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All of our creative actions, whether driven by a conscious or nonconscious intention will have repercussions and by products. What needs to be understood about the byproducts is that although we may not be able to control what byproducts actually manifest, the flavor of the types and kinds of byproducts produced is very much under our influence. This is why we need to learn to take responsibility for what we are experiencing and learn to be happy with what is.

Any creative actions causes a certain level of separation of a wholeness of being into an observer - observed pair within some context of observation. However, whether that observer-observed pair is experienced in oneness as a oneness or it is experienced as separation is the major byproduct of our creative action based on how and what we think and believe and subsequent choices and decisions. It is us who controls the nature of the byproducts of our creation by how we see our intention to create or rather it is what lies beneath our desire to create what we do that determines if we experience separation or oneness when our creation manifests.

Everything that we do has an underlying intention. If what we do is based on reinforcing the ego and who we think we are, there will a separation or a flavor of separation in what we do and experience. However, if what we do is based on experiencing the oneness of creation in wonderment and "Ah" as to how we can appear to be separated and isolated individuals yet fully interconnected and integrated in oneness, then there will be a oneness and flavor of oneness in what we do and experience. In separation we will always eventually have a longing or some type and kind of feeling that something is missing. In oneness there will be fullness of being and an inner satisfaction that even though things may not be the way our mind would like then, it is okay and things are the way they need to be.

One of the easiest ways to ensure a oneness in our actions is to set the intention that whatever is created is created in a way that is best for each creative spirit that is involved in the creation. We will never satisfy the enculturated ego of another. We may do so for a very brief time, but it is momentary and it is the greatest illusion to think that we can sustain any type of long term satisfaction of another’s ego. Although there are many reasons that can be discussed as to why this is true, the simplest reason is that the enculturated ego is constantly and instantaneously redefining itself every moment. However, the essence of our being of which our unique creative spirit is the closest approximation as an individualized consciousness of the consciousness within, or behind, Creation is never changing. The essence of each individual always was, is and will be. It will never change.

The essence of each of our being is essentially identical. The only different between us is much like the notes on a piano or the frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum. Each string operates exactly the same only different. By tapping into this unchanging aspect of our being though an intention to manifest our creation in a way that is best for each soul involve no matter how much turmoil rages between the enculturated ego, the ultimate results will be of oneness and wholeness. It may take some time for the turmoil of the enculturated ego to die out, but eventually it will and functions just like any other seed. Our intention will grow into a wholeness and oneness no matter how far separate the enculturated ego seem to be. It will take time. How much time is only determined by the environmental conditions created by the enculturated ego for most of us we have chosen to have a human physical experience and to follow the "rules" of the physical plane. It can take only the twinkling of an eye or an infinity of lifetimes. The choice is ultimate ours. But we must realize we must hold to the intention of creating what is best for each creative spirit involved no mater how rocky the road becomes. If we let go of the intention, the only other option is separation from our creation and what we desire to manifest.

A practical consideration

There is a saying in several esoteric traditions that we need to become aware of the results of our actions unto seven generations. In regards to the fact that there are consequences to our actions, nothing can be more applicable. We need to learn to plant seeds of "good" cause to bear fruit unto seven generations.

What is interesting in this recommendation is that in dealing with radioactive materials which can be harmful to living tissue, one normally measures the time it takes for the radioactive material to decay away in half-lives. A half life is the time it takes for the radioactive material to decay to one-half its initial strength. From a practical standpoint, it is said that one it takes normally five to seven half-lives for the concentration of radioactivity to decay to where it is a negligible fraction of the starting concentration remains. That does not mean it all goes away. It just means five to seven half lives is required before the percentage that is left is negligible relative to the starting amount or concentration.

So too our creativity and the results of our creative actions. If we apply it in the wrong way, it can take generations for the effects of our actions to die off. So too the opposite. It may take several generations for the entire impact of our actions to be felt.

Two questions can be asked about this recommendation. One is, "How do I see unto seven generations?" The other is, "What is "good" cause?"

The answer to seeing unto seven generations is to ask our intuitive guidance, "What is the result of my actions unto seven generations - will my actions serve or not serve humanity?" Then, become very aware of the feelings and intuitive guidance that we get is response. We will know if humanity is served or not served by our actions. We may find what get is no more than a feeling. Yet, we will know in that feeling if we are, or are not, serving humanity. The more you can detach as a detached witness from what we choose to do and remove our personal interest, the greater clarity we will have about such things.

To become a conscious creator, we must look beyond the moment into the future. We need to look carefully and pull the string and ask, "Do I want the effects of what I do now in the future?" We need to look carefully and see if we would be willing to live with the consequences of our actions up to seven generations into the future. But we also need to look to see if we are afraid of acting because we have to worry about the consequences. We need to remember, not acting is taking action and if we don’t act consciously, we will act nonconsciously. To run away from the fear of anything is to take action and such action also has it consequences into the future - in particular, projecting our fears into the future. So it behooves us to become awake and aware as to what we are doing and why and to know there will be consequences to whatever we do, however we do it.

The recommendation made in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is to directly address the issue of consequences and not run away from any thing that keeps us from our path. The question is, "what path?" The recommendation is to choose actions and a path that will create a life worth living - that is, create a life now such that if we died doing what we do now and have to do it for eternity, we can spend eternity living that life and with an inner satisfaction the never runs drys. It needs to be remembered, Heaven, the Kingdom of God, and/or Nirvana are all here an now - that is, if we so choose to live them in anything we do.

As for the answer to the second question, "What is "good" cause?" is to look to do that which serves us and any other creative spirit involved in what we choose to do. It is to set the intention to act in a manner which serves the best interest of all parties involved and ask our intuitive guidance as to how we should response to the situation at hand such that all is served. Then at on the guidance provided and trust that all involved will be most effectively served by our actions no matter how much our mind or the mind of others my judge or perceive otherwise. Here we must learn to fully trust the creative process and the power of intention. We only need to remain fully committed to the intention we set no matter what the cost.

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