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 Obtaining the freedom to play and the awareness of the body 


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In response to an inquiry as to what is needed to obtain a freedom to play, the following information and recommendation was provided.

There are two parts to obtaining that freedom of play.

One part is in our mind. The mind has two facets to freedom. One facet is what we are free to explore in our mind. Are we permitted to look at all options? The second part is whether we are free or not free to act in any given direction in the world and why we are not free to act. The fact the mind does not allow us to act, is not necessarily bad. The question is why. The why needs to be explored to see if we do not have freedom to act because of a real hazard or because it is what we perceive about the situation or programming, beliefs, and the like. More often than not, we do not know we are not free to act in a given way until we are faced with a situation asking us to act. Hence, rituals, metatheater, not doing and, most importantly, play, pure spontaneous and innocent childlike play, and the like become very powerful tools to explore the limits our mind imposes on our freedom.

The second part of freedom is freedom to feel. It is to be open to feel at each and every level of our being. It is to freedom to use the awareness which lies in what we feel and the awareness which lies in the body. The two, the awareness in what we feel and the awareness of the body is different but related. There is an awareness in every feeling we have. We only need to pull the string on what we feel to access that awareness. We explore the awareness in feeling by asking our intuitive guidance, "What am I feeling – from where does this feeling arise and what it is communicating to me?" More often than not, being open to feeling is control by the mind and the freedom to explore all options in our creative imagination and whether or not we are free to act in a given direction. This, of course, takes us back to the mind and learning to hold our creativity sacred and the freedom to explore all options. However, to access the awareness of the body is about doing and acting.

The awareness of the body has two parts. One part is that our body is an antenna which senses the energy we experience. If we are open to feeling we can explore the range of feelings of the body to know how we feel, what we feel and what any particular feeling may be communicating to us. That is, the body and mind need to be calibrated. That is, we need to be open to feel what the body is capable of feeling so that mind can see what arises in the body, the types and kinds of experiences which cause it to arise and how we process whatever the feeling may be. There is the need to place the body is different types and kinds of situations, experiences and environments to become calibrated, both in mind and body. Here again, rituals, metatheater, not doing, play and the like are very powerful tools. But there is the addition of physically doing things, feelings things and the like.

Exploring what the body feels moves us into exploring the physical senses such feeling, tasting, touching, hearing, and the like but also what we sense in and from the unseen realms. The body is an extension of our being What most do not understand is energy. That is the body is both an localized energy and the body can be stimulated by energy impinging from the external seen world but also from the unseen realms. This is why it is important to calibrate the mind and body so we become aware of what exactly we are sensing and what gives rise to certain types and kinds of sensations. However, exploring what the body feels will cause it to surface the pains of the past which causes us to shutdown feelings in the body and why we lost the freedom to play. Exploring what the body feels also awakens body memories and often fears, pains, and the like surface. If they are not faced, we cannot access the body as the vehicle that it is.

But there is a second part to the body. In addition to being an antenna, there is another kind of awareness in the body. This second kind of awareness of the body is best explained by analogy. If I put an egg beater in front of you, and ask, "What is this device for?" The response will be, "I do not know" or, "It is an egg beater." If I put a knife in front of you and asked the same question, the reply would be, it is a knife for cutting things. For anything I can think of and put in front of you, you can tell me its purpose and what it is used for if you have some experience or understanding about what is placed in front of you. However, for anything I place in front of you, how you will use it is limited by what you know about the thing. For example, a flat head screwdriver can be used for many applications other than just as a screw driver. Also, a flat head screw driver can be used for things a Phillips head screwdriver cannot. Similar a Phillips head screw driver can be used for things a flat head screw driver cannot be used. That is, all screwdrivers are not alike. The same is true for things like knives.

This same fact is true for the body. Each of us has an awareness within the body unlike any other. That is one reason why they are all different. To just look at a body, we can say the body is a vehicle for a human physical experience. It is male or female and functions as a male or female in the reproductive process. We can say the body has certain talents and abilities to do certain things that the body structure does and doesn’t allow. Some are better athletes, some better musicians, some better artists and the like. But as said above the body is also an antenna and each body will sense energy slightly different. We need to realized that however we look at it, we each have a very different set of experiences of Creation and perceive whatever experience we have different from any other. It is this which is important. Because of the difference in our body and the experiences we have had, each of us have a different perspective on Creation. This is probably easy to understand but the issue with the body awareness goes deeper.

More importantly, each of our bodies has a particular awareness about Creation. We can call it a perspective about Creation but the word perspective is not correct. Perspective changes with experience. The awareness of the body does not change. What changes is what we perceive that awareness to be as we gain experience. But, once we awaken to the awareness of the body, it remains unchanged and fixed. It will always be the same awareness. This awareness within the body is about two things.

One is the awareness of the body is what gives us life and what allows for a life worth living. The second is it allows us to know what we incarnated to do. The awareness of the body is what allows us to never lose focus on what is important in life no matter what occurs in life. It can and will guide us through anything life puts in front of us. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material refer to an internal compass. But the awareness of the body is much more than that. It is a knowing. It is to know what needs to be done for anything we face for we know what it is we are here to do and what gives us the life to do it. However, to access this awareness of the body, we must be open to what the body feels and explore its range of feelings and become intimate with our body and what it feels. Without this exploration we cannot access the awareness. We must awaken to it and we awaken to it by experience and through feeling. In fact, it is a particular type and kind of feeling. It is a feeling of expansion and what gives us life and give a fullness within our being. It is not accessed through any mental thinking and it is not access in related mental gyrations about what we think it is. We know what it is by feeling and there are do doubts about it. Most importantly, when we know it, it never changes. In this regard, it is like an internal compass.

The question and challenge is, "What is it we personally need to do to access this awareness for we each are very unique and our path will be unique?" There are common elements, but it ultimately is a solo journey. We can use the wisdom and lessons learned of others for the common elements. But we have to do our own experiments and our own work. Here it is helpful to have another or others to support our work and help us as necessary. But they cannot ultimately direct us or lead us. It is something we each must do. On this point, it is helpful to have someone who has made the journey to access the awareness in the body. Someone who has made the journey understands the uniqueness of the journey. They will give the freedom to another to make such a journey and hopefully they will be willing as necessary to help.

All anyone can really do for us is to use the wisdom and lessons learned of others to create the space for us to be free to have the experiences we need to have to feel and awaken to this awareness. That is, create the space for us to feel what we need to feel. Then, when we access the awareness within the body, it can guide us into the freedom of play. But then the question become, "What do we need to feel?" for what we need to feel will be different for each. Hence the recommendation to calibrate the internal compass based on the experiences we have had to date and allow effectiveness to be our measure of truth. Look to see what is effective in our life that allows us to feel freedom, a fullness of being and an expansion of our being and revise the calibration of our internal compass accordingly until we find the awareness which lies in what we feel and does not change.

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