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For any creative endeavor the creative process will require some type and kind of sacrifice. Since energy and consciousness within an existing creation can neither be created or destroyed there will always be the need of some sacrifice of the existing form in any creative endeavor.  Some percentage of both the existing forms of energy and the existing forms of consciousness will need to be transformed to manifest the new creation.


Because of how the inner is reflected in the outer, there will always be the need of some internal transformation that accompanies and external change and vice versa. In this regard, the inner change can drive the outer change or the out can drive the inner. In any case, how much of the sacrifice and transformation all depends on the type and kind of creation required.


As a minimum, any creative effort will take an expenditure of our time and our creative life energy.  How much time and creative life energy it takes and how much of a change we can expect in our life as a result of our creative endeavor depends entirely on what we desire to create and why. The "why@ for what we desire to create cannot be underestimated. It provides the underlying intention for our creative actions. What exactly will need to be transformed depends on what we desire to create and why. However, mind will not know what we need to transform and sacrifice. Additionally the creation process well be accompanied by a death, and may be accompanied by pain.


Any creative endeavor requires and transformation and death of some type for any level of creation. That fact that there is a death in the creative process causes fear, in particular he fear of death, to arise in many individuals. When we are not free to flow with the process we create what has been called the dark night of the soul at some level within our being and arises from both the pain, fear and chaos that we experience.  How intense the experience of the dark night of the soul we face and how much pain we create depends on what we desire to create and our attachments and how much we hold onto that which must be sacrificed/transformed for the new creation.


The death which does occur will come through the feminine aspect of creation and our being. The reason for this is quite simply. The feminine aspect of our being is what nurtures a creation. The feminine is the embodiment of the energy aspect of energy consciousness. Or, alternatively said, the energy aspect of the embodiment of the feminine aspect of energy consciousness in the creative process. It is the existing form of the energy which must be sacrificed and reformed to create the new creation. Consciousness, the masculine aspect, may hold the form and determine the form a creation will take. But, it is the feminine which nurtures and sustains the creation that transforms. Hence, the death that needs to be experienced will come through the feminine aspect of being.


This, however, should be comforting. Since the feminine aspect of being is nurturing aspect of creation/Creation, there exists the possibility of a gentle transformation, a gentle phoenix, for any creative endeavor. This does not mean painless, for pain has it purpose and there is a gift in pain if it is understood. But it will less painful.


In general the pain, suffering, discomfort and the like that we experience in the creative process during the sacrifice and transformation for our creative endeavor is a result of our attachments. Either we are unwilling to let go of what needs to be let go or we are unknowingly holding on what should be released. The goal is to become like the wind. It is to come with no attachments and leave with no attachments at each and every level of our being. It is to only savor all that is created and experienced in any one moment. The more we can become like the wind, the faster, easier and gentler we can make our transition.


In talking about the sacrifice of creation, we need to realize, our body does not like pain. Its reflexes and the pain response are designed to help protect us. When, and if, we learn to communicate to, and through, our body, what we feel can show us the fastest and easiest way to create what we desire and/or to recreate our life with a minimum of pain other than the psychological pain we cause ourselves by refusing to let go of what needs to pass from our life.


Any transformation can be made as painless as possible. But such a transformation can only be done in understanding the creative process and with a willingness to let go of our attachments and let go of whatever needs to offered in the sacrifice of creation. This is not something that can be done with our mind. We need to be willing to step out of mind. We need to listen to the  body wisdom, the awareness of the body, and the awareness that lies in what we feel to find that way We need to be open to feeling and using the body. In following the awareness which in feeling, learning to use awareness of the body and realize the body looks to avoid pain, these can assist us in creating a gentle way to recreate our life with a minimum of pain.  Of course, there is always the psychological pain we cause ourselves. We cause ourselves pain by refusing to let go of what needs to pass from our life.


As for facing the death or transformation in any part of ourselves, no one can tell us what to do or how to do it.  If we believe another can give us the answer we will only create more pain or put ourselves in a deeper trap.  We must learn to follow our own path.  The observation is  the fastest, easiest and gentlest way is to ask our intuitive guidance the equivalent of the following. "What can I do or how do I go about creating my transformation in the easiest, fastest and gentlest way?@ Then honor the guidance we receive.


We need to honor our intuitive guidance  no matter how bizarre it looks. If it is bizarre we an create a ritual or meta-theater or the like to act it out in safety. We need to understand that any  images we get will probably be incorrect but the flow of energy and the direction of travel is correct. That is why the intuitive guidance must be honored. It is ultimately aligned with the flow of energy and that flow will give us the fastest, easiest and gentlest way. If we deny the flow, we deny the fastest and easiest way. This does not necessarily mean without pain. But it will be less painful than we would normally have to face. The amount of pain we face is determined by how hard we hold onto our thinking, beliefs and past programming and enculturation. But in any case, we are in the driver=s seat as to what we will experience.  But we must learn to use the tools we have been given and our greatest tool is what we feel and the awareness in the body.


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