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Layers to the subconscious and unconscious can be understood through the equivalency of energy and consciousness and by how the consciousness within, or behind, Creation as discussed in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective shattered its awareness through the illusion of mind to create Creation.

Within the experiences we have, because of how the inner reflects the outer, we can find successive layers both internally and externally and the inner layers to our nonconscious will parallel the layers of Creation.

We are all aware of the layers to Creation. The human species is part of the mammalian life from of Earth which, in turn, is part of life on earth. The Earth itself is part of a solar system which in turn is part of a galaxy. The galaxy is part of a cluster of galaxies within a Universe of many clusters of galaxies and it is debatable if our universe is similarly part of a collection of Universes within something physically larger as of yet unrealized. Through the equivalency of energy and consciousness, each of these layers can be considered a collective. The illusion of mind causes us to see these collective both as separate from each other and unrelated to our consciousness.

As an aspect of the consciousness within, or behind, Creation living in the illusion of Creation whether we realize it or not, all lies within us. In this way, each of these layers and collectives can be experienced as layer within our subconscious and/or unconscious mind. The topic, "Diagrams for understanding the layers of our nonconscious mind," provides one perspective as to how to view this layering of our nonconscious mind.

Most of us view consciousness very simply. We see our consciousness and the consciousness in other humans as the limits to consciousness. We see ourselves as having a conscious aspect to our being, and a subconscious or unconscious aspect [Many do not separate the subconscious and unconscious as done in the creativity perspective.] Or, some see the human being with a triune self where there are three aspect to our being - a conscious part, a subconscious/unconscious part reflected in the body and a supra consciousness, transcendental or higher part.

We are an infinite creative being whose energy consciousness permeates and spans the infinity of Creation. All of Creation ultimate lies within our own being. This is the truth of our being and all is open to us if we know how to access it. However, there are an infinite number of individuated points of consciousness each capable of becoming aware and awake and to span the infinite of Creation and we cannot see how these others somehow lie within our own being. The experiences of physical life, our enculturation and lack of teachers, have caused us to believe we are something much less and other than an infinite creative being as described here

In essence, there are an infinite number of aspects to Creation and an infinite number of ways to experience any one aspect. The similarities between aspects appear as realms of existence and/or to layers within consciousness and/or Creation. Although we can experience any one aspect of group of aspects, we only experience the level of consciousness and/or the points of consciousness to which we have awakened by how we have focused our attention and awareness by our choice under the direction of some teacher or something into which we have stumbled.

The layers to consciousness coupled with the individual points of consciousness give rise to the variety of aspects of Creation. It is the existence of the organization within these layers as collectives of similar individuate points of consciousness that leads us to that image of the onion where we continually peal the outer layer that we are perceiving as chaotic to find a new deeper layer of organization. It is our lack of understanding of these deeper layers which give rise to the seeming chaos we experience in the creative/creation process and our creative endeavors.

For example, we can look at making a stew, salad or any mixture of food. To the individual components which get thrown into the mixture, the process looks very chaotic and destructive. Yet, from the perspective of the cook and the one who will eat the stew/salad, there is an organization to the mixing of the ingredients and to what is created.

Through out the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material it is said, or its equivalent, that we are the creator of the experiences we have and creator the reality of those experiences. Most find these two statements too much to be believed. The discussion topic "Too Much To Be Believed" addresses some of the reasons why such statements are so hard to accept. Yet one of the more fundamental reasons why we donít believe such statements is that we donít have any way of understanding how it is possible.

From a the creativity perspective, all is consciousness, all is energy. The energy consciousness model and the phenomenon of pair production and pair annihilation provide us a way to see how  the inner world and outer are reflections of each other and how the environment and the unfoldment of a creation are related. The environment and the unfoldment of a creation are integrally related and connected to each other. They provide a way to see how what we think and believe give manifested into a physical experience through the relationship of energy and consciousness. The related discussions on these topics look to find a way to help us see the truth of how we each are an independent point of consciousness and a creation within a creation sharing, or rather creating with, a common set of "creation rules" for this time and place on earth. They provide a way to see how we each can create our experience and the reality of those experiences.

One of the more interesting realizations is how our internal subconscious and unconscious mind are layered paralleling the external world. In looking to physical we can see layers to Creation. In this regard, we can also look at creation as simply the layering of the subconscious/unconscious. The topics, "Diagrams for understanding the layers of our nonconscious mind" and "Layers of our beliefs" provide a way of seeing how this can be done.

The layers of Creation in our creative endeavors

Within the creative/creation process for any creative effort, we will experience what is called the cauldron of creation/Creation. It is the stage where all the existing form is dissolved to form the new. It is experience as a chaotic state without form. But this is not really true. It is only experienced as chaotic because we perceive through our conscious mind and because of the perspective we hold

This seemingly chaotic state is more like the liquid state of water as compared to a piece of ice. The water appears to be formless and chaotic compared to the sold state but it is not really chaotic. A liquid has a certain organization to it. Only relative to the fixed form, the liquid state, is it seen as a chaotic state. Similarly, what we can discover within our own being is that the creative state of being what we feel is chaotic at one level of understanding may be relatively well organized and non chaotic at another level. That is, we can access a deeper layers of our nonconscious mind to find a calmness in whatever we are experiencing.

If we take the perspective of the detached witness and stand apart form what is occurring in the creative/creation process, we can begin to experience successive layers of organization within our being and within Creation. All we need to do is to begin to focus our awareness and attention onto and into them to understand them. In this regard, for any creative endeavor, we can step out of the level which is undergoing the change as a detached witness and find a place of calmness. This does not mean we do not physically experience the change. Rather, it is that we obtain a calmness about whatever is occurring.

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