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 Experiencing the pool of creation/Creation


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It is said in the mystical literature Creation arose out of a place of "no-thing-ness" or a place without form. That does not mean there is nothing. It only means there is no form. Since we view Creation from within a form, our body, and all the experiences our mind has are from within that body, it is hard to comprehend a pace without form Within the understanding of the equivalency of energy and consciousness, energy consciousness is seen a existing as energy either in a non localized or a wave form or a localized or particle form. The non localized energy consciousness is that place of "no-thing-ness."

One way to understanding how all things, all of Creation, arises our of a pool of "no-thing-ness" or no form such that we perceive a separation and yet are interconnected is to look at Creation as a pool. "The pool of creation/Creation" much like we could look at a pool of water.

To understand the discussion here, simply get a pool of water, like filling up the kitchen sink or a bathtub. Then create a ripple in the pool and watch the ripples go back and forth across the pool. All the ripples, whatever form they take, arise out of the same formless material of water. Additionally, although the ripples in the pool appear separate and independent, they are interconnected and at one with source of their origin, the pool of water. In a pool of water, each of the waves of the water have a form such that each crest is separate and distinct. Yet each wave which as a crest is connected to every other wave in the pool. If we take the view from the crest of the wave, we would see ourselves as separate and unattached to anything else in the pool. However, nothing is farther from the truth. If, however, we stand part from identifying with the crest or any of the individual waves, we see all is interconnected and we are never removed from the source.

Creation, analogously, and in many ways literally, like the pool of water. All emanates or arise from the same Source of Creation and all is connected to that Source. No matter how separate one believe one is or a creation is separate from the Source it is impossible. To think it is possible is to think one can separate the wave from the water from which it arises.

Within the pool of creation/Creation, the pool is composed of non localized energy consciousness. The energy aspect of energy consciousness flows to create an experience of that on which consciousness focuses its attention and awareness the best it can within the environment in which it currently exists. It does not matter how big or how small the aspect of energy consciousness is. All aspects of energy consciousness functions the same way. Analogously, the wave which arises from the water is the creation and the water is the equivalent of the energy consciousness which localizes and takes the form of the wave.

When we look at any one wave, we see a crest arise from the surface of the water much like the Figure entitle "Infinite Being Localized." If we place several of these wave crests in the pool, we find the crests are separate but the base of each wave overlaps as in the Figure "Pool of Multiple Forms." The overlap is represents our interconnectedness with all that is. It is this overlap region is what gives rise to what individual call psychic ability, intuitive guidance or our "sixth" sense. It is by how we focus our attention and awareness that we can place our awareness in any point of Creation. The topic, "Pool of Multiple Forms" discussed how we can use this concept of the pool to understand how we can increase or expand our awareness to access information without use our intuitive guidance. That is, we don’t need to place our awareness in an aspect of Creation for we have an expanded awareness of Creation which

Infinite being localized

 Pool of multiple forms

Exercises with the pool of creation/Creation

The concept of the pool of creation/Creation can be used as a very powerful creative tool. The following powerful exercises/meditations build on the concept of the pool of creation/Creation

Pool of creation/Creation calming exercise

Pool of creation/Creation centering exercise

Pool of creation/Creation insertion exercise

Pool of creation/Creation sheet of glass exercise

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