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How psychic and intuitive abilities work


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What individuals call psychic abilities are not unusual. Nor are they a special ability that only some people have. Rather, we all have such abilities and skills. What individuals call psychic abilities are only an outgrowth or further development of our inherent intuitive guidance, body wisdom, and second knowing. It is just some individuals have a more natural inclination to manifest such abilities or they have, in some way, focused their conscious or nonconscious attention and awareness to access these abilities or they have intentionally practiced and developed them.


As discussed in the topic "Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective," the consciousness within, or behind, Creation, created the illusion of Creation As a result of this illusion, Creation can be seen as one spectrum of consciousness where each point is same as any other point of consciousness but yet each is uniquely different. In this way each point of consciousness is the same as each and every other point of consciousness and is governed by the same laws or principles of energy and consciousness as any other point. Each point is completely free to apply the laws of consciousness and energy as it chooses to do so. As such, there is a oneness to the reality yet there is simultaneously a separation and individuation of each point such that there appears to be no oneness. In reality all emanates from a oneness and is interconnected but yet is not experienced as oneness or as one.

Each point of energy consciousness is both energy and consciousness. Each extends to infinity and permeates all of reality much the same way a photon, a packet of electromagnetic energy, is a physical reality and its electromagnetic field thins out to zero at great distances away from the center of the vibration or source or center of the energy. Each point of consciousness has a similar capability. No matter how big or small the awareness perceives itself to be or is seen to be, it can be experienced as an entity. Its consciousness and subsequent awareness as an entity thins out to zero at an infinite distance away from its perceived center or source of its being. But, it can shift its awareness however if chooses by how it focuses its attention and awareness.

The awareness of each conscious (e.g., for example you or I, or any point of consciousness) is also energy and our consciousness or energy, whichever word you prefer, extends to infinity and permeates all of reality. Everything in the universe permeates us and we permeate everything in the universe. Everything is interconnected and any one aspect of Creation is capable of communicating with any other. Simply by properly focusing it attention and awareness, consciously or nonconsciously, any point of consciousness can access any other aspect of consciousness or itís manifestation in the universe. This is the basis of all types and kinds of abilities that are perceived of as "psychic, " mystical, intuitive guidance, body wisdom, second knowing or an interaction with unseen realms. We can develop these inherent abilities if we so choose. It is simply a matter of learning how to focus and localizes our attention and awareness into whatever aspect of Creation we wish to explore and learning the symbolism our inner language uses to communicate.

We need to understand, both energetically and through consciousness each of us are interconnected with all the other individual points of consciousness, yet totally individual and unique. The energy of our being spreads out in a non localized fashion to infinity and overlaps all the other energy as discussed in the topic, "Pool of Creation." We donít usually experience this phenomenon because our attention is normally focused outward in our unique view of Creation we are experiencing. More often than not, we have raised the threshold of our feeling and what we feel. Whether our awareness of the connection is a conscious, nonconscious or dormant connection, it nevertheless is real and exists. We can access it and use it if we wish and when we wish. This means that we, as consciousness/Consciousness, can direct our creative life energy, the energy that created us and is sustaining our being in the form that we have, to go into any aspect of creation where we focus our attention and awareness as in the Figure entitled "Intuition and second knowing." As diagramed in the Figure, intuitive insight can bubble up as energetic bubbles rise to the surface in a carbonated soda or we can focus our attention and awareness onto or into as aspect of creation as we would look through a magnifying glass. However, Intuition and second knowingif we wish to have the experience of any aspect of creation, we will have to be able to hold the pain the individual point of consciousness feels which keeps them in the illusion of separation if we wish to maintain our level of awareness. Or we risk the possibility of being trapped by chaining our level of awareness to that of the individual point of consciousness so we do not feel their pain.

Learning to listen to the parts

Reality is the composite sum total of each point of consciousness added together much the way sound of a symphony is the sum total of all the sounds the individual instruments are making. Here again, there is a oneness in that each point of consciousness is permeated by every other point of consciousness. Each point experiences this combined superposition of individual points of consciousness and energy uniquely to their particular view. It is much like how a musician sitting in the symphony perceives the symphony slightly different from any of the other musicians, the conductor or members of the audience. It is well know that where we sit in the auditorium makes a big difference in how we hear what is being performed and some individuals are willing to pay almost any prices to have the best seat to view or hear what is happening.

The direct implication of each point of energy consciousness permeating all of reality is that all is interconnected and each point of consciousness is capable of being in direct communication with each and every other point of consciousness if it so chooses. Whether or not a point of consciousness chooses to listen and pay attention to what is being communicated is only a matter of choice. We can sit and listen to a symphony with cotton or earplugs if we so choose. Similarly, it is a matter of choice if a give point of consciousness attempts or desires to communicate with any other point of consciousness. We can talk to the person sitting next to iu or yell across the room during the symphony but the accepted rule of etiquette is to sit quietly and listen.

Because of how we, who are consciousness ourselves, focus our attention and awareness, it is difficult for our limited conscious consciousness to listen to all each and every other point of consciousness individually. It is easier to either focus our awareness and listen to a give point of consciousness or listen to the entire sum total communication. However, our nonconscious mind is listing to all the parts simultaneously and we can readily focus on any one part whenever we chose. It is only a matter of how we choose to focus the awareness and attention that we have. It is much like listening to a symphony. It is easy to list to the whole symphony, the composite sound, or to list for a given instrument like the trumpets, violins or drum but very difficult to consciously listen to each individual instrument simultaneously. Yet, nonconsciously we hear each part. We know this is true because how else do we watch how individuals sounds are making up the total composite sound such that we can focus on a particular instrument.

Knowing what to listen for

The issue we encounters in using and accessing information that we can obtain using this energy connection is that we will not necessarily know what to listen/look for nor will we understand what it received. What need to be understood is that we have this energy connection with anything and everything. We are already receiving anything we may wish to know or understand. Our mind however can only translate this information based on the experiences it has had and by how it thinks and believes. Until we have the set of experience and the set of beliefs that allow our mind to (1) properly characterize the energy and (2) we have a set of beliefs that support and accept what the mind presents, you will be unable to either consciously use this connection or the information we get from it.

When we doesnít have the beliefs or experiences mind will discard the information and the best we will have is some vague feeling or body sensation we really canít understand. This is the reason it is so import to begin to feel the body and its sensation and understand the body wisdom for it is already nonconsciously communicating this information to our conscious mind. If we have inadequate beliefs or inadequate experiences, our mind will do the best it can to explain what it experiences. If we hold and believe this inadequate explanation, we will prevent ourselves form both seeing reality, especially reality as related to that experience, for what it is. More importantly, we will bias any and all experiences that are related to the improperly characterized experience and/or other experiences where the inadequately characterized experience was used to explain what we experienced. In essence, we create an illusion of mind about the reality we experience rather than seeing reality for what it is. This is one of the major reason we must empty ourselves of what we think to experience reality as it is. We carry more inadequately characterized experiences that we allow ourselves to admit for mind has done the best it can so it thinks it has done so correctly.

Reality can only be experienced. It cannot be fully and properly characterized by the linear thinking of mind. If mind is present it will bias the experience it has. If the experience it has is with an adequate and correct set of beliefs and it is within the bounds of past properly characterized experiences, mind poses not problem. Mind is only a problem when we are dealing with the unknown and/or experiences that push the edge of what we really know, understand and have experienced.

Feeling other realms

We think we are our current mind and our body yet both are really almost completely foreign to our understanding for both have remained unexamined. We are not aware of where our thoughts originate, from where our feelings come and how susceptible we are to the thought of others and susceptible to the environment in which we find ourselves whether it be nature itself or the presence of others. If we really were our mind and our body we would know each intimately for they would be us. However, given the vastness of what we donít know about our bodies and our own minds, we can really canít say they are us for we know so little about them and ourselves. We live in separation within our own minds, our own bodies and the environment in which we find ourselves and from the Source of our being.

Many feelings we have are not feelings that originate within our being. Rather, they are communications we have with other entities and aspects of reality because of the oneness and interconnectedness of reality. If we look carefully at our thoughts, we will find some of the thoughts we have we puzzle and wonder "Where did that thought come from?" for it feels so alien and foreign to our being. As humans, we are conditioned to use speech and thinking as are primary way of communication. Most of us are not open to how other entities will use other forms of communication.

In any case, no matter what form of communication is selected, since our energy does permeate all of reality we can use the focus of our attention and awareness to localize our energy into any aspect of Creation. If we do so, we will feel that aspect of Creation and that feeling will get translated the best it can into a thought that can be understood by our mind. If we focus ourselves into an aspect of Creation and nothing seems to surface that does not mean no information was transmitted. In only means we donít have the minimum set of experience to translate what we felt and sensed into something our mind can understand. It is in these cases, all we can do is only ask our body wisdom and intuitive guidance something equivalent to, "What must I do to understand what has been communicated?" We then need to literally follow what surfaces  to the best of our abilities. What we are lead to do will give us that minimum set of experiences to understand the communication.

The body is a marvelous sensing device. It is capable of sensing subtle differences of energy within our environment and our being if we are paying attention and aware of what we feel and open to feeling. It will feel the energy we are experiencing and amplify it to the point that we can perceive it in a way our mind can characterize what we are experiencing into a thought if our mind has the minimum set of experiences to do so. Often our mind cannot characterize what our body senses for it does not have the experience to understand what we are feeling. In these cases it discards what we experience as imaginary or it will do the best it can to characterize the energy resulting in an inaccurate characterization. This is why it is hard for many to see the future. It is not that we cannot sense the flow of energy into the future and see the future. Rather, it is the fact our mind lacks the experience to properly character what we sense.

Our body acts as an antenna. If we have not fully discovered and explored our own bodies to become physically intimate with our body, we will never see how this is possible and that it is true. We will need to use this approach with our own bodies and feelings. For any situation we only need to ask our body wisdom and intuitive guidance the equivalent, "What am I feeling and sensing?" and allow our body wisdom and intuitive guidance to talk to us. It may take some practice. If we receive nothing, here again, we need to ask, "What must I do to understand what has been communicated?" Here again, we will not be open to the subtle feelings we get when we focus our attention and awareness into another aspect of Creation unless we can feel the subtle feeling in our bodies for our own situation and environment. We cannot look to understand another entity and how it communicates when we donít understand how our own body communicates.

Because we feel and sense others quite naturally in the oneness of the universe, many of us carry the burdens of others yet we donít realize that we do and how we do it. We pick up other peopleís pain and carry it as our own. It take a great sensitivity and flexibility with our intuitive guidance to discover whether it is our pain or the pain of another that we feel. Most carry the pain of and dissatisfaction of the parents and/or care givers without realizing it. The physical experiences we have are a direct reflection of who and what we are even if all aspects are not visibly expressed. They are still expressed as a total summation and integrated fashion in the experiences we have. No matter how good and happy we think our childhood was, if our care givers in any way were not free to live true to their essence in all ways for all facets of their being, they passed those limitations nonconsciously onto us. Because of the example they set of how we define ourselves by the experiences we have, those limitations and lack of freedom gets transferred to us in the experience we have with our care givers. Because these experiences occur so early in life, they become very deeply embedded within our being and body memories without our awareness. The end result is we carry their pain and inability to live life freely and we donít even realize it.

Our bodies and the experiences it has are capable of give us information across all dimensions of time and space for it and its environment are a one to one map of our infinite being. Whenever we go into an environment, if we focus properly we can sense the residue of the past events and follow them into the future. In that realize we have the power to change history and humanity. To do so, we only need to discovery and explore our bodies as the vehicles and information tools that they are. As was said and will continue to be said again and again, the easiest way to do it is the spontaneous and innocent childlike play. In any case, the choice is ours to learn to use or not to use the body as the tool and vehicle it is.

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