Then allow effectiveness to be your measure of truth.

A common introduction (Top)

The basic essentials and concepts supporting the concept of the world of Om are found in the topic, "The basic essentials and "physics" of: A world unto our self, World of the other, World of Om, Shared Realities, Creation within Creation." It is suggested this file be reviewed before preceding.

Background (Top)

The essence of Physical Creation is the manifestation of energy. All is composed of energy. All operates, functions or is animated by energy. Energy is the "stuff" out of which Physical Creation forms. How and why Physical Creation came into existence and why it has taken the form it has is open to question. Why Physical Creation is designed the way it is is a matter of conjecture and best answered by its creator/Creator. But the question is, ĎWho or what created Physical Creation?"

Most will say God created Physical Creation. But there is an alternative view that explains much of what we experience in creation and why God does not seem to intervene to do what we asked God to do so.

Given the nature of the human mind as discussed within the topic, "The Problem of Mind and the Experience of the Source of Creation - the Trap of Mind," any human who think they know the actual reason for Physical Creation to be the way it is and/or fully understand what Physical Creation is all about is probably speculating no matter how much of an authority figure or wise they may be. Our mind and its perception is a product of a an unfolding creation process and a creation within an unfolding creation. As such, it will not see the whole picture for what it is. No human can. But then we can ask, "What is a human perception and is there another perception we can have that is different from a human perception to see the purpose of Creation?"

It is probably rather obvious that any creation has a creator. When we look out at the Creation we experience as Physical Creation, the question which can be asked is, "Who created Physical Creation?" The answer to this question depends on the perspective we have and what we believe. As was said above, most say it was God. But, it needs to be noted that the question is, "Who created Physical Creation, not who created Creation and/or all that exists?." The two are different. To some, all that exist is Physical Creation. But, for many others, all that exist includes Physical and all of the unseen realms wherever they exist.

In any case, the traditional view is that God, in one form or another, created all that exists and is the Creator of Physical Creation. However, there is another view that is possible that does not deny the existence of what most call God. It is a view that also provides some explanation as to what God does not readily solve our problems as we would like especially when it comes to the occurrence of natural phenomenon like floods, earthquakes, volcanoes and the like.

Within the energy consciousness model there is a consciousness which lies behind or within creation. This consciousness can be considered the consciousness of God. It is the consciousness which in essence shattered itself creating the illusion of Creation as discussed in the topic, "Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective" Since all that exists arises form this consciousness behind Creation, this consciousness behind Creation can be said to give rise to Creation. But the energy consciousness model provides an alternative creator to Physical Creation other than the consciousness behind Creation or the traditional God..

Within the energy consciousness model, the creator of Physical Creation is one of the infinite number of individual points of consciousness formed when the consciousness behind Creation shattered itself creating the illusion of Creation. Alternatively said, since energy and consciousness are different expressions of the same material out of which Creation forms, Physical Creation can be seen as existing as a result of a desire, choice or intention of the consciousness within the sum total energy of Physical Creation.

An independent point of consciousness which we call Om (name explained below) created a physical world out of Its energy much like Disney created Disneyland out of his imagination. As all points of consciousness do, it created a creation, Physical Creation, to define itself and explore itself. In doing so, Om has had to create a variety vehicles from which Its Creation can be explored and understood. It creates us through its desire, to explore Its creation. We, as the other independent points of consciousness, are just as powerful as the consciousness that created Physical Creation, get to come and experience what it means to be physical. We are invited guests, invited by Om to experience its creation. Each of us are, in turn, independent points of consciousness with an unlimited creativity creating with in Physical Creation in accordance to the rules of Physical Creation to which we agreed to use for our experience of Physical Creation. In doing so, we compare what we experience to who and what we are and in doing so define who and what Om is.

This perspective takes some of the puzzlement out of why God does not seem to always answer the prayers of individuals. It also explains why we often cannot seem to create what we desire. Rather, we must go within and understand why we choose to create what are experiencing within Physical Creation.

What needs to be realized is that the energy consciousness which created the physical world is only one of an infinite number of points of consciousness. It is unique and what Physical Creation has to offer is a reflection of that uniqueness. There are other realms of Creation just as vast as Physical Creation.

The world of Om (Top)

For whatever reason or purpose, a consciousness, which we call Om, chose to manifest a physical creation in which the energy consciousness of Creation is experienced as duality. That is, whenever and individuated point of consciousness chooses to experience Physical Creation as a creation within a creation it is forced to live in a duality. The Physical Plane forces energy consciousness, the material of creation/Creation to appear separate as energy and consciousness, Physical Creation appears to be a place of separation without wholeness. Yet, this is only the illusion of Creation in order to have an experience of Physical Creation or, alternatively said, an experience of the world of Om.

Analogous to the pair production phenomenon, the Physical Plane or Physical Creation, forces energy consciousness, the material of creation/Creation to appear separate and experienced separately as energy and as consciousness. Yet both are reflections of each other and are only the same material of creation/Creation being experienced separately. It is much like a coin. We can choose to look at one face of a coin or the other. But both faces are just the same coin experienced differently.

The duality of Physical Creation causes that of which all is made, energy consciousness, to be experienced separately and simultaneously. It is experienced as energy localized in the form of a body, a vehicle for experience, and its environment. It is experienced as consciousness in a localized form of mind. Whether or not any particular form within Physical Creation awakens and becomes aware of its existence as a human being can do is another question. Experiencing the duality of energy consciousness is the normal way humans experience energy consciousness in Physical Creation. It is to view from the perspective of energy or as consciousness. Our bodies are designed to give us such an experience and hold us to that experience by encoding the rules of Physical Creation. Additional discussion is found in the topic, "Duality of Creation."

The question that can be ask is, "Must Physical Creation be experiences as a duality where energy and consciousness are separate or can it be experiences as the wholeness and a oneness that it is?" The answer to this question is yes. But we must be willing to become a detached witness and be willing to move past how and what we think and believe.

It talking about the our experience in Physical Creation, it needs to be realized that although everything is energy consciousness, any particular environment will only reveal some of its characteristics and attributes. The physical plane emphasizes the localized energy aspects and localized consciousness aspects of energy consciousness as opposed to its wave nature. We can expect that there are attributes to energy consciousness that we experience in the physical plane and there will be attributes that the physical plane will be incapable of expressing. In this regard, we can fully expect a world of "spirit" or non physical reality that seems separate and totally unexplainable and different that what is experienced in the physical plane. However that does not mean the realm of spirit or where non physically observed attributes are expressed and the world of the physical are in any way separate. They are one and the same and exist simultaneously together. Again, much like the flip sides of a coin. It is just the nature of the observation and the environment of observation is different. We only need to change how we observe to see them. We change how we observe by how we focus our attention and awareness. The focus of our attention and awareness is determined by our belief structure. Hence, to experience the aspects of energy consciousness that are not expressed in Physical Creation we need to become that detached witness and step past what we think and believe.

The issue of God and Om (Top)

Many like to think God created the physical world and exerts control over it. But they are unwilling to say there are things God wants to happen and we are just fulfilling an assigned or elected role. In accepting such a thing, we lose control over our life and seem to become a puppet on a string if not a victim. In this case, we seem to be totally at the mercy of God and all that man has achieved is only God directing our lives to fulfill Its will. In this view there is really no good or evil for all is Godís will no matter how much we like or donít like what happens and/or we judge something as right or wrong, good or evil.

However, an alternative view is that there are currents giving rise to Creation and the Creation we experience is the superposition of many desires. Analogously it is like a symphony where the music that is heard is a superposition of many different instruments making music together according to an overall plan. Or, these currents can be seen much like the currents in the ocean. We, as human beings, play in and with these currents to create our experiences. But there are limits to what we can create within these currents as they exist. But the fact the currents limit what we can create does not me we do not posses and unlimited creativity.

In studying and exploring creativity and looking to Nature and at the nature of the creative/creation process, it appears there is the way Creation is set up. That is, as said above, we each are individual points of consciousness creating a creation within a creation and we freely use the currents within creation to create our experiences. Relative to what is discussed here and as said above, the recommendation made here is for you to do your own experiments to see the truth of what is stated here and allow effectiveness to be your measure of truth.

Origins of the creator of Physical Creation - "Om" (Top)

As discussed in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective, the Consciousness within Creation created the illusion of fragmenting Itself into an infinite number of fragments. Each fragment is an aspect of Consciousness asleep to this fact and unaware of the fact it is the Creator of Creation. Each of these fragments are an independent point of consciousness and awakens to who and what it is based on the experiences it has. Addition, each of these fragments can mold itself into on experience of whatever it desires including an entire universe or realm of Creation.

Although each individuated point of consciousness is a separate reality and every other individuated point of consciousness has the choice to experience the reality created by any one other individuated point of consciousness. The main reason why a consciousness would desire to experience the reality created by another consciousness is that consciousness awaken consciousness by the experiences it has. In experiencing another consciousness a consciousness awakens to who and what it is.

This individualized point of consciousness which we will call "Om" is only one point of consciousness out of the entire spectrum of independent and individuated points of consciousness within reality. It has chooses to create the physical world as we know it. Its energy and its consciousness sustains Physical Creation.

Each of us, being independent points of consciousness, are capable of entering the Creation created by "Om" to experience what "Om" has created. It is much like "Om" has built a house and invites us over to experience the how it has built. However it is a special house and to fully experience what "Om" has created, we need to wear special clothes and eye pieces that creates the effects "Om" desires us to experience. Namely, our consciousness inhabits a physical vehicle suitable for the physical experience we chose to have.

We are the invited guest of "Om" who have accepted the invitation to experience its Creation. We have only dressed ourselves in the proper clothes, namely our body, to be able to attended the celebration given by "Om." The problem is, we have come to believe we are what "Om" has only created for us to experience. We become trapped in Creation itself. We become trapped within "Om" itself and bind ourselves to being human even after we die. This is possible only because we believe it as true and by how consciousness can mimic and mold itself to copy another based on how it focuses its awareness and attention.

Why the name "Om" (Top(return)

The creator of Physical Creation is called "Om" for the following reasons. For those readers exposed to Eastern traditions, Many individuals who have entered deep meditations to look at what lies beyond or rather, behind, Creation have experienced a sound which they characterize as "Om." In this regard, it is said "Om" is the sound of Creation. Alternatively said, "Om" is the consciousness within Physical Creation as perceived by the human through the sensation of sound.

Additionally, it has a reported there is a measurable background frequency to earth and it is approximately 7.8 to 12 cycles per second depending on to whom you listen. It is said shamans and indigenous or native healer have used drumming around this frequency for eons to move into an altered state of awareness of low brain wave oscillation to align with this frequency to do their work.

For those with a background in Greek Mythology, the god Pan is a image of this same consciousness of earth as perceived as an image in the Greek tradition. For others it is Mother Earth. It is "God" if we see God only as the Creator of the earth. There are many other images, concepts, and ideas about the nature of the God or the entity which created Physical Creation and goes by whatever name given it by the tradition one prefers to use. It does need to be noted that this sound of Om or the image of Om is not necessary the sound of the creator of physical reality. The sound of Om may be only represent the flow of energy that has created and is sustaining earth, only a small part of an infinite physical reality.

However we look at it, there appears to be a background flow of energy, a vibration if you wish, which is representative of a flow of energy sustaining Physical Creation. Since a flow of energy originates in response to an intention held by consciousness, Om is the name given to this consciousness. It may or may not be the consciousness within all of Creation of which Physical Creation is only a part.

On the point of the name of Om, some prefer "Aum." because of the symbolism found within Aum. The "A" or the sound of "Ah" is about Creation coming into form. The sound of "Um" is what sustain the form and the sound of "Mm" as the destruction or cessation of form. The sound of "Aum" or the Creation is then followed by the silence of Creation out of which the next "Ah" of the next Aum manifests. However the "Hmmm" of any vibration works just as well. It is our choice how we choose to perceive the creation of Physical Creation and what meaning we give to it. In any case, the Creator of the physical reality, of Physical Creation, will be referred to as "Om" within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material and understanding. It is seen as one of the infinite number of points of consciousness as discussed in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective that choose to share its creation with us.

What the world of Om has to offer (Top)

The world of Om provides the opportunity to experience energy consciousness as energy, as consciousness or as energy consciousness: The human physical experience allows our individuated point of consciousness or our creative spirit to experience the duality of energy consciousness. We experience the duality as a the separation of energy and consciousness This in turn, allows our consciousness to be made manifest in a physical experience.

In other realms of Creation, we would experience energy consciousness as something different. Physical Creation is to view from the perspective of energy or as consciousness. Experiencing the duality of energy consciousness is the normal way we experience energy consciousness. Our bodies are designed to give us such an experience.

To experience the consciousness aspect of energy consciousness, we only need to live totally from our perception of reality and who we think we are because of the experiences we have had. It is to live in the perception "I am this, I am not that." Consciousness divides, segments and separates and it does this through the property of consciousness we call mind.

To experience the energy of energy consciousness, we simply become so totally immersed in what we are doing and what is happening and surrender to the experience such that we have no awareness of anything else other than what we are doing in that moment. That is, to be out of mind and totally absorbed and lost in that which is happening.

A few specific lessons (Top)

Om is an individual point of consciousness as ourselves. As such we each are capable of learning much about the creative process by observing what is before us. For example, much of creation grows or unfolds from a seed condition, or the observer influences what is observed. There are many such lessons we can learn from Om. Many are discussed within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material as in the topics on the "Creative process." Yet, there are many, many more that can be studied and wisdom provided. There is the need for us to do our own experiments to truly see what is available to us.

There is an old proverb that is somewhat applicable here. It states, "A individual learns from their mistakes, a wise individual learns from the mistakes of others, a fool never learns." This proverb can be rewritten as follows: "A individual learns from his experiences, a wise individual learns from the experience of others, a fool never learns." Here the other is Om and all that we see and observe in the physical plane. By studying it and then seeing how what we observes applies to our inner world, as a result of how the inner is reflected in the outer, we will learn how to create the experiences we desire by first working within. Additionally if we wish to know how to do something within ourselves and canít seem to figure it out, we can ask our intuitive guidance to lead us to the external example to see what we need to do internally and an example will be provided. It is what many like to call the "magic" of creation and it does work.

Experiencing the creation of "Om" (Top)

In understanding Physical Creation is the creation of an independent point of consciousness, there are many different aspects to discover and explore about ourselves and how consciousness creates a reality based on what we experience. To do this discovery and exploration, we will have to become a detached witness of both our inner world and outer world. We need to be this detached witness to see how what we hold in our consciousness is reflected externally and our outer world can then teach us about what we think and believe about the creative process and what we hold in our nonconscious mind. More importantly, we will need to see the physical world just as alive and well [or unwell] as we are and ever changing. Additionally, we need to see each manifested form whether it be a rock, a tree, a hurricane, or a lightening strike as a thought unfolding. Each a creation unto itself unfolding in the environment in which if finds itself for that is the nature of creation/Creation.

When experiencing Physical Creation it is said we are a creation within a creation because physical reality will exist with or without us, me or any other individual. Physical Creation does well without us and it will exists as long as Om wishes it to exist. It will exist until Om decides otherwise for it is the creation of Om and lies within the mind of Om. Or, if we prefer, is the expression of Omís consciousness in the form of energy. If it were our creation, it would disappear when we die.

What we do within Physical Creation is, in essence, our creation and we have created the reality of our experiences. What I experience is not what you experience even if we share the same situation in Physical Creation. We create our internal reality for we choose how we will respond to any experience we have. We create our external reality because we have chosen at some level of our being to experience Physical Creation. Whether we "needed" to become physical because we have to "learn a lesson" and we were following the advice or directions of some nonphysical advisor, or we simply enjoy the physical experience, we have chosen to be here.

The events we experience in Physical Creation essentially lie on a spectrum. Some events we have no control or influence. For example the experience of an earthquake or hurricane. Other events we do have some influence if not a significant influence. This latter group is characterized by the unfoldment of the human collective. That is, any one individual has the ability to insert an idea into the human collective that changes the entire unfoldment of human consciousness and what it means to be human. An example of this would be human flight. The idea of flying, as anything else created by humanity, started with a thought in one individual.

Our intention for incarnating (Top)

Being within a creation, the energy that sustains us in physical form flows within the larger intention of Om. This larger intention is that which created the Physical Creation we experience and sustains the physical plane. The incarnation of our creative spirit into human life is the marriage of two parts. One part is the desire of Om and the other is the desire of our consciousness. Our physical body is the vehicle to achieve both these desires. The intention for our life is really a composite of these two desires. The marriage of the inner masculine and inner feminine is what allows these desires to be fulfilled. Without that marriage we will be unable to fully accomplish what we incarnated to do.

We have chose to enter this reality created by Om and experience its Creation. It has something we want. But remember creation is not done alone. We need an other to give us the experiences we desire to have. They in turn, need us to give them the experiences they desire. For us to need Physical Creation to give us the desire we have, Om has a desire that needs us to give Om what it desires.

We have agreed at some level of our being to participate in Physical Creation and have the experiences we do. In electing to have an experience of the creation of this creator for whatever reason, we have also agreed to play a role within this Creation and within the larger plan that Om is intending to manifest. Although we are a being of unlimited creativity, we have agreed to limit some of our abilities to follow the rule and protocols that are used to create the physical experience.

In this regard, there is a flow of events beyond our control and some of those events occur within our own body. That is, the Creator of Physical Creation has its desires and wants for physical Creation. We have ours. Physical Creation has Its reasons for us being here and we have ours. Whether or not these two sets of desires align and agree is open for debate For some they appear to align and for others they appear not to align.

More often than not, when these two sets of desires appear not align it is because both of them are not in alignment with our enculturaion and what our society and family expects of us. We need to realize, as a specific quantity of energy in the form of mass, within the energy consciousness model, our body is seen to have a consciousness, an awareness and a purpose unique to itself. It provides a particular unique view and experience of Physical Creation. The body is aligned with the intention of the physical plane and of Earth for that is where its essence comes from. The body is also in alignment with the intention for our life for it is our body to give us the experiences we desired to have. In this regard, the body and what we feel gives us life is the key to aligning and fulfilling the intention for our life.

In regards to the larger intention of Om, we are like a small self powered motor boat (our consciousness) flowing within a vast river or ocean (the intention behind Creation). We are pulled along by its currents. If we have little or no understanding and power to create (small or weak motor), we will be totally subject to the larger current. If we have the understanding and a powerful ability to create (a large and powerful motor), we can possibly muster the energy to go totally against the current and go in our own direction. However, if we choose to go against the larger current, we should ask the question, "What am I doing in this larger current of Creation in the first place - I may have something I wished to accomplish?" In almost all cases, the answer we receive is important to us.

In any case, as and individualized consciousness, we each carry a unique way of being in the world and experiencing the world. Our creative spirit/creative life energy that sustains us and is flowing into our being desires to express itself in its own unique fashion. This desire is a dream we carry in our heart and within our being. It is what give us a passion for life and for living and for being here in Physical Creation. Our desire is to live in a way that unfolds this dream accesses our creative passion. To allow this dream to grow, we need to surrender to our body wisdom and intuitive guidance and allow our passion and the inner satisfaction and joy and bliss that arise from being in flow with our creative life energy to be our internal compass. As our dream unfolds, we will bring a gift or gifts into the world which is the fulfillment of the desire carried by Om that lies within the intention for our life. If we donít unfold the dream within our heart we will find that life is somehow feels unfulfilled or unfeeling.

Each of us are important to Physical Creation or otherwise we would not be here. The earth does quite well with us or without our presence. The question is, "Why are we here - what do we bring or take from the experience Physical Creation is having?"

Limitations in physical creation (Top)

Within this realm we can do many things. One of which is that you can learn to create anything that we wish as long as we do it in a physical body. That is, we can create the experiences we have of Creation however we wish. Although we are bound the rules of Physical Creation we still possess a free will and we are capable of creating any experience that we choose. We can break the rule if we so choose and have the passion and strength of will to do so. However most remain within the rules as agreed.

Our creative power in Physical Creation (Top)

The intention for our life is the source of our life and the experience we have in life. It is the source of our creative power. Our creative power lies within the flow of energy that sustains us. As a creation within creation, our creative life energy gives rise to an inner world and outer world much like the pair production phenomenon. As such our energy is split between what lies within us and with lies without. The energy that is in us is controlled exclusively by us. The energy that split between us and the Physical World and that lies in the Physical world is controlled to some degree by us, the collective and Physical Creation. It is this shared control that allows us to have an experience of Physical Creation and keeps us bound to Physical Creation when we have experiences we donít like. Otherwise, we would simply create something else.

The energy of the Source of Creation flows though our body manifesting our physical experience. Our body is the ground point and bridge point for where the control of all these energies comes together and it is what holds our creative spirit in the experience of Physical Creation. Our bodes effectively bridge the unseen world of our non localized creative spirit and the experience it desires in Physical Creation. This is why our body and knowing what our body feels is so important. We need to learn to feel and discern the energy of creation to access those flows of energy which will help us to create physical experiences which serves us and create a life worth living.

In learning to feel and discern the energy of creation we can discern the influences of the desires of Physical Creation, the human collective, the desires of our own creative spirit and other  undercurrents in Creation. In knowing the intention for our life and as a detached witness we can look at Physical Creation as providing a sandbox in which to experience our creative power. That then allows us to observe the desires of the human collective. When we see where the human collective seems to be heading, we can go back to explore other options as to the intention of Physical Creation. In seeing these three flows of energy we can being to see how to make our life less painful and less of a struggle.

True freedom while in physical creation (Top)

True freedom is to become like the wind, coming with no attachments and expectations in all aspects of our being and leaving with no attachments and expectations in all aspects of our being. That cannot be done while in Physical Creation for it is our attachment to the rules of Physical Creation that allow us to have the a physical experience.

However, we can be creatively  free. To be creatively free in while incarnate, we just need to let go and savor each experience we have in Physical Creation like the wind - having no attachments or expectation as to what we will experience and be free to let go of the experience neither wanting more or looking to avoid such experiences in the future.

We can be perfectly happy and experience that internal bliss and joy the never runs dry just by surrendering to the intention for our life and play the role we agreed to play. We only need to following our intuitive guidance and body wisdom for our body is encoded with the role for what we incarnated to do. Our body is the perfect vehicle for the experience we desire to have. We only need to trust that there was a deep and profound wisdom that created the intention for our life and no matter what we experience, it has our best interest at heart.

Rules of physical creation (Top)

While we are incarnate in our physical vehicle experiencing a creation within a creation, there are "rules" and "protocols" that we follow in order to have the physical experience and play the role we agreed to play. These rules and protocols also are what sustains creation at it is. These rules and protocols are best reflected in the natural processes and order of the physical plane. The natural process of the physical plane exist without humanity or without humanity consciously exercising its free will to serve the "I" that humanity has created both collectively or individually as a man and women within theirego identity.

To repeat what is stated above, the Creation of Om is like a special house that we visit To fully experience what "Om" has created, we need to wear special clothes and eye pieces and follow certain rule that create the effects "Om" desires us to experience. Namely, our consciousness inhabits a physical vehicle suitable for the physical experience we chose to have. We are the invited guest of "Om" who have accepted the invitation to experience its Creation. We have only dressed ourselves in the proper clothes, namely our body, to be able to attended the celebration given by "Om." The problem we face is when we come to believe we are what "Om" has only created for us to experience. We become trapped in Creation itself. We become trapped within "Om" itself and bind ourselves to being human even after we die. And this is possible only because we believe it. (More on ...... the rules of Physical Creation)

Our creation sandbox  (Top)

The physical plane is only the creation of one individuated point of consciousness out of an infinity of individuated points of consciousness. We are one such individuated point of consciousness and we have chosen to localize our creative life energy in a vehicle to experience the creation of Om.

We can look at Physical Creation as a sandbox. The sandbox is a creation. If we build a castle in that sandbox and we have created a creation within creation. In essence, the Creation of Om is our creative sandbox. Earth is our sandbox and we are here to create with all the materials in the sandbox.

While in the physical plane we experience Creation as we do, but our experience of Creation is different than any body else. Om will continue to support us whether or not we support it and the role we agreed to play and/or ourselves. We can do anything we desire while in our body as longs as we do it within the rules of Physical Creation. We are permitted to transcend the rule of physical Creation to some extent but only if we do it in our physical body or return to the Source of Being and work within the interconnectedness of all that is to the mutual satisfaction of all.

It must be remembered, all is interconnected. What we agreed to do is connected to all of Creation. We cannot change it of our own will without impacting others. Either they will need to agree to what we do or we will need to return to the Source of all that is and change the game itself. It is possible to do so. However, when we see why things are the way they are, we will most probably leave things as they are. Nevertheless, while within this role we can learn much about how a consciousness can create the reality of its choice by both observing the creation process within Creation and how we create our experiences by what we believe and how we think.

In this regard, Om has offered itself to us in order for us to be able to claim our birthright and destiny as the creators that we are. It will teach us all we need to know about the process of creation and Creation if only we look and observe as that detached witness. Whether we accept the gift that has been given and use it wisely and respectfully is our choice. The only question that really need to be asked is, "Are we experiencing Creation as we have chosen to create it or are we experiencing Creation as others would have us experience it?"

Before we lost our ability to creatively play and be in spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration, we were experiencing Creation exactly as we chose to experience it and were becoming the creator of our experiences. As we lost our ability to play and began to listen to the external world for our guidance, we began to experience Creation as others would have us experience it. There is no judgment on this and it is a valid way to experience Creation. However, it is our birthright and destiny to become the creator of our reality and our experiences, physical or otherwise. There is an opportunity that is provided us in becoming physical. By "Om" offing itself to us, and by learning how to work within this plane and create our physical experiences, Om can teach us how creation works and how to create the reality of our choice. What we learn while in Physical Creation is our choice.

Om is our teacher for opening the door to others (Top)

Maybe some day we will allow others to experience who we are in the way the Om behind Creation has allowed us to experience Itself. What needs to be understood, for someone to experience us, we have to allow them to get inside our world and dissect us just as we have entered the physical world of Om and It has allowed us to dissect Its Creation. But we need to remember, we are invited guests of Om who is only teaching us how to create our own world. The language of consciousness is creativity. Our creativity reveals who we really are. If we copy life, we never become who we are. It is only in living our truth that lies deep within our being and use the creative tools provided by Om so that we become who we really are.

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